shonky wonky chunky punky funky cheese outsider weren't supposed to get that.
This is the Rachel Comey "jones crochet sandal clog" from Opening Ceremony.

Um, crochet, sandal, and clog all in one name?!?! I mean...really. AGH. This is painful. In a good way! And bad.

If I was an interesting enough person to have places to wear heels/had $180 to spend on shoes that might not even fit me for a while, I would mother these dearly. WHILE WE ARE AT IT...
These are also beautiful. They are chunky and brown and semi ugly and would look perfect with printed socks that I don't own. Perhaps the hand painted Tsumori Chisato ones I would buy but wouldn't be able to wash since they're hand painted but oh wait my feet are gross I mean smell like roses and uh y'know you don't want roses stinking up the room.

crickets. crickets.

Anyway, WHAT GIVES, ECONOMY/TINY POCKETS? You know what? Don't talk to me. No, s'all good. I'll just be over here in the corner playing with pieces of cardboard cut out to look like my new stalking victims.

crickets, crickets.