Let's play middle school. You be my therapist, I'll be the confused 7th grader!

Now I'm going to go a wee bit out of my regular posting comfort zone and ask for a little advice and possibly some lecturing. I had a friend (we'll call her X) who I had been the absolute BEST of friends with for a decade (Caroline, you can probably skip this part, I've complained to you about all this 18 times). We would never get in fights, and agreed on everything, and saw each other constantly. And then we started going to the same school this past year, and she changed. It wasn't the kind of change where you're like figuring out who you are, it was just to be cool and everything, and suddenly I wasn't good enough for her. Then we started HATING each other. God, it sounds so Lizzie McGuire and cliche and stuff but I didn't really believe it either when it was happening. And now we go to the same camp and it's sort of awkward. We have these other people we're both friends with, and the last thing I want to do is make them feel like they have to pick a side. It's just upsetting because they'll say, "Oh no, I don't like X, she's so annoying," but then they walk off with her, and I'm the one who ends up being excluded and I really don't feel like I'm at fault here. I can't tell anyone who their friends are or who they "are supposed to" like, but if you say you don't like someone and then go off with them, that's unfair to both of us. I'm not rude to X. I'm not exactly chummy-chummy buddy-buddy, but I'm polite. To be completely rude is ridiculous and to hold a grudge is stupid. It's like a survival game for who can last longer but all it proves is that you're too immature to move on.
You all are so much more knowledgeable with this kind of thing and probably know what's best to do. It's not fashion related, but I'd really like a little advice. I'm just clueless. Blahhhh.
Man, middle school is a living hell. Whoever had the smart idea to throw a bunch of hormone-loaded kids together in one building and force them to learn about something they obviously couldn't care less about with people they can't stand?

Anyways, I just watched The Nanny Diaries (who caught on to the X thing?) and I'm in a pretty good mood, so now the rest of the Salvation Army stuff! I think it was just that one night at Stephanie's that I was actually kinda good at modeling. Sigh. Here's a better picture of the Bears outfit...Click to enlarge!Tee, SA. Skirt, childhood closet. Purse, vintage (used to be grandma's). Headband, Target.

Yay for pullovers:
Pullover, SA. Jeans, H&M. Belt, thrifted.

A long-lusted schoolgirl skirt . The tag actually says "official girls uniform.":

Sweater, Stephanie. Skirt, SA. Belt, thrifted. Bag, SA. Bracelets, gift.

Finally a hippie outfit. The skirt is a size 10 in women's and I'm barely a size 10 in children's (say anything and I break your face!):
Top, Mom's. Skirt, SA. Headband, home-made. Belt, thrifted. Purse, SA.

Some better purse pics. Granny and hippie, life's good:
And, of course, the burden to every thrifting trip. I bought it so I can still look a tad stylish in the burning heat, but what do I wear with these shorts? I also got some neon windbreakers. Scroll down, ya lazy pig!

Anywho, thanks for listening, it really is comforting to find people on here that are so understanding of problems like these and know that hippie headbands ARE fashionable, thank you very much! *coughKEITHcough* Haha, I'm off to bed, it's been a long day.