December 2, 2009

it's all downhill from here

In Japan, it is common to address others by last name, which felt weird for me because here in the US you do that if you're a gym teacher, or are about to sock someone in the nose, or both. Also, since I never thought she or anyone within three degrees of separation from her would see this blog, I was used to referring to Rei Kawakubo by just her first name, in that funny, joking creeper, that-rap-I-made-last-year (which I recently rewatched, mortified) way. So...Kawakubo, I shall say, let me pick out six pieces from the Comme des Garcons flagship store in Aoyama. Do not be concerned over the use of a mere period at the end of that sentence; I already freaked out (DO, however, be proud of what I think is the correct use of a semicolon in this last one-I am learning how to use them and it makes me feel smartyer.) I mean...been reading this blog the past few months? How many times have I referenced the Fall 09 collection? Seeing it and clicking through the online slideshow a bajillion times is what made me understand fashion-it wasn't the first time I knew I loved it, but it was a tiny epiphany because I finally felt like I "got" that clothes can have emotional impact. Before I didn't understand how they could be very powerful. It sounds lame but it was one of those "moments". I feel very lucky and thankful...being in the store and seeing them was enough.

Well look at that. I was somewhat recovered from the overstimulation of senses in Tokyo and then this package had to arrive! I wore the skirt today, along with a permanent smile. At times during the day I would also make some of the following faces, and my some I mean, yes, the least attractive/most creepy/most likely to have been made at some point by Kristin Wiig's Lawrence Welk character on SNL:
One of these days I'll get better detail shots. None of these are very good pictures but I just wanted to play dress up and I'll do them all better outfit and photo justice another day.
Anyway, skirt is of course nuts and amazing. And it has a pocket. Today I carried around pieces of Milky and a tube of pink lipstick. I don't know, I don't actually use it, but I like knowing it's there in case I suddenly want to be that annoying girl Karen in Freaks and Geeks and write "PYGMY GEEK" on someone's locker.jacket2jacket
Ah, the floral carpet pineapple print blanket! I cannn't tell you how obsessed I am with this. I will wear it all the time. And remember how I bought that sweater because it reminded me of this print? Well now they can hang out together. EVERYONE
I needed to get SOME of the checkerboard print, knowwhatimasayin. I love love love all of these back blankets. I think I'll just live in a hole and buy only Comme and thrift for the rest of my life.
You smug
I have been looking for an olive coat for a while and now I've no need to. This mixes two of my favorite things: Early 90's Meisel Kristen/Naomi grunge + Freaks and Geeks (two Freaks references in one post! Note to self: get life.)And just the way the fabric moves and know, if I try to talk about these clothes too much it will result in blubbering, or some type of obscene Spongebob animation. All I have to offer is 90's references so I'll stop.tulle
The magical tulle coat. It is like wearing air. You can't tell so much here (again, need to take better/more pictures) but it sticks out in the back and it's terribly beautiful in real life. This and the Lindsay Weir coat especially are pieces from the collection I remember striking me the most, you know, where you actually feel something in your chest.
I am a dweeb! But erm yeah.twenty little piggies
Toe shoes! Mocassins!
Wellll that's that. I don't need anything again ever. God, isn't life nice sometimes? Or in this case really great?
Hope everyone is having a splendid week ("splendid" I think I'm Mary Poppins or something?) and good night! <3