they're money-grubbin ninnimugins who like to pull shenanigans and we'll have no more of these hooligans trying to send us hunkies to our graves!

My room is a pig sty - NO exaggerations, PS, if you are looking for a week-old empty glass of Nesquik with hardened chocolate gunk on the bottom, CALL ME - and I have *just* now uncovered old favorite pairs of tights that I thought I lost and used to wear all the time. Lo and behold, two outfits using said magical tights!

Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes. American Apparel tights. Hand-me-down tee. Gap sweater. Blood is the New Black tee worn as skirt.

This was initially supposed to be a bumble bee outfit but then I liked having all b/w except for ONE article of yellow and the sweatshirt seemed right. But goddamn this outfit is pretentious. Mozart and Joy Division, SUCH OBSCURE TASTES!!!1! Man, I sort of hate it now but whatever. Part of the outfit diary.
Folks at Gap sent me this ridiculously comfy sweatshirt...sort of been wearing it all the time? It's pretty gross, you don't wanna touch it. The shade of yellow reminds me of footsie pajamas I wore when I was a toddler. I think they had Winnie the Pooh on them, or some random bear. I used to prefer my red Tigger ones because I thought the yellow looked like pee but now it's one of the only shades of yellow that I think looks nice on its own. It's so soft and stuffed animal-like and feels like winter, bedsheets, hot chocolate, looking at old issues of Lula and petting my dog. Yes, ALL OF THOSE.

I just need a lilac corset and then I can do Wang, easter egg style?Ugh, it looks so comfy there. I really rather liked this campaign and am glad they didn't do some tacky stuff with a football field or anything. The clothes and messy hair are sporty so there's no need for more elaboration on the inspiration. The lighting does SO much. Hi, please come to my closet and stay there forever.

Obesity and Speed tee. Thrifted blazer. Pamela Mann tights via Blood is the New Black tee worn as skirt. Monsoon Accesorize headband. Crayola moustache.

Heyyyy I actually wore this one on the day I'm posting it!! Getting back in the groove like I did after my disco hiatus back in the 70's, FEELS GOOD. Anyway, more evidence of my mixing-prints-of-the-same-colors obsession, yadda yadda yadda.
Oh, and don't mind my mustache. I drew it on when making a movie for school and didn't feel like washing it off. I still have it on now, actually. TOMAS LIVES!Untitled 1
I am obSESSED with this peacock-printed blazer I got at the Salvation Army a couple days after I was fangirling over Leigh Lezark's Giambattista Valli version. They are basically the same thing! Only hers is a coat. And has real feathers. And was not found next to a pit-stained t-shirt that said "CLASSY LADIE" on it.
Anyway, the feathers illustrated remind me of the drawings in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs-the book, not the stupid ass 3-D remake (I don't like you, world.) Not into the shoulderpads, so I just sort of fold them in, creating really awkward lapels but whatever.

One day I think I will buy a lot of peacock feathers, and string them together, and pin the first and last ones to the inseam of the sleeve and side of a shirt, so that when I spread my arms I become a peacock. If that makes sense.
Oh this glorious HEADBAND. That's right, HEADBAND. This hat is attached to a headband, and it's great, because you can't make a kid take a HEADBAND off in school.
And-what's this? Peacock feathers? Embroidered onto a light blue cocktail veil hat? Oh, light blue cocktail veil hat, you know me too well.