He consistently delivered collections of extravagant creativity, the type of stuff where you just look at it and try to absorb it and you can't believe a person made this. Being lucky enough to gaze at a glimpse into such an artist's vision, and knowing that you can't even imagine everything that was put into making it, and suddenly feeling so happy and joyful about humanity, and life, because, Jesus, a person made this..is incredibly uplifting. Very rarely are we blessed with a talent so strong and unparalleled and a passion so pure and driven.
It's taken me an hour to write these few sentences, and it seems like all I've been able to do since hearing the news is cry. But now it's time to go back in the style.com archives, in my magazines, to every photo I've collaged and tacked on my wall, and appreciate everything he poured his life into.
So thank you, Alexander McQueen. Rest in peace.