like a walking Lula magazine

Greetings and salutations! It is I, Technologically Challenged Individual With Difficulties Setting Up Internet In Hotel Rooms Until Now. Meet my friend back at home, Computer That Blocked All Google-Related Stuff For Reasons Unknown And Therefore Wouldn't Let Me Update This Blog Before I Left For New York. You can call that one "Frustrating" for short.

Lots to say! Lots to write. Let's start with Marc while it's fresh in my mind.via wwd

To cut it to the chase, I was gasping through most of the looks at Marc Jacobs tonight (until I realized how it kind of disrupted the whole dreamy quiettimes vibez, and stopped.) How could I not, really -- furs and sunglasses in pastels and neutrals, ankle-length slips with slingback flats, and soft knits all draped on the girls gliding across the cardboard-clad runway to a soundtrack of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The fabrics moved nicely. The models resembled the tiny graceful figurines that spin in an opened jewelry box, or the human sums of numerous collages crafted by young dreamers out of magazine clippings and backyard finds. There was a clear air of foggy nostalgia that drifted throughout the room, clinging to coattails in shades of pale yellow and grey.

But this ain't no cheap, vintage-redux shit -- velvets, over-the-elbow leather gloves, and different patterns for fur brought the silk slips and Marianne Faithfull styles to our time and day, and with the update came a quiet power; a type of hopefulness and willingness to move on from a bittersweet yearning. This added mystery reminded me of a lady Bob Dylan might sing about, or a character from The Westing Game, and just further proved that power doesn't have to be conveyed through the overly aggressive but underwhelming black-leather-studs formula that's been popular for a few seasons now. Marc Jacobs frequently talks about how he wants to see young girls having fun with clothes, and he expressed to me how excited he was about the models this season because they all had personality and individual style. A bandwagon I'd love for more people to hop on! If a nostalgic look is done right, in it can be found strength supported merely by the confidence to be so blatantly excited about clothing, and the mysteries one can create with this tool at their disposal.

Some powers really can only be found in grey, 3/4ths-length, woolen skirts.