i have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

Today, as said in my last post, I dressed as Blanche DuBois from Tennesse Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire. I tried to do it more suiting to her personality than how she dresses, though early in the morning I wasn't exactly prepared to dissect such a character, and most of the outfit just might be my latest obsession with pink and lace. I think I can guess what was going through my mind now though, something very rare because at 7 AM who knows what I'm thinking. I ain't gunna write a book report, so the synopsis is here if you're interested.
Blanche is very manipulative and bold with her opinions, hurtful though they may be. This I think I tried representing with the strong color of this dress my mom's friend passed down to me (a gorgeous pink, the pictures really don't do it justice). At the same time Blanche is extremely vulnerable, something we don't see until later in the play, and the delicate lace under the dress stands for that.
The sillhouette of the dress is very fitting to that of a typical Southern belle of the late 40's (when the play was written), which is what Blanche first appears as when she comes to Stella and Stanley's place. I cinched and draped it because, well, she is not your average Southern belle. Unless all Southern belles are insane and have mental issues, of course.The veil represents the many secrets and lies Blanche hides, and the gloves of different length are because she has two different personalities: the firstbeing controlling and somewhat arrogant, and the confused and vulnerable one later revealed.
The shoes? Well, they're just cute! My durable Docs would have been more comfy but Blanche isn't so stable.
And there you have it, my humble dissection of Blanche DuBois. Thanks for all the ideas for which characters to be the rest of the week-I'm still undecided, but will let you guys know when the day comes!

hand-me-down dress, gloves, and coat. lace skirt, gift from yokoo. lace headpiece, gift from laia. thrifted bloomers. american apparel socks. slow and steady wins the race shoes.


emily said...

holy shit i got the first comment :)
i like the outfit. it's seriously cool how you have courage to go out in stuff like that... i mean, when i'm dressed up in all my punk shit i'm allowed to be all "fuck you" and it's okay, and sure i'm an attentionwhore, but you don't seem much of an attentionwhore to me and don't seem like the kinda "fuck you" person so yea, i applaud you!!
haha wow random comment right there
i kind of miss blogging

Anonymous said...

"Lord love you for a liar; daylight never exposed such a ruin"

- Blanche Dubois

Go Tavi!!!

Anonymous said...

love it! how about Hester Prynne from the Scarlet Letter?

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your analysis of her character and how it translated to the outfit. You're so... smart. And creative and fashionable and awesome. Jeez.

K8 said...

I enjoyed the idea of dressing up like a character from a book/play. I'm not that outgoing to ever do anything so cool. :) You inspired me to start my own blog. I'm not the best writer plus my style isn't that good but hopefully soon my sytle will get better and so will my blog.

Katy said...

Gosh, and I thought I was well-read and precocious. Geez. And on top of that, you need to have an amazing outfit?!? Phooey. ;-)

effy said...

very well represented! even though blanche used to wear white clothing (as her name says) i believe that her inside is very powerful and she hides it wearing white clothing

Aysha's Rabbit Hole said...

looking lovely in red.

In-tree-gue said...

i love your character analysis and its translation into the outfit, its such an intellectual approach.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Great character analysis. And great outfit. Stay warm.

style-magnet said...


Seriously, I want to be Blanche when I grow up. She crazy.

emily said...

earlier before reading your past couple posts, i decided to dress like Diane Keaton from Annie hall! hm, and i think i even commented about it responding to your desire for more character ideas.

this was really really cool to read. you have blanche down pat and this was a very interesting and cool, new way of translating character personality to an outfit.

very very very nicely done :)

Hannah said...

i love the outfit, and how you described her. It translates beautifully into the outfit.

love the blog && you're awesome

Anonymous said...

Nice analysis and visual portrayal of Blanche DuBois, Tavi. I particularly liked the different length gloves and the veil.

On a difference but related note: Did you ever see the Woody Allen movie "Sleeper", in which he briefly thinks he's Blanche?

Nadine said...

Even without all that dazzling analysis, the outfit is completely covetable! Gorgeous.

karl's sweet child said...

great pictures and cute you..as always!

Anonymous said...

you should try Victor Frankenstein, in all seriousness. There's a very interesting character right there.

laia. said...


Katherine said...

wow, your photography is simple and beautiful, and your outfits are always like layer cakes of inspiration. you definitely get that fashion is fun. I wish sassy magazine and elle girl was still around.....

Soul Tanggg said...


Amelia said...

Great interpretation. I love the colors.

Hanna said...

Oh, I would kill for a TENTH of your instinct...

J.Yo said...

i have personal love for reds.

may i kidnap you?

brooke said...

hey tavi :)
I studied ASND for my final exams recently (australia) as part of my american drama unit (along with Our Town by thornton wilder)

At first i looked at your outfit and was like, blanche say what, but when i read your analysis it made perfect sense. the white lace representing innocence was really good.

hmm, i only wish i could have presented my analysis of ASND in an outfit instead of an essay!! would have been much easier (and more fun)

you lucky snow thing you. its summer here, depressingly :(

anyway, much love

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely... I'm 20 yet I don't think I will have half the fashion sense you do at any point in my life.

Ana said...

Your analysis was so interesting.

Me thinks you should be Sam (Jonny Depp) from Benny&Joon.

Anonymous said...

Hello !
it's my first visit in your blog ; Im Bouchra
i'm from Paris and i'm so impressed that you are so young and you have an incredible sense of style !

(sorry for my english i try to speak as much a i can )

But congratulations for your blog, your gorgeous style, and etc im fan!
i add you to my blogroll ;)
A Bientot!

girl and bird said...

this is awesome! i love all of the symbolism.

B said...

OMG, i know. you could dress up as Alice from Alice In Wonderland!

Emlyn said...

I'm very very impressed that you've read, let alone HEARD of A Streetcar Named Desire. Most of my 17 year old friends have never heard of Tenessee Williams! Gosh Forbid.
The outfit is perfect by the way,

Jane said...

Holy Moly Crap! Why have I just discoved you???? lol. Where the hell have I been I hear you ask??? Clearly under an un-fashionable rock!

I love you! Your amazingly awsome and I wish I were more like you when I was 12. You have waaaay better style than anyone I know and you look like you have so much fun. Thats how fashion should be. More people need to take a leaf out your fashion bible!

I don't care what age you are...you fucking rock!


B said...

hey, what if you dress up as Elizabeth Swan from POTC? well. she isn't really a book character but i find her pirate outfits cool. but that's just me. :)) 8D or how about Anne Boleyn from The Other Boleyn Girl?

Movie Maven said...

I just had to write a song for class for Blanche DuBois, so she's been on my mind a lot lately. I LOVE what you've done with the outfit. Well played!

Anonymous said...

ohmigosh.you're like the same age as me and too cool.but seriously wow.anyway have u ever read atonement (you should its good)u should so do briony tallis from there.not in the whole nurse bit thats a bit rubbish but the bit at the start where she wears that white dress for ages and gets all dusty..and wow.again.you're MY AGE.and u get articles written about you!in major newspapers!international ones and stuff.and you're my generation(though really its not such a good generation because everyone is either obsessed with high schoool musical or twilight-although i must confess im the latter)ooh.u could be alice cullen or rosalie hale.
and once again wow.and sorry for my awful grammar and spelling and overuse of wow and anyway and the word and.

Strawberry Fields said...

i read about yu in the times magazine at the weekend and they said what amazing style you have and i so beleive them! my goodness, i had such rubbish clothes at your age.

Isabel said...

I've never read the play so I wouldn't really understand the character, but you look pretty amazing anyways. Haha, you are more literarily (probably not a real word) advanced than I am.

Camille says OOPS. said...

Wowow I love that !!

By the way I don't know if you already see it (or if you just don't care) but Géraldine(from Café Mode) just make a post about you (http://blogs.lexpress.fr/cafe-mode/)

My Daily Vintage said...

so amazing.

Anonymous said...

In general, I'm really liking your enthusiasm and drive to look interesting and challenge what's around you.
I was thinking that it would be fun to be Nancy Drew (I was her for Halloween one year. Very fun, especially with a magnifying glass) or a character from an F. Scott Fitzgerald book, because who doesn't like to dress like they're from the 20s?

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! But, do you know what happened to Sugar pop's blog?? It was one of my favourite reads, but she just doesn't post. She didn't delete the blog or anything or make a post saying she's quitting. I really wanna know!

Anonymous said...

i'd just like to let you know that i didn't read/analyze a streetcar named desire until i was 18.

keira antoia rose said...

Gorgeous! Beautifullllll :)

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Maddi said...

Ahh snow.
=[ So jealous. We don't get snow where I live. Well, you can drive about five hours south during winter to see some snow, but at the moment it's summer. Summer for Christmas, oh the joy.
I want snow >=[


Elene said...

awesome interpretation!!!! love love love it.

gwozdzy said...

you're charming :)
are you on chictopia? or is that too mainstream?

Emily said...

yeahhhh Tavi yeahhhh

I think this is one of my favorite looks for you! I love the red and the bow =)


Anonymous said...

Omg Tavi! Thats an adorable outfit! I love the red in the white snow! Those are really cute pics you took too!

<3 Sarah

Anonymous said...

my word, this is quite a film/book to take on! she gets raped in the end, glad u didnt take any pics of that!

Anonymous said...

my word, this is quite a film/book to take on! she gets raped in the end, glad u didnt take any pics of that!

Anonymous said...

you are the coolest girl ever :)

Sequined Fashion said...

Beautiful pictures!

Marjorie said...

how did you ever afford those shoes??
i can never indulge myself in a pair of shoes so expensive! wonderful though.

NAT said...

HELLO GIRL.. i know this is late for this post but i just wanted to tell you that my grandmother gave me that exact same mask to me when i was about ... ten?! anyways that is a connection between you and i.
you are an inspiration and it 2 AM and you've opened up my soul!
love your style

Blanche said...

Wowwwwwww! amazing job! cheers

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