oh oh niiiieeene

Remember when I said I probz wasn't going to post today? Lie. (Resolution: Stop lying) This is not the much anticipated post I spoke of at the beginning of my break where I would have tons of photos (Resolution: Stop making promises I can't keep) but I already posted Jul photos and didn't take any photos of what I wore either. I mostly lounged around the house in my pj's anyway (Resolution: Stop being lazy), so you're not missing out on anything, believe me.What I wore today to the dentist. To my surprise I don't have any cavities, unless when I heard "Everything's fine" my dentist had actually said "Drinks and wine!" He also said I was dressed "sassy," though now that I think about it he could have easily been saying "assy." Or worse, "lassie," and I do not look like some pathetic confused creature that is apparently a dog but really looks like a lion cyborg.
Hmmm, the color combination reminds me of toothpaste. And I have pink socks.Last week my friend and I went to the woods to take pictures where she was a witch and I was a princess (oh how I flatter myself!) and I mixed the clothes we wore together this morning. Hey now what what, contrast oh nine! This white sheer top I tore up some time ago was draped using my mom's black scarf in and out of the holes. I didn't like the length of the white sleeves (especially over the black shirt underneath) so I stuck a ribbon through each sleeve and tied the ends together up top. I tried it with a tutu but didn't like the strange length, so kept it to just the shiny American Apparel black leggings.Why do you keep looking everywhere? Stop. You look stupid.
I don't think I've ever kept any resolutions, but I think I might actually try this time.
  1. Read more.
  2. Learn how to sew.
  3. Get better at replying to emails (heh..heh..)
  4. Practice guitar more often.
  5. Keep a journal of everything
  6. Stop procrastinating.
  7. Stop procrastinating.
  8. Stop procrastinating.
...she said as she BLOGGED. Okay, so that last one may have to be put off til '10. Oy, there I go again.Though 2009 came out of NOWHERE, like a stalker hiding behind a tree or the shadow in this picture, I'm very excited for it and quite ready to leave 08 behind. Come to think of it, some of you are already in 09! What's it like? Are there hovercrafts? Are we all robots? Tell me!
I hope everyone's year is the best, and thanks you guys for being awesome.
<3 <3 <3

p.s. about the inauguration...yes! my family is driving to d.c. and staying with family and i'm very excited. we don't have tickets but will probz just join the crowd. see some of you there!

she's just like a blob that sits on a desk. sometimes a hand descends from the depths to pass out a paper but it mostly just babbles words.

Ello govna. Yesterday we had a power outage, during which I learned all of these things are far more enjoyable in candlelight:
O HAI Fisheye camera, I see you thar. Yep, it's all mine. Saturday Sophie and I went downtown and ate chocolate Santas and looked at fancy Vogues and I finally put my Urban Outfitters giftcard I won from the Weardrobe contest to use. Excellent use.At UO I had originally gotten 2 overpriced headpieces, but then whilst walking out eyed a Fisheye with my non-fish eye and got that instead. I am very happy with it, as I've been wanting one for a while and Sophie said she would make me the headbands anyway (which I doubt because her craftiness and creativity ended in 5th grade when she realized knitting sweaters and making necklaces out of hemp was not accepted in suburbia. Loser.)
(Um, I can still come over for New Year's, right?)I've already gone through a great deal of the film but was STUPID enough to open the DAMN DOOR. Well how was I supposed to know it's supposed to remain shut? They should give you a lock or something.Or, as a young David Thedarith might have guessed, little ants or squirrels or midget guitar teachers would be inside the camera, holding the film door shut. Now THAT would be a quality camera. Honestly. I could befriend the little camera elves and dress them up in tulle and Vegas makeup, and if they ever got into fights I could peacefully resolve the problem by scaring them to silence with the camera's electronic flash.My tolerance level for an overwhelming amount of keffiyehs and fedoras is smaller than a microbe, but I did really like the tights and hair stufffff selection at UO, if overpriced. Speaking of microbes, HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT THIS GIANT PIMPLE?[giant microbes-a new trend of 09!]

I also got to wear my favorite sunglasses out for the first time. Finally. Gosh, anti-social, darkness-loving, best-friends-with-couch-and-tv self. It's about time.
When I wear them I see purple.
No outfit-analyzing today, I just wanted to be warm and not colorful. I love the ropes attached to my gray dress though. Sophie had to hold me back from using them to strangle this V-neck (and I mean VVVVVV NECK) wearing punk at H&M.
I probz won't post tomorrow, so happy new year everyone! It feels like 2008 went by so fast even though it was probably the most eventful year of my life.
Oh, and guess who's going to the Inauguration? Suckers~~

mom's old wool jacket. chris & jaime dress and vintage lace crinoline, gifts (thank you lauren and yokoo!) slow and steady wins the race shoes/bag/sunnies.

one must always make sure they are not surrounded my candles before moving half a millimeter

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas, whether you were celebrating and opening gifts or going to Chinatown and seeing movies (because if I didn't celebrate Jul, my Jewish family and I sure would be seeing a movie or getting orange chicken).
Our tree isn't very traditional, but it is for me. Most of our ornaments are nostalgic preschool ones, like this
and these
and our angel:
Ugly but lovable. Like manatees.
I do really love our Norwegian decorations though. Heinous mice and styrofoam deer and beardy nissen.
The mytights.com gifts are still coming and I can't wait, will definitely have outfits with those cool cats coming up. Books from Amazon have yet to arrive as well, and some look like they'll be farting inspiration everywhere. Once they come I'll try to post pictures of their content (Mick Rock and Japanese street style, hintidyhint...)
I do have to show off a few gifts I'm most happy about though. In my defense I am still a child and allowed to brag/be a greedy gnome about presents. B jealz.From my sister, a book of art, photography, and writings of American youth compiled by David Levithan. He wrote a note in the beginning that is seriously inspiring, a wee excerpt for ye folke:

One of the great things about reading words or seeing art on a page is that it's the meaning, not the volume, that matters. A writer doesn't need to scream to be heard, nor does he or she have to worry that a whisper will be too quiet to be perceived. Even in absolute silence, we can be loud. Even in complete noise, we can be silent and still get our message across. The words make the voice, rather than the voice making the words.
She also made me a CD full of songs that make you want to make things and be crafty. I'm itching to do DIYs already!
My other sister and I have terrible obsessions with horrible TV. She made me what is probz the funniest book ever, I was literally crying at how hilarious it is. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. It is epic.

Then this morning my dad and I ate pancakes and did Sudoku and sang along to Joni Mitchell together. During break I always feel like if I don't go out and do something fun all my time will pass me by. I forgot how nice it is to relax. What do you think, deer?And to all a good night.

why I am not a talk show host

Some time ago Rich came to town and we met for coffee (hot chocolate for me) and discussed blogz and fashionz and Karl's reaction to the Central Park sculpture ("ees terrible"). I guess there's a lot to say about those subjects because we missed the closing time for the thrift store. Whoops.
Rich is one of the founders of the website Weardrobe, and I decided to interview him about it. It's one of my favorite sites and is about to get way cooler with some new features they have in the works which I am dyinggggg to tell you all but it will be more fun if it's a surprise. Check it out, yeah?
Yes, I do have the posture of a crotchety old hag...

weardrobe interview from Tavi G on Vimeo.

weardrobe interview 2 from Tavi G on Vimeo.

s to the k to the i to the pper, i'm the funny kid with the curly her

I've been meaning to cut my hair for a while but kept putting it off, contemplating how short I wanted to go. Yesterday (or the day before? Both were unproductive so I can't remember) I finally cut it. I am mostly pleased it isn't too uneven but I think I'll try to befriend a world class hair stylist to fix it a little. Okay, a lot.
Bad pictures...I'll get more later, but this should give you a small idea...here my hair looks like a loaf of bread/disney hair, its all floppy
I'm unhappy with how short I went but at least now I can wait longer until I have to cut it again. Over and over again, I would cut one side, cut the other to match, the other ends up shorter than the first so I cut the first but it ends up shorter than the other, etc etc. Oy vey.Belle said I look like this chick. This was the haircut I WANTED and FAILED at because my face is too round. I don't like how it looks when I wear my glasses (which is all the time) but my prescription needs an update, so maybe I can get different frames too.
Anyways, some of you wanted to know more of what was in my closet after I posted it in Total Mess Mode (or, its usual mode). I finally cleaned it up, so here are pictures for you curious folks...
The inside of the door to my closet which is always open has a rack of my nice shoes and all accessories-sunglasses, belts, jewelry, tights, purses...
Speaking of purses, this is one poem I wrote that I am rather proud of.
Friends are like purses
You drag them around
And take money from them
I am so profound
Inside my closet and to the right is a shelf-rack thang. Tops on top, pants/shorts in the middle, skirts on bottom.
Then my flava fave part is when you walk straight in, because it's all the things too nice to be folded. Velvet 30s dresses, Comme des Garcons, lots of lace, my grandma's old clothes, quilted dresses, and tacky jackets.[victoria chick picture via jak & jill]

our tree doesn't look that bad compared to when we decorate it with preschool ornaments

Well, I'm back. For tonight, anyways. So far break has been a good combination of fun and relaxation, just the way I like it. There was nothing to do today though, except try to eavesdrop on my parents discussing gifts (whoops) and eat all the cookies my dad's students gave him. IN MY DEFENSE...there is no defense. He likes cookies and he loves his students. Whoops.It was -3 degrees F outside and I couldn't play in the snow as I'd hoped, but I did take the dog out for about 15 minutes. I wore 4 scarves and by the time I got back my legs and arms were puffy and red and itched like hell. I think I'm allergic to fresh air.Anyways, my day was certainly livened up when I received Isabel's blogger package in the mail! I was super excited, and everything is marvelous. The adorable dress that I'm wearing here was from her, I wore it today and decided to play around with accessories whilst standing next to our bare and depressingly small Jul tree. I don't know which is more pathetic-that it's almost as short as me or that I'm not even as tall as it.o hai mom in the background...i like your pants...
Either way, the dress is amazing. And comfy. And warm. Okay, when did epic clothes become practical? And WHERE WAS I?!?! Probably stuffing my shoulders with CDs or wearing leggings over my head or something. Did I actually think that wouldn't dislocate my shoulder/choke me?
Oh brain, you and your expectations.Also in the package was an awesome green 80's purse, skinny jeans Isabel sewed patches on (epic), a fur hairclip, an awesome card from the stationary I mentioned in my holiday guide, and-last but not least-thermal socks. An Isabel package isn't an Isabel package without em! I won't be able to wear them as well as she does but at least better than my dad, who is trying to bribe me into letting him borrow them because he refuses to turn up the heat and would rather bundle up. Normally I'm fine with that, it's fun FRUiTS-ing my outfits up with layers and I prefer being cold to warm. But in this case bundling up means him breathing on/being within 3 feet of my lovely socks, and that just WON'T FLY AROUND HERE. I obvz said no.Thank you Isabel!! Your package should be coming soon, ahempostalserviceahem. Now, time to clean out this joint:
And chhhappy cccchhhhanukkah to those that celebrated it tonight, I ccchhhope it was ccchhhhopping with cccffffffun.
That last one doesn't make sense. And it looks like it says coffin/muffin. Huh.

dress from isabel. dad's old glasses. sister's purse. headband, gift. jeffrey campbell oxfords, solestruck.com.

let's forget about tongue tied lightning

The last day before break was supposed to be a lot better than it was, but I'm just happy we're off for the next two weeks. Once I got home I rehabed in my camera, Arthur, holiday cookies, and Bob Dylan. Begone, catty middle school drama!
Anyways, for today's book character I dressed as Violet Baudelaire from Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. To be honest, I have read less than half of the books you guys recommended. Uh, whoops. Told you I wasn't cultured. Though this is the last character outfit for this week, I'll definitely take book inspiration in later outfits. It was just a theme this time!note the people in the background that came to the church where I took these and asked if i was lost...that suggests many meanings...
I started reading the series in third grade, and the day the thirteenth book came out I stayed up til 4 AM reading it. Now I wish I had savored it since it was the last one, but I could not put it down. I have never been a Harry Potter person *shields self* but have been insanely obsessed with Lemony Snicket for a long time.The series is about three orphans-Sunny, Claus, and Violet Baudelaire. From The Bad Beginning to The End, Count Olaf, a distant relative, has tried to kidnap them to inherit their family fortune. Each book begins with a dedication to a Beatrice, and ends with a letter, a clue to the next book. In the last book you find out who Beatrice is (though if you're a nerd like me you bought The Beatrice Letters prior to the last book's release and found out early) and I must say the last is my favorite. Reading the books out of order spoils everything though.The author, Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket is a fake name he gave out to a solicitor and decided to use it for his books) writes in a way that is mysterious yet sincere. The books are embellished with clever references to different languages, authors, movies, etc-among these being Ramona, and that is toooooootally okay with me.The most endearing thing about the Series of Unfortunate Events is how cleverly the books all weave into each other. The first book references the last, and the early characters that at first seem like their only role in the book is humor pop up for important reasons towards the last book.Violet is the oldest of the Baudelaire children. Though somewhat shy, she is very thoughtful, responsible, and brave. I chose to dress as Violet from the book-I didn't care for the movie, and her clothing in that would be too hard to recreate (Oscar nominee, holmes). Wise beyond her years, Violet always manages to get the three out of trouble. She has a ribbon with her at all times, and it has helped her escape the clutches of Count Olaf in many stances. EDIT: Whoops! It's not pink, my bad. I was looking at this picture.

Methinks this shall be my last post before my winter hiatus. I might post now and then out of boredom, but will continue to take outfit pictures to put in one big new year's post.
Hope everyone has a happy happy holiday. Eat lots of cookies!
Comme des Garcons x H&M jacket. childhood closet lace, tights, & ribbon. hand-me-down skirt. slow and steady wins the race shoes.

if there's one thing i've learned from middle school choir, it's that hormonal does not mean harmonial

I woke up this morning and not knowing which character to dress as so I broke away from my book idea and threw on an outfit I had in my mind the other day. Proof I can't keep promises? I guess you could call it Little House on the Prairie or Caddie Woodlawn or something country-like if you wanted, but it wasn't intentional. If you take away the CDG/Tao shiz happening I do kind of look like a married couple that would own a farm, what with the lace/plaid deal going on. I am already my own spouse anyways so this surely works (rather, I am married to Belle, but our minds are identical, so that counts.).
I also revisited the Tao inspiration I took during those easy summer days (some of you will remember) and wrote Be Inspired Always across my face with eyeliner. I fail to see the appeal of caked on eyeliner that is smudged by the end of the day, typically sported by our beloved eighth graders. I'll take strange phrases and wobly writing instead, plz and thank you.I miss summer but am also very glad winter is upon us-we get off school tomorrow and I won't be in that hellhole again til next year! The thought is so lovely. It makes me want to do a dance. On ice. A real evil knievel, I know.My bangs got trimmed tonight and *gasp* I can see the world again! Whenever I look in a reflective surface my face is all up in my face and it's frightening. I took these pictures beforehand, but you'll see soon enough. The rest of the hair still needs a cutting though-if it was possible I would love to go Bob Dylan but genetics seems to think differently.After your guys' amazing comments on my cat post I feel very encouraged and hopeful. Thank you x1000.proof my hair needs cutting
I cinched this kerazy plaid dress over a wonderful lace crinoline I've been getting full use out of, as you can see from my last few posts. Both were gifts from Yokoo. I also wore my thrifted bloomers for warmth (no old men to question them, luckily), black childhood closet tights, and Slow and Steady Wins the Race shoes.
And of course, the CDG for H&M jacket. Do not touch.
hello possessed child
In other news, my teacher said OHNOSHEDIDANNNNNNT today. It was surreal.o hai epic paneling
I think I'm going to take a break from blogging for these winter days, so as to fully indulge myself in my favorite time of year. I think after this weekend I'll stop, so I can get in one more book character. I'll still take tons of pictures and make one big New Years post once break is (no! don't say it!) nearing its end.

comme des garcons for h&m jacket. dress and skirt, gift. shoes, slow and steady wins the race. childhood closet tights. nyc liquid eyeliner in black.