Dudeeeeees, Margiela was SO good! Classic Martin (note how I use his first name since we are ~so tight~~me and MMM) but new ideas, too.So this part of the show was a bunch of nude bodysuits with polka dotted net-tulle stuff in different forms. I would love to play with the netty dotted pillow cases.The Margiela Shoulder updated wonderfully with green leather, triangular draping, uneven arms and legs. I like you, very very much.Oh, this? Just took a hammer to a bunch of old tapes and made an awesome bolero/scarf/coat out of it. NO BIGZ.
Amaze.My best friend is cloud
She fun parasite to have
Fluffy fun party

Now that I got the whole search-deep-within-yourself-and-produce-a-poem thing out of my system (So beautiful and exhilarating! Who knew I had such deep and profound emotions! I am a new person!) this reminds me of the hair at last season's Galliano and Comme. Only in like, shirt form? I don't know. You're not supposed to question genius!