i have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

Today, as said in my last post, I dressed as Blanche DuBois from Tennesse Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire. I tried to do it more suiting to her personality than how she dresses, though early in the morning I wasn't exactly prepared to dissect such a character, and most of the outfit just might be my latest obsession with pink and lace. I think I can guess what was going through my mind now though, something very rare because at 7 AM who knows what I'm thinking. I ain't gunna write a book report, so the synopsis is here if you're interested.
Blanche is very manipulative and bold with her opinions, hurtful though they may be. This I think I tried representing with the strong color of this dress my mom's friend passed down to me (a gorgeous pink, the pictures really don't do it justice). At the same time Blanche is extremely vulnerable, something we don't see until later in the play, and the delicate lace under the dress stands for that.
The sillhouette of the dress is very fitting to that of a typical Southern belle of the late 40's (when the play was written), which is what Blanche first appears as when she comes to Stella and Stanley's place. I cinched and draped it because, well, she is not your average Southern belle. Unless all Southern belles are insane and have mental issues, of course.The veil represents the many secrets and lies Blanche hides, and the gloves of different length are because she has two different personalities: the firstbeing controlling and somewhat arrogant, and the confused and vulnerable one later revealed.
The shoes? Well, they're just cute! My durable Docs would have been more comfy but Blanche isn't so stable.
And there you have it, my humble dissection of Blanche DuBois. Thanks for all the ideas for which characters to be the rest of the week-I'm still undecided, but will let you guys know when the day comes!

hand-me-down dress, gloves, and coat. lace skirt, gift from yokoo. lace headpiece, gift from laia. thrifted bloomers. american apparel socks. slow and steady wins the race shoes.