yes classmate we know you are aware of dark side of the moon but you don't have to yell it out whenever the teacher mentions triangular prisms KTHNX

Pictures from Paris! I have 532 more to post. WAH WAH.
I packed my Proenza Schouler shirt (courtesy of Wonder [Bread] Boy Team Jack & Lazaro) but ended up wearing it to breakfast and Really Expensive Pharmacy At Which We Spent An Obscene Amount Of French Bones Because We Didn't Realize There Was a Monopris Right Around the Corner. If this was a tweet, I would insert a hashtag reading "fail" And then submit a photo of my dad and me holding a map of Paris to failblog.
proenza schouler shirt. joke shop sunglasses. h&m tights. thrifted skirt and boots. vintage jacket.

So the outfit! Probably definitely influenced by having just finished Girl Power by Marisa Meltzer (review sooon! In short: life-changing.) I'm sort of disappointed in myself that I took the easy way out with a bright print -- mixing it with black, or similarly simple colors. Still, it's always fun to break out the reflective eyeballs jokeshop sunglasses. And I liked it against this setting. And I wished I didn't look so angry/QUICK DAD JUST TAKE THE PHOTO YOU PRESS THE BUTTON RIGHT THERE, YES, RIGHT THERE but oh well! QUE SERA, SERA.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to continue freaking out over the brilliance of this lovely lady's hair and wishing mine was long and green and mermaid-like as well:photo via the cobrasnake