February 15, 2010

like a walking Lula magazine

Greetings and salutations! It is I, Technologically Challenged Individual With Difficulties Setting Up Internet In Hotel Rooms Until Now. Meet my friend back at home, Computer That Blocked All Google-Related Stuff For Reasons Unknown And Therefore Wouldn't Let Me Update This Blog Before I Left For New York. You can call that one "Frustrating" for short.

Lots to say! Lots to write. Let's start with Marc while it's fresh in my mind.via wwd

To cut it to the chase, I was gasping through most of the looks at Marc Jacobs tonight (until I realized how it kind of disrupted the whole dreamy quiettimes vibez, and stopped.) How could I not, really -- furs and sunglasses in pastels and neutrals, ankle-length slips with slingback flats, and soft knits all draped on the girls gliding across the cardboard-clad runway to a soundtrack of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The fabrics moved nicely. The models resembled the tiny graceful figurines that spin in an opened jewelry box, or the human sums of numerous collages crafted by young dreamers out of magazine clippings and backyard finds. There was a clear air of foggy nostalgia that drifted throughout the room, clinging to coattails in shades of pale yellow and grey.

But this ain't no cheap, vintage-redux shit -- velvets, over-the-elbow leather gloves, and different patterns for fur brought the silk slips and Marianne Faithfull styles to our time and day, and with the update came a quiet power; a type of hopefulness and willingness to move on from a bittersweet yearning. This added mystery reminded me of a lady Bob Dylan might sing about, or a character from The Westing Game, and just further proved that power doesn't have to be conveyed through the overly aggressive but underwhelming black-leather-studs formula that's been popular for a few seasons now. Marc Jacobs frequently talks about how he wants to see young girls having fun with clothes, and he expressed to me how excited he was about the models this season because they all had personality and individual style. A bandwagon I'd love for more people to hop on! If a nostalgic look is done right, in it can be found strength supported merely by the confidence to be so blatantly excited about clothing, and the mysteries one can create with this tool at their disposal.

Some powers really can only be found in grey, 3/4ths-length, woolen skirts.


Mikaela said...

Having fun with clothes should definitely be the essence of fashion. Lovely post :)


Little J said...

That was a really good, deep, insightful review. Have fun in NY.

Kate Natalie said...

Clothes were made so that we could have fun with them. ;)

Diane said...

Thanks for the review, it's good to catch an inside opinion.

You described the show in such a re comforting manner :)

Have a fun day


flowsofhunger said...

i loved it. my favourite was the mustard sweater with the slinky skirt.i think it wasnt so much about a new style but more of recreating a new look from the past seasons. i am glad that you had the opportunity to go for the show.


Alexander Wang and bellissima Custo Barcelona were my favourite until now, Custo rocks

Margaret Tran said...

Grey is quite the underrated colour of choice for most peeps. Frak yeah Marc Jacobs! <3

mardijane said...

wow, loving the slip under her coat...time to do some opshopping i think... :)


just because...

// said...

wow, tavi i think its funnehh how people think its amazaing so one our age could talk about fashionn not saying you arent amazing but yeahh HAHAHAH oh and im short to and from australia, i feel like an old mann i think we are alot alike. mann i wishh,, so many things anways awesome blog and when you are over this blog hopefully you and me could do a collab blog? think about hehee:)
love tara

LouisaEtNam said...

great! I can't wait to see the other shows. :)


fashiondevotion said...

I could not be more excited for this season... Bring It On!!!


Banshee said...

wow. fantastic.
that's a really good review!!

zoomslow said...

Hi! Hope the TV stuff's going well :-) Thanks for reporting back.

Ollie Crafoord said...

I had wondered where you had gotten off to. :)


Elísabet Ólafsdóttir said...

haha...love the comment from tara. thats exactly what i would expect to come out of a 13 yo. tavi: you are a new fantastic fav. keep reading.

Nikita said...
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Nikita said...
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Nikita said...

Tavi, I agree fashion is about having fun.

Check out my blog: nikitaetmode.blogspot.com

Natasha said...

One of my instructors used to work with Marc and Tom Ford years ago in New York. We were actually talking about Marc today. It was brought up that Marc Jacobs was banning celebs from his runway shows, and my instructor thought that that was a good idea, but he wasn't sure if Marc was doing it for the right reasons. I guess Marc used to be really "normal" and just didn't really give a damn what people though, but over the years that changed? I don't know though, I really can't say. I don't know the guy personally. But anyways, your post brought that to mind.


Lovers, Saints and Sailors said...

Awesome to see slips back on the runway.
I've been trying to bring them back single handedly but it's nice to have Marc on board now.

Sonia said...

Really good review! I don't know why so many people doubt a 13 year old can write that good.

I've been sat up really late watching Marc's how being streamed live, lucky you being there in person!

What other shows are you scheduled to go to (haha that I can be jealous of!) Or is that a secret?

Well have fun at fashion week :)

Quirkygirl said...

Love this review!


Roxana said...

cool way to put it!

ushi sato said...
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ushi sato said...
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ushi sato said...

that was so fabulous....poetic review...lurv it so much...

on the other hand...for me...the collection is a bit granny-ish (oops...)It would be nice if the styling fused with a little bit young...(just in the middle..not too old and not too young)....like; wedges on ankle length dress...flatforms with socks...just to give confusing yet fabulous feeling of the look...

I still lurv Tavi!


ushi sato said...

that was so fabulous....poetic review...lurv it so much...

on the other hand...for me...the collection is a bit granny-ish (oops...)It would be nice if the styling fused with a little bit young...(just in the middle..not too old and not too young)....like; wedges on ankle length dress...flatforms with socks...just to give confusing yet fabulous feeling of the look...

I still lurv Tavi!


ushi sato said...
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ushi sato said...
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ushi sato said...
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ushi sato said...
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Coco CHANEL 's CHILD said...

All these experiences you are living dear Tavi....It's wonderful !

Do you like my fashion drawings ?
( As i certainly told you, i show a new one a day )

Let's Magical Life continue to give you a lot of success at any points of view !

Friend Jean-Pierre MATTEI

Rheanne said...

love this ♥



fashion stains said...

Tavi i love our new hair color its soooo nice xx

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fashion stains said...

Tavi i love our new hair color its soooo nice xx

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Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Marc was amazing. Inspired. Just, unbelievable.

talking_taco said...

i don't really care about fashion (far too lazy) but i love reading what you write. it really makes me want to start up buying fashion magazines or something. i won't though because i am a poor art student and it would be like buying broken dreams.

rubennieto said...

Fantastic post! I love this style !!

Meghan Roberts said...

Oh Tavi, how your words are so beautiful. They transport me to some Alice and Wonderland state of mine, but far less trippy and much more delicate.

Love what you're doing.


Cheryl said...

i watched the marc jacobs show on his site live. it was really good, and i definitely enjoyed the clothes and colors closer to the end of the show.

good post tavi!

Laurent said...

hej tavi, cool blog, nice style of writing.
check out mine :

Roz said...

Great review- and I really like the photo you've chosen to illustrate it. Classic silouhettes always work well, and I've just devoted a part of my latest blog post to long skirts! Funnily enough, I ust bought a 3/4 length Jaeger grey and black tartan wool skirt from a charity shop, and was thinking about putting it with ankle socks.
I know I already emailed a reply, but I really appreciated your response to my message.
Oh, and I just bought a French Vogue, not realising that it was the one with an article about you in it. I am now practising my french skills by attempting to see how much of I can translate and understand! It is certainly an incentive to learn French- reading french vogue (+other magazines), french blogs and watching french films. Haaha.
Hope you've been enjoying Fashion week.


style baro said...

Tavi! I love more the post! I love more more more the outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A big kiss blue hair! ;)

Ross said...

I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?! Wasn't every look something you would want to wear everyday of your friggin' life?!?!?!

Anabell said...

enjoy this dream, our dream, tavi and make it last forever, if i were you i would do it..my god

Praying to have the same oportunity,Ana

preppygoesrock said...

hey tavi! i loved marc too and he definitely has a personal style like you...his show was amazing beyond words.. i was like omg all the time literally

check my blog

Emily said...

love it. i wasn't sure about it at first, it didn't really feel "marc-y" but now that i've looked at each outfit, i think i'm in love!


Dmitriy said...

love the post, your writing is great and there is always room for a bob dylan reference.

saw you at the ifb and you are the coolest.. bar none..


Emma said...

Hi Tavi!

I thought you might like this blog that I found:

Just a tip! Take care!

Emma said...
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Rae said...

Clothes were made so we could be inspired and have fun with them! I love this post! Please check out my blog!!


Misery said...

The way you write about yet another collection - as usually it's really worth reading. Great post :)

(although 3/4ths-lenght skirts is something I'll never change my mind about. Bleh) :)

the style crusader said...

MJ was amazing. great description of it. love the bandwagon bit. xx

commanderbanana said...

After all of the large shoulders-unremitting black-skyscraper heels-leather pants, this collection was a breath of fresh air. Sort of like the first whiff of spring! Stay warm in New York.

alana.hurley said...

After all of the large shoulders-unremitting black-skyscraper heels-leather pants, this collection was a breath of fresh air. Sort of like the first whiff of spring! Stay warm in New York.

Kelly said...

Chills ran down my spine reading your beautiful review. I can't wait to see the collection. Please keep blogging forever, I adore your posts. xo

Finding Hecate/ Melissa Harrison said...

lovely post dear

Imela said...

Very cool collection, I loved it.
And YOU look great at the show !!

mila said...

That coat is EPIC. I love the pattern, and the flowy dress/skirt looks amazing underneath it. And don't let me get started on the socks!


Razzi said...

I like the socks. I dig socks.

Paddy☮ xx

visit my blog LITTLE RAZZI here

Vicki said...

pastel furs you say?? I love this!!
oh marc jacobs.. I do love thee..
Vicki. xo

graham said...

well written! i agree with you i thought there was a simple, peaceful, aloof feeling to the collection. and i loved it!

kirstyb said...

fabulous post tavi xxx

trippingtiffies said...

I just love you. You write so well and you're so thoughtful in how you detail everything. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.


Julia said...

great post. I just love your blog. You really shouldn't care (not that you do) about other people's crazy opinions. You should continue blogging for the rest of your life until you're a superstylish grandma!

Christina Barrera said...

I loved this collection so much! It really reminded me of my mother when she was my age. I'm a long time follower but this is my first comment. nice to formerly acknowledge your presence and alert you to my existence!

Christina Barrera


Tania said...

How I wish I could be there...
I loved most of this collection, but some of it didn't inspire me. You pretty much put it into words for me (though I'll try blogging it myself)

I've been stalking you, but I only just got a blog (no followers or comments yet...) so now I can comment :)
I sound like a wierdo from that ¬¬

I'm amazed by the number of people who keep saying your hair is grey - it looks exceptionally blue to me. (unless i'm behind the times...)


Michelle <3 said...


Stephanie said...

"The fabrics moved nicely. The models resembled the tiny graceful figurines that spin in an opened jewelry box, or the human sums of numerous collages crafted by young dreamers out of magazine clippings and backyard finds. There was a clear air of foggy nostalgia that drifted throughout the room, clinging to coattails in shades of pale yellow and grey."

That entire section gives me the chills. Your writing style keeps growing and changing in so many ways, and watching it happen is just lovely.

Keep it up, girl.


Jacqueline said...

Keep up the great reviews! xo

Break said...

shoes and coat are great

b said...

i'm such a big fan of yours :) i'm actually training my english trough your blog, haha
this post was a little hard for me to understand,i mean, the part you were telling what you tought of the runway shows, but i'll survive. haha
greetings from brazil xoxo

b said...

and sorry if there's something wrong in the comment :x

Sarah H. said...

Lovely post Tavi :)

Out of curiousity, which subscription are you for wwd? How much do you pay monthly?


SheWearSheShares said...

Among my favorites were the fur coats along with the floor length dress with a fur trimmed collar.

Lena said...

Nice post Tavi. Marc is one of my fav. If you want you can check out some Norwegian designers on my blog. And Fam Irvoll is a hoot http://www.famirvoll.com/. Just a little tips :)

Have a great NYFW. There's the Oslo Fashion Week here now, starts today. Yay!

WendyB said...

I always love a statement coat and that's a nice one in the picture.

La Dolce Moda said...

Wow. That was a good review!
Are you sure you're thirteen? :)



Juicy Dry said...

hey! what an amazing blog u have! really love it, so much joy and inspiration inside;]
really, inspiration! u made my mind to make my own blog, which u are welcome to visit.

good luck to u xx

firefly said...

AH, I love this look. Your writing is so artistic, and it matches the mood. It's very inspirational.

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

Just what I wanted to hear today! I agree that there can be power found in style elements beyond studs and black leather! Yes! Rock on! Keep living the dream!http://lara-serbin.blogspot.com/

Miou' said...


a part of the article is about you , if you want to see ! :)

mcgraw761 said...

Tavi, you are a gifted and talented person, and I love your blog, but the fact that your readers and you refer to your room as merely "messy" . . . my God. It's an episode of Hoarders waiting to happen. Please clean your room, at the very least, empty your garbage. Can you tell I'm a MOM!!! Jesus.

KD said...

Spoken like a true . . .fashion-lover? I dunno. But I dig it!

The Commish said...

It looks like a lady wearing a coat over a night gown.

In one sentence I said more than the joke with fake gray (or grey if you like) hair.

Lady Danger said...

my favorite was the prairie gown dipped in metallic- that was fantastic


Jessica Focks said...

It seems the 'so-called' fashionista Perez Hilton has made it his buisness to comment on your blog, via his "fashon blog" cocoperez.com. (A blog where he posts photos of celebs in garb, and ridicules them) Just wanted to say, do not listen to this overweight, bitter famewhore. His post is dripping with jealousy and his sense of style is atrocious and tacky. You are far more readable, lovable, talented and fashionable that that coward. XX

Samantha said...

I managed to slide into my computer chair just in time for the show to start via live stream.

I think you've really captured the essence of the show perfectly. You have a unique voice and take on fashion that I never would have had at your age, nor do I think I have five years later.

I hope you go far <3

danniekate said...

marc always seems to have fun, without getting all rihanna-edgy about things, and he is always, always elegant. even if it's a different elegance to what we might imagine.

Basilio ( Basil ) Farano said...

Tavi, wonderfully written. You have worked very hard to get the opportunity to see a show like that live; in fact to be invited. It must be very satisfying for you.
I also read some of the comments from your discussion from the blog forum in NYC. I think you made some fantastic points. You make writing about fashion seem easy, which everyone knows it isnt. I cant imagine the talent you will have in 10 years!!! I will be following your blog on a regular basis from now on.
Great work.


Sami Sandonato said...

you nailed it! love the westing game, jewelry box ballerina, and magazine clipping dreamer references...all so true :) haha

Pyxie Gwynne said...

I caught the show online. "There was a clear air of foggy nostalgia that drifted throughout the room, clinging to coattails in shades of pale yellow and grey" it really emanated off the screen. I liked that it steered away from in-your-face-aggression-RAWRRRR, yenno? I'm excited for the fall.

Miel said...

I've really loved watching your blog evolve! And you've never failed to put a smile on my face:)

...usually in the library. and people tend to look at you funny when you're literally lol-ing there but.....hey, i <3 you:)

and awesome job at that blogger panel btw :)

Autumn-Lynn Tummavichakul said...

Wonderfully stated Tavi ... Marc continues to evolve and celebrate not only beautiful fashion, but also the woman he designs for. One of the most brilliant things about him (aside from his creations).

Thanks for sharing ... xo

Hayden said...

Hey Tavi! I love your post about the show! Fashion is something to have fun with and you show it. I recently saw you in The Kansas City star and you motivaded me to become a fashion blogger. Thank you! -Hayden


Danielle Charpentier said...

Your sense of style is very unique (and daring!). I admire your confidence and how you do not care what anyone thinks about you.


Domino said...

REally good review, i adore mac jacobs! have fun at the shows, im jelous :/

*check out my blog


Grenadier said...

Tavi - I'm pretty sure those glasses were a reference to you and yours...

Sarah (Buzz) said...

I like your interpretation. I wish I had been at the show. It sound so surreal. I read about it on style.com and was in aww. I bet it was kind of mystical having such a happy/strange song from none other than the wizard of oz playing while models stared out at the crowd after they were able to be seen. so strange but also interesting. Marc Jacobs and his team are so creative. I love how the fashion designers today are really making statements with their shows. Marc Jacobs was also more than a statement. he didn't just do something totally strange to get his point across but something traditional. I loved it.


Nikita said...



So when I was watching the live stream of mj's show I'm pretty sure I saw you! If it was you, you looked adorrrrable

FASH ON said...

Tavi your always amaze me!



Karli said...

I love the westing game!I wish I could have been there it sounds awesome!More people should gasp at the clothes.That shows that you love the clothes and usually that you would love to wear them- kids know how to do this(though some adults know how)

andrea said...

I have a sweater that Marc designed when he used to work at a store in NYC called Charivari. The sweater(s) were his graduation project from Parsons. If you want, email me and I will send you a picture of it. It looks a lot like the early knits of Rei Kawakubo and Yohji, oversized and stretched out. Oddly, (or maybe not oddly) it looks just as fresh today!

the golden fairy princess said...

the show sounds like it was amazing, i always love marc. and the westing game, hahahah you have what are quite possibly the funniest references ever.

Claudia said...

i like ur references!


flavs said...

So I've been creepin' around on your blog, and I would just like to say YOU ARE GENIUS. <3 Obsessed!


Kionon said...

Saw you on the IFBcon panel. I was glad to hear your perspective, but I missed your answer to the last question. :|

Miss_Tami_Lee said...

Wonderful! I usually don't keep up with designer collections too much since I am missing about ten bajallion $$ to afford them, but this collection looks like it's worth checking out

elise said...

my oh my oh my
miss tavi i ADORE you
and all your posts.
and pictures.
and your style,
it all AMAZES ME
your inspirational on so many levels.


Susan said...

Your post got me to look at many more photos of this latest from Marc Jacobs, and ... AW YEAH. We are of one mind about this collection, Miss Gevinson. Thank you for drawing my attention to it.

shelby meyers said...

oh gosh! love the post! keep it comin, tavi!



kimvee said...

I love the Marc Jacobs collection, it's so soft & girly, I love it! :)


ashford said...

I met the mother of the model who opened the Marc show tonight (kind of random, i know) and she was just gushing about how amazing the box/runway thing was and the somewhere over the rainbow bit. Must have been amazing to be there.

"underwhelming black-leather-studs formula" ugh it's so boring. i hate overt/aggressive. subtlety and intellect, please!

oh also, you were very charming (and just as I imagined) at IFB.

SARAH...brown said...

I love the casual jacket over a glamorous dress. Gorgeous.



thwany said...

enjoy nyc!

Runway Reviews said...

it's a nice collection with hope and love like Marc said. Good shape and beautiful calming show without too much people in front row

mychameleon said...

I have never gone weak at the knees over Marc Jacobs' collections - almost always to girly - but this collection surprised me the most. The mix of texture, playing with length and fabrics - I just love it. And everyone is talking about it.
A worthy start Tavi.....


VA said...

Glad you are there reporting from the front line

Soumeya said...

Hey ! I follow your activities wherever you go ! And I speak about you in one of my post, so if you want to read it you're welcome !

Birthday Girl said...

i get the gasping thing girl, kind of like clapping for real in a movie theatre when the people on screen are clapping at something...also you write so well :)

just did a post on you defending your honour against the nasty perez hilton, come have a look!


Konstantin said...

i like it!

look my illustrations

Konstantin said...

i like it!

look my illustrations

bowieacolyte said...

tevi, i just found out about you and your blog. i love it....i love you! i cannot stop reading. fantastic!

Blush and Sage said...

Wonderful description of the show! I felt like I was there!! And I WILL be there, under the tents, in a few hours!!! xo


Peart Star said...

Where do you get the photos of models from?

Raúl Valdivia said...

What do you think you're doing? Do you have issues? If I was in NYC I'd be outside fashion tents stuck behind the barricades with PETA, not setting up internet at the hotel, you might crash one of the few fashion shows you were not invited to so Go child GOOOOOO and then let us know how it went AFTER

karunagirii said...

tavi, the rodarte collection was beautiful beautiful, please try some on and share!

Clare said...

Great review, perfectly captured the collection. Marc Jacobs is a delight, it would be impossible not to have fun while wearing his clothes.



Frida said...

Hei Tavi!

Jeg vet ikke om du forstår dette, men du skriver utrolig bra.
Jeg har aldri sett en så kul 13 åring i hele mitt liv.

brightlightsbigcity said...

beautiful writing in your reviews. you da best

CassJournalist said...

Tavi, you're an inspiration! Keep writing, your style is eloquent & blunt. I love it.

Chic Petite said...

Marc Jacobs is a master of all that is British and edgy, he can make the most high fashion wearable and I'm loving his 40s warchild collection - that's what it makes me think of, British children jumping off a steam train heading through the fields to their new safe haven. Jacobs and Chanel are my favourites, old fashioned modernity and the ultimate in luxury and elegance. Yes please. And I'll be very jealous if you, Tavi, are at the Marchesa show.

Alice Cassidy said...

Librarian? 4o's? warchild?... whatever this colecion reminds you of who else, other that marc jacobs can make
90's school socks look SO good. (:

Great review tavi. You really can tell that you truley do have a love and passion for fashion.

Alice Cassidy said...

Librarian? 4o's? warchild?... whatever this colecion reminds you of who else, other that marc jacobs can make
90's school socks look SO good. (:

Great review tavi. You really can tell that you truley do have a love and passion for fashion.

me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A said...

Loving your style of writing, I had to read it twice coz it is so good. I watched his show on websites, couldn't make it up to NY, you are so lucky you can be there

aubrey said...

Tavi- please don't jump on the fur bandwagon. Fashion is a happy, fun, creative thing- fur is torture, death, skinning while alive and anal/vaginal electrocution. There is nothing redeeming about it. Faux furs have come a long way and there is no reason to kill animals for clothing. Fashion should not take lives. In a more recent post you gush about your dog, but truthfully, many furs which are sold as raccoon are actually dog. Neiman Marcus was just successfully sued for selling dog fur which was labeled raccoon.

Fashion is inspirational and fun. Please keep it that way and don't support fur use.

Fashions By Lozano said...

You are amazing!! I respect your work so much.

I love to see people with such a passion for fashion.



DRESS the art of wearing vintage said...

Fashion without humor and joy is nothing but clothing - so you definitely know fashion and aren't a rookie at all!

vickileestyle said...

I was slightly disasppointed by Marc Jacobs :( My favourites however were Alexander Wang and Rodarte. <3

Renae said...

Tavi, your reference to The Westing Game brought me back to being your age when I read the book...a fantastic diversion in my regular work day, I must admit. I hope you always keep your ability to expertly state your opinion on the latest fashion trends like someone twice your age, while still holding on to your imaginative child-like spirit. Great work!

amongtheseclouds said...

quiet power.

i like that.
a lot. :)

marc's clothes
your words
make me float.

http://www.wendy-kristy.com said...

Very Nice !!

Michelle said...

Can I ask what a Lula Magazine is? Maybe I am naive (well I know I am) but I have no idea! Anyway Tavi- I didn't get to meet you at the evolving influence fashion blogging conference (I was too shy to find you) but I absolutely loved hearing what you had to say! I am glad that you do what you do for the love of it, and not to impress other people (like a lot of bloggers).
Well without being cheezy or too "look at me, look at me" here is my blog-

Beka & the Gin Hall Hustlers/Nashville said...

Dear Tavi,

You are so fun to read. I love your viewpoint & the way you describe fashion. I love when you talk about school. I'm such a fangirl. :)

The fools who say you don't write your own blog are feeling a little heat, no? (as Karl would say)

When I was 8, I won a poetry contest (ooh!), and the teacher wouldn't give me the prize (a bag of candy ;) because she said I "couldn't have possibly written it" myself, "it was too good."

Such was my introduction to the writing profession: 1. jealousy, 2. threats of plagiarism, and 3.
everyone's a critic, 4. my mom was pissed at how they treated me. LOL

I recognize a little of my braver, younger self in your writing, as I'm sure many do. That's why it's so enjoyable. You do have your own completely unique voice, though. I hope you run a magazine someday, or whatever it is you wish to do. Go all J.D. Salinger.

I looooved the robot/alien hair. Or did you say it was Grey Gardens? Either one is a fitting tribute to your attendance at the shows.

Go on with your bad self! LOL



Michelle said...

Your enthusiasm is just lovely!

Michelle said...

Your enthusiasm is just lovely!

JLM[X] said...

Hey, do you have the link for your interview from this show?


Lola said...

I love your style of writting, you are amazing ! :)
I know my blog is in french but the fashion is not a history of language. Continue like that!
Best, Lola.


Back said...

love love 3/4 length dress on women...very simple and teacher style

lol said...

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