you are turning him into your cat and should probably stop

A leather skirt came from Jen yesterday. This morning the original idea was to make some odd Margiela shoulder pillow but I played around more and it became a deformed leather neck brace. You know, if I had to have a brace around my neck, I'd like it to be leather. That or a contraption that ejects comme and french fries and more comme.Speaking of, TOKYO FASHION WEEK. Coming up, guys! Hey I should celebrate by pissing away all my money on the clothes it produces WOULDN'T THAT BE FUNNNN ya partyyyIn first period the class chose superhero names for everyone and people decided mine was "chic streak." I objected (mainly because any chic pun becomes barf-worthy when all you waste your time on is looking at fashionz stuff on teh interwebs) but when they mentioned my power would ~alter~ depending on the clothes I'm wearing I settled down and melted more plastic skulls.(That's what we do in first period. The teacher is rad. She plays Fergie and ignores the probably worrying fact that I use my "experiment" time to melt plastic into skulls. Part of the curriculum though. Not that they stone us, but they let you melt plastic into a mold. And one of the molds is a skull. So expect some Undercover/McQueen skull DIY coming soon.)
(Now is when people from school find my blog and realize I didn't make those as an inside joke with my friend.)
(Hiiiiii classmates whadduppppp you should leave before I throw leathuh skirts and skulls at chuuu.)

P.S. I did an interview for the Interview Magazine website recently and you can check it out here (for the record, "Williams" is an alias). I know this is contradictory to a promise I made to myself last year but if I've been given reasons to break my own promise then frankly I will do so. Projects in the works that could use promotion, projects I have been dyyyyying to tell ya'llz about but have to keep quiet.
Love you x

old navy top. secondhand skirt scarf. vintage dress. h&m tights. diy bands. idk cape. slow & steady wins the race shoes.