stick thin and slow (it's opposite day, dontcha know) (rhyming!)

So not only do Josh and Lyz from Obesity and Speed have a cool space and save me from becoming someone with an all-floral wishlist but they also send tiny people very very amazing clothing and mixes and pins.
I know! People are nice nowadays!
As soon as the package came today I went crazy and quickly changed.Lots of tank tops which will be great this summer seeing as I don't own much clothing that is practical for warm (or any) weather. I love Obesity and Speed because it's one of the few labels that doesn't cough up the same designs on their printed stuff and can actually make legitimate skull tees that don't look like they came from Forever 21. So what do these stores like Forever 21 do when they lack in so much creativity? Rip off those that do, of course! That is like if you took the word lame and squared it and cubed it twenty times. Whatevs, the O&S version is way better.
Thank you Lyz and Josh!