tons of skulls and black, sooo very springy indeed

Spring wishlists can either be of floral, pastel, light and flowy items that have a spring-like feel; or just a list of stuff you want that you add "spring" to so it looks like you only think about these things 4 times a year! These are things more within my price range I am ACTUALLY considering buying- if not this would be filled with Luella and Margiela (friday night rhymes, heyyynow). Obvz there are always about 27 pairs of tights that I drool over but I have narrowed it down. 1. I really only want these for the sole purpose of two-toning them with my other optic tights and putting those stripe jail cell socks a little over them and omg i will blind uuuu!!!1!!!
2. So pretty, so dreamy. These tights will go beautifully with this purple shirt and many other things in my closet. GIVE NAO.
3. Like I'm not already enough of a japanophile. Just send over the book, fr realz.
4. Though I could never wear these as well as Moohoop they seem incredibly versatile in the white/black.
5. So not only do the designers for Obesity & Speed have a really cool apartment, they make amazing clothes too! Love love love. Guyssss.
6. Before you decide I am some carcass-loving psycho or just have an unnatural love for the cranium, I like these tights because they...actually, I can't think of a legitimate reason other than a late night, sugar-high "tHEY're PREttys!!" Anyway, I'm not giving you guys the link to these or the flowery ones because when I did so with a certain other pair of tights they sold out within a couple of days. Way to not be a dog, guys (because dogs are loyal? That is the saying, or something? Right?) Use google powers if you really want them! If you can't find them that way, you're not smart enough to wear these! Because they clearly scream MUST BE GOOD WITH GOOGLE.