lost photos

This is from a shoot my friend and I did in the woods back in December. There are tons of more pictures but it is kind of ridiculous how slow picnik can be so I'll upload them later. It was FREEZING that day, at least if you were wearing a crinoline and short sleeved shirt. According to my friend, I look like a hobbit when I'm cold. Um, when was it like decided by the world that hobbits make unsettling sounds and delirious faces and hunch over all the time? WHERE'S YOUR EVIDENCE? WHERE'S THE PROOF? WHERE'S WALDO?Right there!
This picture is from a shoot I did inside my dad's very old car in..November? I think? Wow. The car is 25 years old and almost dead (but not QUITE, it is still just barely DRIVABLE, so it is to be KEPT until it actually COLLAPSES.). Sadly it is not as cool and well-kept and shiny as ones people sell on eBay and old men collect, but I think that is clearly made up for by the neon fuzzy dice I won at a school carnival in 3rd grade. KEEPIN IT REAL~
All of this seems like forevz ago. Man. *Nostalgia*