This weather is beautiful (luv ya global warming! #yolo♥) and I'm so ready to break out the spring vibes and dress like a cult leader from the '60s (see: above photo). Also, I'm blonde now, thanks to Sheba, and it's nice going back to my ROOTS (that was a joke do you guys get it do you get my joke) after a two year adventure of blue and gray and red.

Also also, I was interviewed by the *wonderful* Elisa and Lily for Stylelikeu, and here it is! Photos and text are at their post. I don't have much to add, it's all in the video really, other than that it was so nice to have a day of dress up like ye olden pre-high school days, and talk purely about fashion and getting inspired and all those good things. Hope ya like it.


Jessica Samantha said...

Your hair. is. so. gorgeous. Oh my GOD. "60's cult leader."

Too bad California's an idiot, and it was sunny all through winter, and it's been storming ever since Spring started. Yay.

Joy said...


GrayLavender said...

I love your blonde hair <3 YOU'RE TOO AWESOME!

LuckySweetChild said...

u looks very pretty! good ur flowers in the head...

dessire said...

your hair is gorgeous. Tutorial? :)

lizz said...

your hairrr oh my god.

Spoonful Of Diamonds said...

i love your platinum blonde hair! it is so beautiful. You truly did a good job on the interview! I found myself nodding my head, agreeing quite often.


Leah said...

dooooood !!

Unknown said...

such proper taste! particularly your Bass saddle oxfords. I recently did a DIY dye job on a suede pair. See my blog.

Mana said...

HAAAAAA! I got your joke. :) By the way, in my dashboard it says you wrote a post about you wanting to dress like laura palmer or something....where did that go? I was excited!!!

Ludo said...

Cute hair! You look like Barbie, especially with the pink head band.

SWK said...

You look great!! So pretty! I love that blonde on you...also loving your interview. When are we going to get a full tour of "the room?" *wink*

Victor said...

Tavi, what I like most about you is how inspiring you are. You project such an interesting aura, and you just seem to relax the soul with your words. I admire you for that, because even after a chaotic day I can sit back and enjoy your posts. I thank you so much for that!

mothership said...

I am double your age , and yet relate to so much that you speak of. Wish I had your courage when I was younger and today. Keep it up, women need advocates of expression like yourself.

Mau V. said...

Tavi, c'mon, when are you turning 18? Because I have a huge crush on you and I feel so dirty about it hahaha.

Edward Wong said...

I wish the video of the interview was longer--way, way longer.

Anna Dirkx said...

the rose background, your hair color/style, and overall preciousness remind me so much of pattie boyd!

thwany said...

go, you.

thwany said...
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Daily Sass said...

I really do believe we are cut from similar clothes, Tavi you are rad and If you are ever in the Hawaii area we simply MUST play dress up

moonwkd said...

oh my god, i love the song. and your room is amazing btw.

Anna Saarinen said...

Yor blond hair is gorgeous!
I LOVE the video, all your clothes and accessories and your ROOM are so great! And it was so ice to hear what you think about everything! I really love your personal style, you're so one of my lovely idols and style-icons!

Best wishes form snowy Finland!


Lies said...

You very cease to amaze me really and I know a lot of people have this feeling. I love your aesthetic and sense of nostalgia, sometimes I'm like, hey, another Ghost World/Freaks and Geeks/Virgin Suicides reference but your references never come across as unauthentic or un personal and that's something you should get credit for. Nothing is worse than false nostalgia.

And, the hair looks very good!

arleendee said...

you look so different from when I started reading your blog! you look amazing as always! xo

Unknown said...

You make me want to cut my fringe back in (bangs, obvs) wish I'd had a friend like you when I was a teenager, I just dressed mental on my own hah xxx


i like the way you are now and an "elder" woman i can give you one advice: DO WHAT YOU WISH!

Alzbeta Hajkova said...

tavi I love you more and more, you look georgeous!

bravegrrl said...


ae. said...

You look so beatiful in new hairstyle!!!!!!! Cute despite your rebelious face :D
I love it!

coline said...

So pretty :)

Izumi said...

Thank goodness there is someone in the fashion industry who thinks that it's sort of pretentious to believe that a fashion show is all glamorous when it's dumb.

Ola Rybacka said...

you are a beautiful woman... when did that happen? Post more!

speakjamie said...

I love the frankness of it all, I guess. Sure who doesn't want to be pretty? But not all are brave enough to DRESS AB FAB like you! I think it's really one-of-a-kind thing you're doing here, and am always anticipating more.

Elly said...

Like Lana del Rey, love it !

B. said...

Your hair looks great and I really love the video :)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time now and you have inspired me to start m own blog! I just adore how you efforletlessy personify style! THANK YOU


Jenny said...

you are inspirational.

Jessica Allen-Summers said...

the blonde really suits you, its really lovely!

also, can't waitttt for summer. winer is sooo last season.


Anonymous said...

You look good in blonde! I'm waiting for summer too ^^


love the video!


Sarah said...

Pshaw, it's been spring for months in Florida. Wait... what is spring in Florida anyways? WHAT ARE SEASONS?

(PS: your blonde makes my blonde want to cry)

China Lily

Anna Käyhkö said...

I love your blog ! : )

Anna said...

love the pic

but the video! ah tavi you are the best. fashion week IS kinda pathetic and seriously high school. jeeeez <3


softi said...


zoomslow said...
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Daiana Aguirre said...

I'm wondering why every hair color fits perfect in you! Maybe 'cause you have a great style! you're unique Tavi... XOXO

Maren said...

I love your hair, Tavi! It looks so cute on you! Your style is so amazing and different! (and awesome.....)

katerin said...

Your new hair i great!!!

EunjuB said...

I love your hair<3 you look a bit like Jessie J.

Cristina R said...

I loved the interview, sounds really honest

Happy spring!! :)

Daniel said...

The video was just so perfect to sit in silence and watch it. yOU're amazing,your room is awesome,I wanna be friends with you,+ loVE your Jacket !

chino said...

oh my god amazing!!! you look gorgeous!


Unknown said...

I was inspired by you to start a blog of things i like. You inspire me so much.
Ah, life and most people still act like as if they are in high school. Even though I don't dress for men either, sometimes it just feels good to feel pretty. I feel generally happier and good in my shoes :)
You look great :) Every hairstyle fits you so perfect.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I love your hair! =) X

Kaiami said...

Looking good! Red looks so natural on you that sometimes I forget it's not your natural color. But that shade of blond is real nice.

JJXX1 said...

Tip to the filmer - get a fucking tripod, you're so shakey.

And young lady, you have a lot to say but how could you be talking about nostalgia as a teenager when you sure seem to be a teenager yourself?

Julia said...

Such a brilliant interview. You are ace.

Rohayatun Fatonah said...

You look so beautiful Tavi! I love your blonde hair! :* :)

carolline said...
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Karolina Kowalska said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karolina Kowalska said...

As everyone on this site said: you look sooo gorgeous! Love your hair!


jessielovesthis said...

Brilliant interview-without it sounding weird,I could listen to you talk in your room for hours! :3

Rosalie said...

Your new hair is sooo cool! and I love the interview!


Unknown said...

Your hair.
Is fabulous.
End of paragraph.

Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

Suzy said...

The most important thing I learned about wanting to be pretty I figured out when I looked back at photos over the years.

I was already pretty but didn't think so. Then I looked back and thought, "Gee, I was really pretty then."

Ze self-ezteem, she is a beetch!

maya.autumn said...

woah there! i love this:) so inspiring... i got really excited when i saw this new post because its been like a month?!-YAYAY!<3

Martina said...

You have Keira Knightley's voice.

fashion BOOM said...

you are so sweetie

Lucy Kennedy said...

Your hair is gorgeous!

Eryn said...

Even when you aren't trying to look 'pretty', you do because of your bravery and strong sense of self-you don't let anyone negatively influence you and that's what makes you beautiful! (Though the gorgeous hair & face don't hurt ;)
Thanks for just being here and giving so many people confidence.

Alix said...

I loved colored russet of your hair
but your blonde look really great. This cup is perfect with this fringe and these beautiful fine hair slightly curled... Depressing.
Ps : love love love the album of Cults and your voice

Ella Harper said...

I swear I've seen a video about the same girl named tavi, but she looks so different and her dad is an actor? But i love "go outside."

Sarah said...

I'm head over heels in love with your sense of style! Everything about it is impeccable! Both your blog and Rookie are the epitomes of perfection; I could spend hours reading them. I check Rookie every single day to see what new articles you have- it's awesome! I don't want to sound really cheesy but you're such an inspiration to me. You're the same age of me and your success is remarkable and extremely admirable. You totally deserve it! Oh, and I absolutely love your bedroom! I wish mine looked like that. Maybe it's about time I redecorated haha.

Your new hair colour is gorgeous. It looks great on you. Gah, I'm so envious of everything in your wardrobe and how awesome you always look. I hope I didn't sound like a creepy stalker haha. Have a lovely day xxx

ruby said...

the colour suits you really well. i have to say, rookie is my obsession.

Sweet Indigo Road said...

aahhhhhh!!! your hair is awesome :)

Anonymous said...

I love your hair,I think evryone now should embrace the 60's .You just inspire me so so much,you inspired me to start my blog three years ago I'm still at it and I love it.just thankyou oh and I like your voice xxx

Lydia Armstrong said...

I'm at work right now and can't watch this video yet, but I will be as soon as I get home!! Style Rookie + stylelikeu, two of my favorite things. I do a stylelikeu video on my blog every Sunday, and I think I just found this week's post. And PS, the blonde looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

you like Virgin Suicide! Love your hair and the video was very good!

Rich Hippie said...

THE HAIR!!! very cute and i love ur vid for style likeu, kept getting so jealous that I'm not half as cool as you

Rich Hippie said...

also i don't know how many times I've seen a peoples temple documentary, I'm obsessed with cults and how people find themselves (born)in one.

The Ginge said...

love this video. I really get a sense of who you are. I've followed your blog for a few years now and you're really growing into such a fashion inspiration. I love how you dress for what makes you happy and makes other people think. Not necessarily what's "pretty". So inspiring.

Mr kane said...

you look fab in Blond!

Have a Nice week!
Jk ||

Alice said...

This is awesome :) You're so inspirational xx

Julia A said...

Hey Tavi,

Absolutely loved that interview. I was intrigued by what you said about nostalgia-- I study it pretty intensively (I'm in grad school for literature, while kindofsortofmaybe trying to be a fashion blogger on the side). There's a book I think you might love, called "The Future of Nostalgia" by Svetlana Boym (my adviser at Harvard). You seem like an incredibly intelligent girl, and I think you will definitely find the book interesting. And you might get lots of pats on the back from your high school teachers! ;)

Also, what you said about prettiness was completely apt. Although I love Leandra's blog, I don't think the only way to be a feminist in the fashion blog is to be a "man-repeller," you know? As long as women "prettify" for themselves, and use fashion as a form of transformation and play rather than a kind of weird mask, then being "pretty" can be as feminist as being "man-repelling." Great interview!

Gabriela said...

I am actually in love with your hair. Loved the video!

xx gabi

kate said...

Your video interview was great. So nice to hear you talk (so eloquently) about your creativity and your beliefs. Keep it up, girl!

Constance said...

This viDeo of you is amazing!!! Your sense of style is just amazing!!!

Diva said...

and you're awesome

Sandra Joyce said...

You look lovely Tavi! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved your photo!! Looks very much like the Ghost World girl.
Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
@cristianpavezd on Twitter.

Unknown said...

SOO cute!!!

Love from South Africa

carla said...

That coat looks like it should have magical powers:) you make me feel happy tavi and what an ownage room you have!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I loved your interview Tavi, yeah I'll bet it was a fabulous day talking to Elisa and Lily about what inspires you. Oh and I do love your new do - especially with the Alice band! :))

Anonymous said...

your things're great!
it's your amazing style, which excites us

Nicci St. Bruce said...

Your hair looks perfect Tavi!

eyejong said...

Hey I think I understand it I feel same with my room too! It's like own space that we can do anything ;researching , singing , blogging blablabla

feel warming lol
ps. I wish I'd dress like u ...

Zoé said...

Hey Tavi!

I get your joke - No, really... it actually quite amused me (not the joke itself, but the way it was presented so fantastically)

Blonde hair suots you so very much... you look admirably alluringly angelic with appealing, beauty and bewitching eyes (Are they naturally green? You lucky thing! When I was small, I always wanted to have green eyes) I love that sort of blonde bombshell 60s cult leader look. Reminds me of the stereotypical cheerleader, but in a good way. I also love the contrast with the beautifully floral background - it is of such a splendid, vibrant colour. Really sets off the look and your hair (which sort of also reminds me of Sandy in Grease. Just thought of that as an afternote)

I can't believe how charming and classy you look. Oh, and the pink in your ginger hair is so cute. It dazzles me with its delicate and delightful mixture of the divine (in a pre-raphaelite grecian sort of way) and the elegant and deliciously enticing.

Absolutely excellent that you are so exquisitely talented. Fair. It is fascinating to see how you progressed and, may I say, you're doing fine!
A gorgeous, graceful girl with handsome features and lovely ideas on fashion. Very inspirational!

(By the way, you're gorgeous collection of clothing is magnificent - I wish I had that much) Bloomin' marvelous.

So nice and pleasing to see someone dressed prettily with an eye to her own style and personality rather than fitting in with the crowd at your own expense.

Pulchritudinous! Words can almost not describe how radiant and ravishing you look. So refined and resplendent for someone of your age. Statuesque and Sublime.

Keep up the fantastic work for I am sure that a wonderful person like yourself can only go far.

Oh... and I like the video. You have a quite cool blog. I can only agree about your ideas about the feminist side of things.

Love from the O.T.T. Poet!

Anna L. Roeder said...

You make a lovely blonde.

Anonymous said...

i'm amazed that you came into such a sophisticated aesthetic so early. when i was your age I was wearing Abercrombie and Fitch and Lacoste. You are a precocious fashionista, no doubt!!!

Really love your style!

Peter @

Anonymous said...

This has to be one of my favourite Stylelikeu videos, honestly, hearing what you were saying and how you talked about all your possesions was amazing, it was something more than fashion.

grey. said...

oh, i love the first photo! ♥

Missy H. said...

*Flail* Okay, so, you're totally amazing and inspiring and not to mention very pretty. Just thought I'd put that out there.
And I totally relate to the wearing-something-even-weirder-the-next-day-to-piss-someone-off. I do that all the time. I love dressing all vintage-and-bizarre-y because I feel that it sort of compensates for my peers lack of fashion inspiration.

the 90s will never die said...

I really really really love your new hair! you look really elegant and a little Stepford-y (in a totally good way)

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous hair! It suits you.

MCRN said...

Im MACARON in Japan.
Your blog is very cute and interesting!

Your eyeline is nice!I like it!!

mashkuzmenka said...

your hair is great!

Toni said...

I LOVE your hair!

Anonymous said...

Hello Tavi. Where did you get your saddle shoes ?

bruises and bellcurves said...

You inspire me to be inspired again!

Your hair is amazing.

CoryB said...

i love that video of you, one of my favoruites on stylelikeu so far (along with pamela love). also, can i just say how much i admire your outspokenness when it comes to feminism. and no, it does not contradict an interest in fashion, i don't think. cause there are other ways of being interested in fashion than just being that skinny clothes hanger who follows whatever is in style right now - and girls like you are living proof.


Sam said...

where were you when i was in high school???
you are amazing and inspiring.
gorgeous from day 1. your honesty and wisdom speaks to so many. every time i read your blog i feel refreshed hopeful.

Sophie said...

Nothing beats going lighter for the summer! Great interview!

Shortcake said...

one of these days, you have to take us through a walk of your hypnotically beautiful closet...

BTW I was listening to "Go Outside" by Cults non-stop for the past few days and when I saw it here I totally flipped! That is so radonk!

Guilherme Maggessi said...

To begin with, I love your blog. I mean, how much more original could ya be?
Secondly, I would like to say that you are really inspiring, I started recently a blog on streetstyle fashion and as I got to know your blog it gave me so much power on mantaining see that people can do what they like, and say what they think about fashion it is truly a blessing. Thnx for making me see that it is possible. I'm from Brazil, and therefore my blog is in portuguese, however if you want to check it out, here goes the link:

Anonymous said...

We love:
- Cults, ("You know what i mean" is also very cool)
- Your new hair color, this look is amazing on you
- Your video, it's nice to hear you speak!

Please, come and visit our blog!

Emma said...

Your attitude towards style is really inspiring! I wish I had been so ambitious as to be an Olympic reader....

RA said...

love it Tavi <3


I've been reading your blog for more than three years now and this is the first time I'm leaving a comment :) I'm kinda excited!

Anyway I just want to say that you've been a huge inspiration to me. I think one of the reasons why I dress more of a collection of the things I love from childhood to now is because of you.

Your video's great! It's great to hear you talk.

I guess that's it. I don't know what to say anymore.
Thanks Tavi!

Unknown said...

I seriously love that video and everything you said. And those gold shoes you wore, so perfect.

Lo said...

Dear Tavi,

Are you Wiccan or do you just really like witches? Just Curious

Vanessa - said...

You look gorgeous with your blonde hair... - keep you own style...!


Tanja - or via Bloglovin

Michal (Skeletons Out of Closet) said...

oh! where did you get the Bazooka box? (*I don't know if you can read what is on the box, it's in Hebrew... but it's blue and red and shows in 03:35)

ms fashion street said...

love you style and you hair is amazing!such a great interview!

Allison George said...

you're incredibly inspirational, I admire your attitude toward dressing yourself and how it can represent who you are.

I can't seem to find the 'prettiness' post, but it sounds a lot like everything I've been thinking about as of late! is there any way I can find it?

Christina Storey said...

Check out my fashion

ofir12345 said...

You are absolutely incredible and inspirational and this video just sorta showcases that and makes me go all fangirl ish over just how amazing you are. Okay i sound like a twilight lover but still, instead of going along with the fashion week pretentiousness (NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW) you recognize that it has issues and that whole beauty post also and just you are, i repeat, amazing.
Oh and also rookiemag changed my life.

Liz Osban said...

Stepping into your room is like stepping into nostalgia filled with Sofia Coppola style, Teen Witch, Twin Peaks and Sassy Magazine references and all things alike.

I could care less about other bloggers.
You're aesthetic is magical and grungy and I wish we were good friends.

Next time I'm in Chicago, it would be a dream of mine to photograph you, your room - Sassy style.

Unknown said...

Travi you are amazing !!

Katerina Oliferovska said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katerina Oliferovska said...

I really enjoy your video. I am kind of fashion bloger too. But I am not so brave in fashion. I will be so glad to hear your opinion about my blog.

Anonymous said...

Cults, Covens, Prophets, Fanatics, Grand Masters, Exorcists, and Demons .... That's how Spring looks over here at The Eye of Faith! Love your looks (as always)! You always provide for lots of fun and folly! Love that you're always doing it your way, as well.

Much love!


- The Eye x (

FameAndWealth said...

please just out my latest post on thankss!!!

Ariel L. said...

U r my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelly said...

Absolutely love this post! Simple as that. Happy Spring, Tavi! Shelly

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I loved this. I did. I loved it.

Valentin T. Scherfig said...

Hello Tavi!
I don't know if this comment will be totally meaningless to you, because I guess you've heard it all before. But somehow I really want to tell you. This is the first time I've checked out your blog - my friend has been following you for years, so we've talked about you and your development from time to time. And now I thought I'd check you out for myself, and it's so nice seeing you in the video. You seem so true and not spoiled by attention in any way. I had the thought while watching it that maybe you would have been exactly the same without all the attention, and that's really positive for me. You see, I've always had problems where I thought people were right about something if they just reeked enough of arrogance and coolness (which my brain, sadly, equates). If people thought they were better than someone else (and better than me), I thought they were right because of their attitude. So it is so inspirational for me that you don't seem to feel worth more than other people just because famous people like you. And what you said about big fashion shows being pathetic and high school like. It's inspirational for me that you are not lured in by their attitudes to think that they really ARE better than everyone else, like I would think.

Also, I love the hair band with the pastel things (LEGO?).


Anonymous said...

Love your Hair!
You remind me of Abbey Lee Kershaw and her hair
I have a feeling blond is back!

lotte said...

i really like your hair and voice.....
you are great!

Oh, Hi said...

You are an endless source of inspiration for me. Thank you for doing what you do!

hannah, heart city said...

the. best.

Trashy Student said...

I love this interview :) it answered questions people always seem to ask, but kept it new and fresh. and that vintage jacket is AMAZING xx

Trashy Student said...

I love this interview :) it answered questions people always seem to ask, but kept it new and fresh. and that vintage jacket is AMAZING xx

Mads Jensen said...

you are inspiring. how is it that you have gone so far and are so young? i am a meager 16 years old, and i feel as if i am drowning, trying to grow up while still trying to preserve my innocence. in the meantime i am expected to get rockin' grades!

Jeanie Chang said...

Everyone probably expects you to have a career in fashion. But it looks to me that you might be good at designing for film. Either as a set designer or a costume designer like Colleen Atwood. The film and the gaming industry is a place that still lets you dream. (It's hard work though!) It's the way you take notes and how you talk about film that makes me think so.

Sóley said...

I like your new hair, it's shiny. I also like seeing you talk and hearing you move and I have to dig up that pretty post sometime. That is today's mission....

- Sóley
we are purple

Anonymous said...

you are one of the most genuine people in the world. And you're hair is amazing!!

Jamshaid Ayaz said...

I went to Doll House to by a Sherri Hill dress 1403 for the best price quoted $450 for my daughter. I was told that Doll House has a registry and that I would be the only one wearing this style dress at my formal. When I arrived at my formal, there were two 2 other girls wearing exactly the same style dress and they also got it from dollhouse – I can’t begin to tell you how angry and sick that made me feels. I will not be taking my daughter there for her year 12 formal.

Daniel Knight said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniel Knight said...

You should read this:

Conscience Disorders

Those people are a danger to you.

isabelscavetta said...

Your new hair suits you so much! <3 You're my inspiration, I adore your blog *hug*

Anisacrament said...

your voice is so shaky ! thought you almost cry.. lol fabulous as always<3

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Unknown said...

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VioletDaffodils said...

you look cute :D xx

Unknown said...

Oh my god i love your room and your hair and your blog is so insperational! Please check out my blog! x

Unknown said...

I'm a girl from hk that in a same age with you. You are amazing Tavi! I love your dressing and style very much, and also appreciated your attitude towards your dreams and just doing what you wanna do. 'Keep dream something '

Jone Mark said...

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She told me she just didn’t see herself as a leader and didn’t realize that other people at the school saw her as a leader as well
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I like you in blonde the most :) Nice interview!!
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