hey don, i think that mandolin needs a little more booty. god bless you.

Miss Autumn DeWilde took these at the Rodarte studio in New York the night of the Pop party during Fashion Week. She emailed me this morning: "I'm taking James Franco down! Does he send you pictures like these? Hahahah (wicked witch laugh)"
Nope, he indeed does not! I love Autumn and I love her pictures and I'm so happy whenever I see her. And she has a cool house. And makes me look decent in photos.
The umbrella in the bottom one is so perfect
THE SHOOOOOZ. When they arrived at the studio a few days before their show I was SO EAGER to try them on and in retrospect maybe being a TAD pushy to whoever was opening them up. Oopsydoops. But seriously NOM.
And in the outfit for the party...she took a cool polaroid of Kate and me mid-sentence and we look like zombies! Another reason why I need a scanner.

Soooo Autumn, ya happy now?