Tonight we got home from Tokyo. I'm still sort of recovering and trying to figure out WHAT just happened in the past week but it was amazing (I know I use that word to describe a lot of stuff but it is really really meant this time.) It was a whole other world though, and towards the end I found myself ready for home. Then I saw a guy on the plane wearing a shirt that said "I (heart) hot moms" on it, and was reminded that American flight attendants don't wear bright purple like Japanese ones, and that I would be going back to school on Monday...so that's that.

Once I find out what is for the blog and what will be included in an article I'm writing, I will ramble and rant like I normally do, but for now I'm too lazy to upload any photos or even go downstairs to get a glass of Nesquik even though it sounds really good right now. Once I am not out of sorts, and have a few more sorts, and then some, I will talk about depressing airports and amazing Japanese toilets. But I will keep what it was like to meet Rei Kawakubo to myself. The most special moments are to be kept secret and I won't need to write a post to remember what happened.

And, because I don't like a pictureless post...This is a main reference point for hair dying want/need.
Soooo...what'd I miss while I was gone? It doesn't make much sense that I'm a blogger that doesn't have a laptop and usually posts about most events and shows days after they happen. I'm like some old hag with a walker trudging past a running marathon, the bright green tennis balls befooting my wretched tool juxtaposed with the neon sneakers of these fast, with-the-times younguns. (I realize I am a youngun, but with a slow computer.)

I think I have the energy to get Nesquik now.