vomit pink

Here's a (shaky) video I took flipping through the insert I curated with Edward of Meadham Kirchhoff for the last issue of GARAGE Magazine. It's all included in the intro I wrote, scanned in below, but basically when Dasha asked me if I had any ideas for the debut issue I was feeling really inspired by blogs and zines of girls and young women who wanted to take Riot Grrrl nostalgia a little further through their writing/photography/etc., and felt very drawn to the idea of creating a space for that in a prestigious art and fashion magazine. When I sent all those links to Edward he was inspired by them too and because he basically lives in a vacuum of lace and stickers and ribbons he thought we should decorate their photos and everything ourselves, so everything throughout the insert is a little embellished.

Unfortunately parts were edited out once we passed it on to the magazine, but thanks to everyone who contributed and let us use their work: Arvida, Beth of Girls Get Busy, Claire, Clementine of GrrrlVirus, Grace Miceli, Kaitlyn of Kerplunk-Punk, Kelley McNutt, Louise Gray, Molly Soda, Natalya Lobanova of happy2bsad, Petra Collins, Sharna, and Sophie Convey.

I also moderated an interview between Mellody Hobson and Ikram Goldman for that issue, but the magazine is too speshul to bend and scan and everything. It was a delight, however, to interview businesswomen for a fashion magazine. This is me, recommending that you buy and read it, because there are also Prada dresses made out of fruit, and that's just down right enjoyable.