insert some bad pun using "yo" and "yohji"

Guys! So much coverage to do! Paris has OFFICIALLY STARTED. I don't care WHAT Christopher Decarnin threw up this year, the really great collections only started to grace teh interwebs yesterday.
Yohji was good. It reached expectations, was very very very "Yohji," didn't necessarily exceed them to a huge extent, but still great.
This part vaguely reminded me of S/S 07 Comme because of how the red was placed and how it looks like paint. The collars here are so freaking good, I especially like how the red comes in on the left and right pictures- just barely, so it kind of looks like it's almost not part of the garment.
At a glance, these all look almost identical, but the details of the wonderfully awkward sleeves and collars make each one feel completely independent and different from the others. This looks comfortable too! Like whoa comfortable and non back breaking fashun whoaaa.
This part made me want to cut up my red peacoat!
I often look at overpriced designer clothing and think "I COULD MAKE THAT," only to remind myself that it's the design that makes the garment significant, not how easy it would be to make. With this I feel that not only could I maybe DIY this, but the idea seems a little...easy, almost? I don't know why. I feel a little torn. Meh.
The use of fabrics here is wonderful! Yohji is always finding new ways to mess with my mind.