February 19, 2010

is it a hole in one if you HIT THE CEILING in the process?

It was a huge pleasure being at the Herve Leger by Max Azria show during Fashion Week - these are the dresses you really need to see up close. My own commentary is coming in another post, because it's kinda Friday night, and it's kinda late, and I'm kinda lazy, but for now I have a video of Lubov Azria (incredibly sweet!) backstage and some questions I asked her before the video interview (transcribing these from a recording was really hard...backstage is noisy.) And, because of FTC regulations, I'm supposed to let you know that I am receiving compensation for my collaboration with Herve Leger and Harper's Bazaar in writing this post. It's 100% honest, though, duh.
Oh and the video gets cut off because MY STUPID MEMORY CARD WAS FULL (please remind me why I take pictures of my TV when Seinfeld is on, and why I never delete them) but um you see where it's going? Use your imagination?

When you have to break down runway pieces into
more wearable, retail-friendly pieces, which elements do you keep?
Well I think that when we start with an idea - like for example, what I'm wearing is a wearable piece; I have to go for more of a simple piece - we take an element of lacing, because a lot of it's really for collectors...Like, for example, those dresses are usually ready to wear, with the silver. (She pointed at this one-) But those, (points to dresses with lacing, like this one-)
even though we do sell them, they're going to be produced maybe by about 10 pieces. So we take that element, for example, whatever our original idea is, and we apply it to basic pieces, so that person will feel like they're getting the look of the show.

The whole idea for us when we were making this is sort of like, you know, the whole weather environment; how everything is changing. We wanted to kind of protect. And also, to wear Herve Leger, you have to exercise. So the whole idea is defining the body shape of a woman to really sort of bring out that athleticism, even if you don't work out.

You wear tennis shoes to exercise and then you get to wear them as a dress.

More on the dresses...
Because there's no real pattern, and each band is applied...so we had this great idea, because we work with laces and things like that, that instead of taking ideas from the tennis shoes, we started creating laces all around, you know, and so that's how it came. And so then, we started flocking -- you see the flocking? Flocking is the process of like, velvet, almost, going on top, so we used flocking to create texture. And so, but if you see all of this is individual bandages, and they go from quarter-inch to one inch. That's a technique that was developed by Herve Leger. He used to make hats; he was a milliner.

So that's how this whole thing evolved. I mean, it's amazing to me, these straps, like this is a good dress - this one is around 8,000 dollars, and it takes about a month and a half, by hand, to make it.



fashion westie said...

Labours of love. Flock, sweat and laced tears.

WendyB said...

Why DO you take those Seinfeld photos?

And love the lacing.

inked said...


Jacqueline said...

Love it!

Ganymede Girl said...

When I first saw the detail shots for this collection I was blown away, they are seriously works of art. I assumed they must be extremely time consuming to make but a month and a half for one dress...crazy!

Valerie said...


Lauren said...

Tavi, I just discoverd your site, and I have to say you are the most adorable person! I find myself getting dressed and choosing pieces that 'Tavi' would wear. Love, love, love you!

Urooba said...

Hey Tavi,
Yeah, you're cool.

Domino said...

So interesting that just the thought/inspiration of tennis shoes can be the "backbone" of sorts of some of these wonderful dresses. Who knew the not-so-fashionable athletic shoes could make something so fashionable.

come visit my blog.


Dominika said...

one word: AMAZING!

Initials.CC said...

I love it !!!

Bisouuus Tavi

bravegrrl said...

great post. i love the interview.... and the dresses :)


E is for Eleanor said...

haha snorted at the photos of seinfeld thing. I do that too.

Great interview, that dress is so very intricate.

ushi sato said...

you know...I love Herve Leger's creative idea you know...and so...you know the whole package of the pieces...you know is very awesome...then...you know its very super duper fabulous...you know?

lurvlats tavi!

ushi sato said...

you know...I love Herve Leger's creative idea you know...and so...you know the whole package of the pieces...you know is very awesome...then...you know its very super duper fabulous...you know?

lurvlats tavi!

Caroline Amelia said...

the grey dress is so nice ...I WANT IT !!! :) x x x

Bridget Jane said...

You have a really thick accent!
and I need that dress with the one sleeve! I think I'll have to make one!

Vivien_5115 said...

Your voice sounds really different from the way I thought it would...
I think Lubov Azria seems really nice

Sin-ger said...

You take pics of Seinfield because the outfits are great?? hehe, I take pics of The Fresh Prince.

Rosemary said...

great styles and ideas !! very lucky you are to attend the shows!!


fashionfamous said...

cool and incredible and adorable

Beos fashionistas

mar said...

it's a shame we dont have the full interview!!!u have to ask for another battery!!just in case

Laura's Style said...

Tavi, I totally understand the taking pictures of Seinfeld thing. I was taking pictures of the movie Crimes of the Heart the other day. Oh, and great info! Thanks for sharing;-)

mila said...

OMG. Those pictures are amazing!


Jessie said...

great Tavi !!


Chloë said...

God, I take pictures of my favourite TV show too! strange. great interview though


His dresses are really beautiful; I love the BCBGeneration club

thwany said...

great post

dani d. said...

wow is right, incredible!

Sammi said...

Really interesting. Glad you could share your experience.

having a giveaway. you should stop by.

Natasha said...

Hi Tavi! I just found out about your blog from the gofug website and I love the way you write! Also wanted to mention I am jealous of your floral dr. martens as I had some from 1996 and my husband threw them away :(

SuzyiStar said...

must say i saw your picto. in the paper and i have to give you an applause *claps* you got alot of Chutspah meaning courage for your age love your style tho quite interesting ! keep up the good work hun it will take you far

Emily said...

So so interesting! Where can I find the FashionTV videos that you did?


mariam said...

Love it :)
Please take two minutes out of your busyy schedule to look at my blog! Im a little new.


Lena said...

Just lovely. This is why I want to design. Oh, the inspiration!

If you wanna check out some stuff from Oslo fashion week, just go to my blog :)

KD said...

Very cool, great video! She seems pretty awesome.

Getty: The Crazy Colour Bonanzaa Kid said...

I went to that show! it was the best one i went to this week. i didnt see u there. i could've interviewed you for racked.com :(

Julia said...

you're a great interviewer ;)

Patricia said...

Very interesting ! Thanks to share with us !
Enjoy your week end Tavi ;)

bittlerelly said...

y'know, $8000 seems like a lot for a dress, but when it takes 6 weeks to make, all by hand, $8000 isn't very much. i hand knit, and if i were to pay myself minimum wage (!) one pair of socks would be $150 in time and materials and if i were trying to sell those socks to a retailer, i'd have to make a profit, and then the retailer would mark it up, so yeah, those would be some expensive socks. i just made an argyle vest that would have to retail at like, $2000 bucks. crazy.

Morgan-Ashley said...


Ella said...

I like that thinks you do!!!
I like Fashion!!!
I think your blog is the
Styling Blog

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

Thanks for bringing this home! I do love the labor intensity that it takes for a work of art. There is something thrilling about an idea hatching like the lacing of a tennis shoe and seeing it expand! Now I feel like blogging!http://lara-serbin.blogspot.com/

india seth said...

hi (:
visit me, india seth here:
lots of love
India Seth

Dmitriy said...

yea that seinfeld thing cracker me up.. if you have time you gotta post some fav quotes/episodes/scenes etc.. personally i love this whole thing, and i shall post it here:

SUSAN: I need someone a little more stable.

GEORGE: I'm not stable? I'm like a rock. I take these glasses off, you can't tell the difference between me and a rock. I put these glasses on a rock. You know what jumps into most people's minds? Costanza!

SUSAN: People don't change.

GEORGE: I change I change. Two weeks ago I tried a soft boiled egg. Never liked it before. Now I'm dunkin a piece of toast in there and I'm loving it.

SUSAN: I'm not a soft boiled egg.

GEORGE: And I am not a piece of toast.

SUSAN: I just don't think we have anything in common.

GEORGE: That's okay. That's good. You think Louie Pasteur and his wife had anything in common? He was in the fields all day with the cows, you know with the milk, examining the milk, delving into milk, consummed with milk. Pasteurization, Homogenization, She was in the kitchen killing cockroaches with a boot on each hand.

SUSAN: Why were there so many cockroaches?

GEORGE: Because. There was a lot of cake lying around the house. Just sitting there going with all the excess milk from all the experiments [grins]

SUSAN: And they got along?

GEORGE: Yes! Yes. You know. She didn't know about Pasteurization. He didn't know anout Fumigation. But they made it work!


Banshee said...

wow cool =D

simonesays said...

I'd just like to say that whenever I'm watching Friends, (which is pretty much 24/7, so yeah) I seem to take photos of the television. And then a few hours later I'll look through my photos and be like, 'Oh hai, Jennifer Aniston.' It's pretty great. And then I go and watch more Friends.

Dona said...

you're a real piece of duck. Lucky duck.
Gee, you would love Monty Python. :0
This is pretty much amazing.


ashford said...

a month and a half of hand work? $8000 sounds like a really really good deal!

I love the lacing. I would very much like to see it trickle down to wearable (ahem, affordable) clothing.

JLM[X] said...

I would be punching myself in the face if I were you. I'd be so mad at myself. Haha, but don't.

All those dresses are on my want-but-can't-buy-because-I-don't-have-money list.

A little Red With A Pinch Of Chocolate said...

Wow! that would be sooooooo hard to make!!!!!! at least their making lots of money off of it!


Juliet said...

I can't imagine how amazing it must have been!

juliet xxx

Misery said...

Great post! When I watched that interview, at FIRST it SEEMED like she's going to totally talk to you the way adults talk to kids (and it's irritating, and we all remember what it's like), she had this smile "Oh, what a cute girl, is she going to REALLY interview me?", but - LUCKILY she was nothing like this :) So - great interview, Tavi :)

keira antoia rose said...

A month and a half! What a peice of clothing. Love the interview. Nice job!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

PATCH said...

"My husband is more of a visionary man...and then I run around and do all the details." That sounds like a potential description of the entire fashion world.

Let's have more interviews with the detail personnel (married to the visionary or not).

Bri said...

Oh, you're so lucky you can actually go to these fashion shows and interview the designers themselves,Tavi. I wish I could at least get to go to a fashion show, although I wouldn't even know how to get in.... do you have to get tickets... or do you have to be invited? Hm, I went to the Ebony Fashion Fair, which was a real fashion show but there was pieces from multiple designers, not just one. Well anyway, I love your blog Tavi!

Quirkygirl said...

Love it!!! <3


iam.mai said...

great dresses!


Jorge Alexander said...

Amazing <3


Khanh said...

Hello! This blog is really refreshing.
I know many people compliment you, but, I didn'tyet.

You're quite inspiring to me.
There are 4 reasons:
- Creativity: You're daring, you're experimenting, and always trying something new.
- Fun: I just love the little jokes you make all the time.
- Smart: for all the designers and visual references, for quoting movies and litterature.
- Selective: Just the fact that you like Comme des Garçons and the 90's.

And, for being special and cute.
Thank you, it's really pleasing to read and see your blog !

Cheap & Chic said...

Hi,I just discoverd your site and I love your amazing style!!


the roaring silence of a diamond said...

You're awesome.
And very lucky.
And generally cool.


Aleisha-Rose said...

A month and a HALF!? I guess Im not surprised... I mean its so amazingly intricate. All the different weaves going on. LOVE the symmetry of it. And haha tennis shoes... great. First time for me to check out your blog. Im loving your point of views/quirkiness.



Fashion is me said...

I love you Tavi , you are great !!
I was living i your city .

Welcome everyone to my blog , hi is in polish language


HICAT said...

Love your blog!

annie markantonatou said...

i just love max azria!

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

It's great to hear her talking about the dresses! I love Herve! Where I live they are inclined to be ruined by tacky women wearing them (all boobs and fake tan) ..... it gives them a bad name but I LOVE them.. the show pieces!! What a great show!!

Liang said...

Thanks for sharing the interview! The back of that dress looks mega insane. Can't fathom how long it took to get that put together.

Nathaniel said...

Love all this!


Masha said...

you have a great blog! I'm fan)))


kimvee said...

I love that one sleeved black dress, pure hotness! :D


thesylemonster said...

Love the dresses.

- The Style Monster

Annabelle said...

love them both.

xo Annabelle


Juncal said...

Hi Tavi! I discovered your blog recently and I love your creativity.

elainey said...

The gray dress proves artistry and craftsmanship are NOT dead!!!

I'm so grateful for your blog...
So glad others get why fashion and design are so important!


Jeremy said...

i agree...WOW lol

Tavi said...

Dmitry-I LOVE that episode. The rock part-yes. I think George is my favorite. Or Elaine. Or Kramer. Actually I don't know! Ah.

Patch-Luba is creative director of the company, she doesn't just play the role of the designer's wife.

Dona-LOVE Monty Python.

Nicola said...

Thought you might be interested to see this... http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2010/feb/21/10-best-fashion-bloggers

foolfashion said...

I've sent you an email from vogue spain. Please, plase, asnwer asap! It's psevilla@condenast.es

Marii said...

I love your interview Tavi, it's fresh and interesting.

MJ said...

I saw you in newspapers about three times this weekend Tavi!!

But this one is online so I can link you to it:


One of the articles I saw was the quote about you having to take your hat off to get into the car. It made me laugh when I remembered :)

MJ said...

I saw you in newspapers about three times this weekend Tavi!!

But this one is online so I can link you to it:


One of the articles I saw was the quote about you having to take your hat off to get into the car. It made me laugh when I remembered :)

MJ said...

I saw you in newspapers about three times this weekend Tavi!!

But this one is online so I can link you to it:


One of the articles I saw was the quote about you having to take your hat off to get into the car. It made me laugh when I remembered :)

Vanity said...

I absolutely love the dresses <3
Nice post btw :)

Diane said...

The last detail it's amazing, indeed. Thanks so much for this post, it was lovely reading it!
Have a super fun day


shout of the fashion said...

you are in my life


Kayla Marie said...

Have you heard about the "Avenue Debut Grand Givaway" I just entered and you should too! I can't wait to win the $1000 shopping spree from LVCMag.com I need a new spring wardrobe with all the ideas I get from this blog!

sageous.xo@gmail.com said...

I really admire that you're doing what you love at such a young age. Its not often that you see this. Way to go. I saw you in the paper; don't pay any attention to the critics.


sageous.xo@gmail.com said...

I really admire that you're doing what you love at such a young age. Its not often that you see this. Way to go. I saw you in the paper; don't pay any attention to the critics.


Chic Petite said...

Very jealous that you got to interview the amazing Lubov Azria!

Are you at London Fashion Week this week? I've been keeping my eye on the collections and have already spotted a Topshop Unique dress I shall be purchasing.

michou said...

i love you're voice! always sounds like you're about to hyperventilate & pass out..

Maggie said...

Tavi, it's interesting you used a photo of Shu Pei Qin to illustrate Azria's Leger collection in your post, considering she is just ONE of TWO models of color used in the entire 32-look show--as well as one of only two models of color used in his BCBG show (29 looks), and THE ONLY non-white model in the show for his Max Azria collection (36 looks). Shame on Max Azria!

Clare said...

Wow, It's incredible that it takes a month and a half to make one dress... and surely they'll be working on it all day too. Amazing! I love to make things you really have to slave over. It's so much more rewarding once you are finished.
Oh Tavi, you are so lucky to be meeting all of these inspiring people. Enjoy it! (Although I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that, haha!)
Have a lovely day,
Clare xx

Johnny said...


What a wonderful thing you are doing. I've been in the business of internet and new media since 1994 and I'm impressed with your impact to the fashion industry. A few of my friends and I were talking last night, and discussing whether to catagorize you as a meme, and thinks it's possible to do so. Your path isn't the traditional one for memes (chan's, etc), but still you are a phenomenon. I think you are much more then a meme though.

I think your impact goes far beyond the niche of the fashion industry.. The internet and social media allow that is unique (talent and creative) to bubble to the top in rapid, and spectacular fashion. And you have done so.. People across the web need to take note.. Tavi is the future. Stepping beyond the traditional clear lines and boundaries of a very structured industry and finding a voice, and much more one that effects, and causes an industry to examine itself.

Keep up the good work.


LaModaEsBella said...

Love your blog!

Visit my new blog, from Spain!


P. said...

working magic with salvation army stuff ehehe keep it up, cheers (:

P. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abigail Marguerite said...

Hey Tavi! So I know you probably get a ton of fan based comments, but I just wanted to let you know that I learned about you today in my Critical Issues in Fibers and Materials Studies Class at The School Of The Art Institute of Chicago.

Needless to say, all my classmates are probably searching your name, now, as well.
I will be following you from now on! Love your blog, and can't wait to spend the rest of the night reading.

You are fantastic, to put it simply.
Keep doing what you do!

Glowing Doll said...

Hi, Ok so this comment is no way related to this post but there goes:

There was a feature on you in the Toronto Star last Thursday. I was just wondering if you knew about it and also if you wanted me to mail you a copy.

Danielle Charpentier said...

Hi Tavi!
I hope you read this...
Here's a suggestion: write a post on what makes a successful blog. I have just started my very own blog (http://reactions2013.blogspot.com) and I really need to know how to make it successful. Any thoughts?

Subversive said...

I rarely get close up views of such beautiful pieces but when I do its like seeing the piece for the first time. It can look totally different then it did on the runway, photograph, etc.

I love how she admits you need to look good to wear her clothes. =) Better wipe the dust off my yoga tapes.

firefly said...

Shoelaces? Oh my.

Anna said...

You definitely need to have a hot body to wear these dresses!! I love the first one that you showed though :)

zoomslow said...

Oh, gosh, Hi! :-) You've been busy! I had to scroll a long way down to get here! :-) But, I haven't read your latest post yet, so I thought it would be more honest and appropriate to put my thoughts in this here post - which I have read (um, "what?" I hear you say...)

Anyway, thanks for the little video (and transcription) - I was hoping to get a sample of your televisual presentation style - and what can I say - I like it!! Your questions prompt very interesting answers from Lubov Azria. You clearly have the interests of we, the humble viewer, as your top priority. I can't stand self-indulgent interviewers who just brag about how 'in the scene' they are :-(

P.S I was trying to find a quote from Arthur Rubinstein (not that I'm trying to impress with the name - but it's more about his talent and success), where he talks about appreciating the beauty of a single flower. It's so true! In this big, fast, expansive world of ours, we feel pressured to create and do everything bigger, faster, better. But why? There's so much to appreciate if we just stop - and have a look around :-)))

Alicethe1 said...


Back said...

love it !!!! love the black dress so much!!

olieteworld said...

I like this dress, the colour is very beautifull!
Kisses from OlieteWorld

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ólöf said...

I just read this again as the new post came up..I really like the interview..very honest and friendly..and beautiful collection

acline said...

Wow! Herve Leger is my new fave fashion label . . .


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