love love love love

I got an email from LOVE in May and it has been SO hard to keep quiet about this! I'm glad I can finally talk about it!
I was first contacted to do an interview and take pictures of myself like I do for this here bloggyblog only with a box of lovely samples sent over by the magazine. Let me tell you something, it was so hard to say goodbye to the clothes when they had to be shipped back. Dare I break into Dreamgirls right about now? DARE I?
Anyway, saying goodbye to the clothes was as hard as I imagine it would be saying goodbye to a bunch of people you took a month-long trek through the Himalayas. But minus the goodbyes, it was lots of fun. Then I was contacted about interviewing Jordan Wolfson, a conceptual artist who is lots of fun to talk to and had lots to say (it's a shame I had to cut it down but hope he likes the article..)
And the photos I took...(getting this in the mail right before leaving for school supplies shopping was completely surreal..)
Pixie was really great to speak with and asked questions I've never even thought fun.
And the photos I took, including ones that ended up not being used in the magazine or on the website. (For LOVE only, do not use please..!)
This bike like..doesn't have tires? Or a chain? Or something? I DUNNO, it was super hard to move. Or I'm a weakling? Yeah that's probably it.
This exact Yokoo pompom will be up on CWAC soon..
I wanted to keep the dress!
Aghjshfewjtfabhwer Comme aw09 coat, I DIE. I MAY OR MAY NOT have pictures of me just hugging myself in the coat, so I will always have the memory of what it was like to be in Its Holy Prescense.
Blogging on a Friday night/worshipping a coat YEP I'M A WILD GAL.
Angie's skirt and Yokoo's chain! (Yokoo's will be in the CWAC shop..)
This last one wasn't even sent to them because I didn't like it...I still don't really like wtf I'm doing in this but I do like the clothes!

I started taking pictures of my favorite features in the issue but it ended up being practically every other page, so I'll just list my top 10 (I was going to do 5 but couldn't pick..) in no particular order:
-"Posh Sans Dosh," Julia is in it along with lots of other rad people, the styling is epic and all the awesome ladies in it look like tweedy little bowtie grandmas and I love it!
-"Pixie and Ashley," they're both just too rad.
-"Dorothea," once again, epic styling (what else can you expect from Katie Grand?) that makes me so excited for winter and, yknow, a Comme coat, so I have to love it..
-"Boxer Beat," I know NOTHING about boxing and this completely fascinated me.
-Article about the kids that work at Hollister. Kind of eerie, really interesting though.
-Taylor Swift feature. I think she's awesome and I love her!
-"Bloodline" shot by Mert & Marcus, just so rad.
-Billie Lourd interview with Marc Jacobs, she's cool and so is he!
-Cover girl Coco Sumner's feature, love her.
-"Thigh Society" and "Hot to Trotsky" I am counting as one because I am a cheater even though they're totally different...the styling, again! Just amazing.

I haven't read the articles on Disney or Hugh Hefner's sons yet but I'm looking forward to. Go buy the issue!
It's always nice to see a better version of yourself but with LOVE I felt like they kept it true to my style and who I am as well...thank you thank you thank you LOVE!!