we were much better at those games in third grade

Today was a half day so Sophie and I bought lots of chocolate and went thrifting. I got this leather vest ($6, oh
thrift how I love thee~)Then we came home and had an intense Bueno Rufus competition. The pressure is beyond anything anyone could ever imagine. IT IS SO DIFFICULT GOING FROM SODA TO ICE CREAM. WHY WOULD ANYONE HAVE ICE CREAM WITH A BURRITO ANYWAY. THAT SOUNDS DISGUSTING.These jeans were passed down from Kirsty Lee to Rumi to..me. One perk of being small is that you get hand-me-downs! And little people know, when little people fight, we may look easy pickings but we've got some bite...
Thanks guys, heartz hearts heartzSophie took this one in an alley by a highway. I love how the vegetation doesn't look too different from the ones in our yard. Don't believe all suburban stereotypes! A fifth grader once told me she liked our yard because it was overgrown with weeds and looked like a magical place where trolls might dwell. Magical, hmm. Yes, yes I like that. *deep in thought*