she only thinks "the notebook" is inappropz because she is older than dino sue and when she was young kids weren't even allowed to know what pee is

I think if I could go back to any time it would be the 60's. It wasn't THAT long ago but my favorite time for clothing and music and basically all around culture (there are other things from that time I could surely do without but that's the case with every era). Today I tried to magically take myself did not work. But whatevs.
GINSBERG MAN///(lol hi eden lol omg) (no you were not supposed to understand that unless you are eden) (in which case i will be highly insulted if you don't get it) (but you will) (hi again)Uh anyway, this lovely dress from Christine at Future Lint came yesterday and is just perfect. Kinda Pucci, kinda Matt Dubzilliam, and some of the patterns remind me of Joni Mitchell drawings. You are INSANE not to be enlarging this picture right now. It is beautiful.I figured that wearing it with floral docs and this floral shirt that is older than your mom and sunglasses that it would magically be spring. My powers that failed at transporting myself 45 years back were now effective because it was wonderful today.
So pretty much all I write about on this blog is Rei and the weather. And more Rei.
Walking to school in these sunglasses made everything look nicer. When I took them off it was all corporate and blue and cold and school-feeling.*thinks she is leaning against the wall of the Gaslight*

vintage dress/belt/dr. martens (ebay)/givenchy sunglasses (gift.) childhood closet shirt. h&m tights.