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Today I was Pippi Longstocking for my week of book characters, something my mother was quite happy about because Astrid Lindgren was Swedish and to my mother that is technically Norway so basically since she's from Norway that makes her a groundbreaking author that wrote about some red-headed chick that never went to school and lived in a sick house with some random monkey and horse. Obvz.Pippi does not have nearly as much depth to her as Blanche does. Or at least, not any I'd try to go into now. Her signature look was twisted red braids and freckles, and she lived in a big house called Villa Villekulla with her monkey (Mr. Nelson) and horse (Alfonso). Sounds like my kinda BFFZ. Pippi Longstrompe was quirky and fun. She lived to go on adventures with her friends Tommy and Annika and liked being independent. She was rather curious and enjoyed giving people a taste of their own medicine when it was necessary. Pippi was quite rude and spiteful to mean adults that were unfair to her or her friends or questioned her carefree ways. Sound like someone you know? Hintidy. Hint. She was also very epicly cool and ridiculously ill. Still sound like someone you know? No? Um okay, moving on then...Physically I am not like Pippi at all. I don't have freckles or long, fiery red hair. I do not have the "strength of ten policemen" either, unless you are talking about Playmobile policemen, and even then I'm at the strength of about eight. Regardless, I tried to capture her most acknowledged outfit of a jumper, mis-matched stockings, and large manly shoes (O HAI Docs). The color combination I would use myself in any outfit.Every female in my family has been Pippi Longstocking for Halloween at least once, but I tried not to use any of the homemade costume we wore. I also tried not to wear my two-tone American Apparel tights because that would have been the easy way out, and instead stole Belle's idea of creating two-tones. I ended up wearing my mom's old top, my grandmother's old blazer, a dress I found in our childhood dress up box, my sister's old camo tights, H&M floral tights, and my Doc Martens.I also wore my bloomers for warmth because today our choir went caroling. We went to a retirement home and a resident raised his hand before we started and asked, "Why is that girl's underwear showing?" He was VERY concerned. Oopsy.

EDIT: Thanks for the information on how you found my blog, wonderful people. I'm no longer confused!

hand-me-down dress/blazer/top/tights. vintage bloomers and doc martens. H&M tights.