she's just like a blob that sits on a desk. sometimes a hand descends from the depths to pass out a paper but it mostly just babbles words.

Ello govna. Yesterday we had a power outage, during which I learned all of these things are far more enjoyable in candlelight:
O HAI Fisheye camera, I see you thar. Yep, it's all mine. Saturday Sophie and I went downtown and ate chocolate Santas and looked at fancy Vogues and I finally put my Urban Outfitters giftcard I won from the Weardrobe contest to use. Excellent use.At UO I had originally gotten 2 overpriced headpieces, but then whilst walking out eyed a Fisheye with my non-fish eye and got that instead. I am very happy with it, as I've been wanting one for a while and Sophie said she would make me the headbands anyway (which I doubt because her craftiness and creativity ended in 5th grade when she realized knitting sweaters and making necklaces out of hemp was not accepted in suburbia. Loser.)
(Um, I can still come over for New Year's, right?)I've already gone through a great deal of the film but was STUPID enough to open the DAMN DOOR. Well how was I supposed to know it's supposed to remain shut? They should give you a lock or something.Or, as a young David Thedarith might have guessed, little ants or squirrels or midget guitar teachers would be inside the camera, holding the film door shut. Now THAT would be a quality camera. Honestly. I could befriend the little camera elves and dress them up in tulle and Vegas makeup, and if they ever got into fights I could peacefully resolve the problem by scaring them to silence with the camera's electronic flash.My tolerance level for an overwhelming amount of keffiyehs and fedoras is smaller than a microbe, but I did really like the tights and hair stufffff selection at UO, if overpriced. Speaking of microbes, HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT THIS GIANT PIMPLE?[giant microbes-a new trend of 09!]

I also got to wear my favorite sunglasses out for the first time. Finally. Gosh, anti-social, darkness-loving, best-friends-with-couch-and-tv self. It's about time.
When I wear them I see purple.
No outfit-analyzing today, I just wanted to be warm and not colorful. I love the ropes attached to my gray dress though. Sophie had to hold me back from using them to strangle this V-neck (and I mean VVVVVV NECK) wearing punk at H&M.
I probz won't post tomorrow, so happy new year everyone! It feels like 2008 went by so fast even though it was probably the most eventful year of my life.
Oh, and guess who's going to the Inauguration? Suckers~~

mom's old wool jacket. chris & jaime dress and vintage lace crinoline, gifts (thank you lauren and yokoo!) slow and steady wins the race shoes/bag/sunnies.