Guess what I did!
"SAT IN A CUSHIONY RESTAURANT BOOTH WITH A TOTORO DOLL!" you say. But there is something else...what's this? There's more?
"I GIVE UP." Could this maybe perhaps be the article I wrote for Pop about going to Tokyo and meeting Rei Kawakubo aka my fashion hero and all-around hero not just fashion but in general for multiple reasons?

I mean, it was nuts. I can't even say..well, read the article, basically, and you'll see! I wrote it in December but rereading it now I don't like it, which is unfortunate, but also maybe a good thing because it means I am a better writer now? Blah. But like I said when I got back, the most special moments stay special when you keep them to yourself, so some of the trip I've saved for myself.
Pictures of dead fish and Studio Ghibli will be up soon...I didn't upload them for a while when I got home and then it felt like posting them would be random and untimely, so now is a good time with the magazine coming out.

Oh! And I took some pictures inspired by a series of photos by Richard Prince (who did the cover) called Fainted.
There was Comme! And Tao! And Junya! In my house! And my dog didn't pee on any of it! Even she knows what's up. I mean, she WAS, like, the total inspiration for an entire Miu Miu collection! If you sort of stretch the truth a tad!

So! The rest of the magazine is, y'know, fine, I guess. I'M THE BEST PART. Just kidding, ha ha ha.
No, but really! I have many favorite parts, and spent lots of time getting my arm cut off by the scanner to bring you my favorite images from the new issue. even though all of these scans are already online so my doing so was kind of pointless. I KNOW, I KNOW, no need to thank me! But if you WERE to, you could do so with a new bike, or some Miu Miu for my dog.
THIS LINDSEY WIXSON EDITORIAL. makes me want. to be her best friend. and also live in new york. and also own lots of christopher kane and miu miu. but i wanted that anyway. it apparently also makes me not use caps.
Seriously though, it's just so fun and cute and I like seeing her smile! It was styled by Vanessa Reid, who normally does more layering and print mixing (as most represented by this editorial, and, as mentioned yesterday, she's the stylist for Missoni) and I think the way she made it more simple for this one works well in terms of the character being created. Miu Miu cats, Kane gingham, the lips at Philosophy, a pastel blue Alaia dress-you get the gist.

More Lindsey! This editorial works better when you see all the pictures together because it's basically all these teenagers that live in a house that is like a more crowded, more elaborate Grey Gardens. And they're all awesome and wear Yohji and Balenciaga and Nirvana sweatshirts and Alexander Wang letterman jackets all the time. WHY CAN'T THIS BE MY LIFE. I would LOVE to start a commune in a really crowded and bizarre house where we all just sit and stare into space while being aware of the other person's Prada chandelier dress or flowery Chanel heels and complimenting their sartorial choices through mind games. WHY WHY WHY.

There is an amazing Louise Bourgeois interview, and this photo of her makes me so happy.

Devon Aoki acts like an Allen Jones coffee table and it is awesome! Not in this photo, but it is my favorite from that ed. If I try to explain why it's good it will ruin it.

Okay, lately I have been really tired of nudity in fashion magazines because it's almost always done in a way that is supposed to be all sexytimes and it's not shocking anymore and it just feels cheap and easy, to me, mostly. Except here. Venetia Scott shot this editorial and it's really beautiful and summery and fields and Virgin Suicides (well, okay, I basically just associate EVERYTHING with a field in it with the Virgin Suicides) and the mood of the ed compensates for the fact that there isn't any styling. It really is more about a mood than fashion, but Pop isn't only fashion, and I am honestly in love with this. Can't exactly bring it to read on the train! but really nice.

Same nudity spiel goes for this:
I mean, it's not tacky, just really beautiful (a word I do not use often, for fear it might indicate some type of SOUL I may have).

Balenciaga shoes! On a tray! At first I thought the white wall was sand on the beach, and then I saw it was a wall. And it was weird.

Boxy pastel awesome etc.

THIS. EDITORIAL. Is, for one, like...100 pages. Or 50. But still, REALLY long. There is this amazing photo diary, and the colors, and the styling, and just so-there's that word again-beautiful.