anyone got an extra $3,000 lying around? bueller?

I have spent way too much time this morning/last night looking at clothes I know I shouldn't be tempting myself with. Unfortunately I really loved a lot of SS 09 and now they're all available for purchase! But maybe when I'm older I can look back and instead of saying, "Man I was such a stupid teenager. I spent all my money on makeup and drugs," I can say, "Man I was such a stupid teenager. I spent all my money on awesome clothes and Pez dispensers." Y/Y/Y?
I'm kind of hesitant in posting these because there have been times, OH HAVE THERE BEEN TIMES, that I posted about stuff I like and then it was sold out the next day, probably by coincidence but still. Maybe I should make a Jim Jones blog where I just post about stuff I want and make all the readers promise not to buy it. And promise to ignore my vulgar sense of humor.background, apod
This collage is kind of random but hey whatevs. Clockwise from upper left:
Jojo and Malou face dress-it's so freaking ~quirky~ as well as creepy and just so cool. Reminds me of a circus or an antique bookstore. Also, it would probably be ankle length on me like that one Luella dress I tried on in London but, like the Luella, look rad that way.
Sophia Malig quilt sweater-I feel like I owned this sweater when I was little...
Stine Goya jacket-The print and shape!!!! Geez Louise. Hold me.
Ostwald Helgason skirt-I remember seeing this at the Opening Ceremony store in LA and mentally freaking out because it's reflective or hologramish or whatever, like cereal box toys. The print is stripes and those little Russian box dolls that fit inside of each other. Uh uh NOM?!
Emilio Cavalli Mondrian socks-Ack! I think I'd get the pink ones, I just love the beige/nude/pink combination and they'd look rad with any of the stuff in the below collage. If I owned these I would wear them with the 1970something YSL dress. But that would probably add a good couple thousand dollars to the equation..
Junya Watanabe for CdG shirt-Just..don't even talk to me. What? What's that? Oh. Well okay, only talk to me if it's to let me know I've been drooling a little for the past 5 minutes.
Well that was awkward.
background, fakingfashion
Orange and green and ~nature!
Tsumori Chisato watercolor orange checkered shorts-So delicate looking and.. summer-feely.
Brown Frye heels-I wrote about these last night. They are still so ugly and remind me terribly of someone I don't want to be reminded of every time I put on my favorite pair of shoes but gaaaahHHHHHHH.
Bernard Willhelm socks-Once again that awesome pink/beige combination! These I could wear with any of this ~nature stuff OR with any poppy seizure colorful stuff I felt like wearing. So the point I'm trying to really get at here is basically that you should buy them for me, understand?
Orange floral tiered shorts-I think it would be worth it to invest in a good pair of shorts since I don't have many summer clothes and these would maybe be the perfect pair.
Rachel Comey wtf clog shoes I also wrote about last night-Still smitten.
Tsumori Chisato watercolor orange checkered socks-I am considering getting these seriously because ever since the epic Stam/Siri editorials in Vogue UK's May 2008 (?) issue I've been looking everywhere for checkered socks that aren't Hot Topic-y.
Pixel Final Home Issey Miyake shirt-I love when clothes are pixelly and I love seeing them online because it confuses me and I think it's just a problem with the picture. So they would probably look more cool in real life because then you'd think you're in a digital world or something. Which we kind of all are but anyway. Remember the Mike & Maaike pixel necklaces? So cool!
"Lipstick mix" (?) tiered skirt-The print itself is great but the skirt also has a more interesting shape. Hey now, rhymes!
Peter Pilotto Shield dress-Now here is an amazing print (Peter Pilotto basically always does amazing ones though). This one somehow manages to make the colors of the dress even MORE beautiful?! Ahhh.
Junya Watanabe for CdG print top-I like this one more than the one from the first collage because it has a more interesting shape. There are too many things right about this.
And because I am a HUGE space nerd. It also has little pirates on it, so HOWCANINOTHOWCANINOT. While we're talking about space, these are some of my favorite pictures I've saved from APOD.I have lots more saved, and they have archives that go back to about 1995. It's just really hard to believe this all actually exists and that we have the technology to see it.
Oh man! This would probably be a good time to tell you guys the answers to the Match Up the Planet With the Runway Collection thing. Totally forgot about that. It was for a science project for school. I'll say the results but not what the project was itself because it was kind of just an excuse for me to get to look at Comme during school. But anyway.Mercury-Comme des Garcons SS09.
Because of the colors and the textures.
Venus-Erdem SS09.
Because Venus's Greek God is Aphrodite, goddess of love. The Erdem collection is girly but not in a necessarily playful Luella way (frankly I love Luella much more) because the dresses are long and ~womanly and very feminine. The pastels have a "romantic" feel, too.
Earth-Rodarte AW09.
Because of the colors-the blues and greens and browns, especially-and because a lot of the tunic dresses looked like when you look out an airplane window. It's as if some of the dresses have water and land in one.
Mars-Prada AW09.
Because the whole collection was mostly red and brown, but also because Mars' Greek god is Ares, god of war, and the collection had lots of armor-like dresses and coats (remember the total warrior-like mohawk shoes?)
Jupiter-Alexander McQueen AW09
Because Jupiter and Zeus are the biggest of all the planets and Greek gods, respectively, and these are some huge ass gowns and this was probably one of the loudest collections and biggest deals of this season. Basically? These are both very BIG.
Saturn-Christopher Kane AW09
Because of the colors and rings!
Uranus-Hussein Chalayan SS09
Oh man I just realized I never posted about the dress from this collection I bought, like, a month ago! Wow. Will do that soon.
Anyway, this is a pair because of the colors, and because Uranus's color is very deep and rich and sort of indicates some type of "beyond" without indicating much at all, and the Hussein collection was all about space and the future and sort of did the same. That reason is kind of vague and I didn't think anyone would get it but I knew I had to include this collection somehow..
Neptune-Alessandro Dell'Acqua SS05
Because of the colors, obviously, and because Neptune is the god of water and these dresses look like rivers.

And while I'm giving you guys answers...

Well, that's it for these next couple days. I think I will dress like colorful neopolitan licorice now. Have a good weekend, guys!