he's like a fishman that is trying to shadow buddy holly

I'm one of those stingy crazy people that never want to get rid of clothes because they are convinced they will get insanely mad at themselves the next day whilst planning an outfit that would be much better with that item. Well, some "spring cleaning" thing is going on, and I have to get rid of clothes. I would love to hold these dear to my heart forever but they're too big on me and I've barely worn them (once or twice each I think) anyways.
Adorbz floral romper and fun neon windbreaker:They're up now. I don't know if this eBay selling will continue but maybe it'd be cool to get a few more items up. Suburbia thrift can be really great!

PS, New York coverage soon-Marc and Rodarte and Matt.Dubs and Phillip Lim and others did it for me, celebrate now.


Milu said...
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Milu said...

Sorry, had to delete that because it looked like I'd typed it while on crack.

Main idea: first, yay for dumb achievements! and: Tavi, you rock.

Emy Augustus said...

cool patterns. hmm ebay as suburbia's version of thrifting... interesting....

Diane said...

Ooh, I love that floral dress!

eBay selling is hard, congrats if you can keep it up!

Anonymous said...

this is so cute ! I love the dresse ! Oh and thank you for you comment ( I was so glad !)

Kinderwhore Redefined said...

I LOVE that dress.
It reminds me of all the cute sundresses I had as a kid.

Sondra said...

I love that dress! (I realize basically all the commenter who have already, er, commented have said that, but it's true)

iris said...

ah what a fantastic prints! hahaha i'm also that kind of person who never wants to throw stuff away. well, allways think you can make someone else happy with your clothes if it really has to go away (:

sarah said...

i just wised-up to your white T with that simple beautiful black graphic and will immediately order one!!!! its really fantastic, nicely done ms. thang!

xo from sf

Emily. said...

I love Ebay! And the dress (this has been stated, oh 7 times already?) but it's so cute!
I'm saving up to buy the t-shirt, but i'm still too poor! lol SOON!

WendyB said...

Cute jacket.

dust said...

don't give them up just yet. dress is a classic junya watanabe, needs some old jeans and .a big african headscarf with a huge messy knot on the side. or some lace&leather.
jacket is too happy to be well, forwarded, wait for the summer.
oh, yeah, i'm aleksandra, fashion designer and a fan!
good work, dear!

oliv d.c said...

all these clothes are disgusting

Tavi said...

Thanks guys!
dust- The dress is actually a romper, not very Junya in person sadly =/ After reading your comment though it wouldn't be such a bad thing if these didn't sell..
pixie- If you think so, don't bid on them :)

Grace said...

Tavi you are amazing. Please look at my blog!!!! Ur so funny, and we have much in common! Ugh so hard being style-obbsessed in suburbia!

(aka Grace)
<3 xoxo

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