organizing everything by the weather is hard

It's November now, which in Chicago means it's winter, which means I'd better wrap up my fall vibes before it's time for Sweatpants Vibes and Hating The World Vibes.

I went to homecoming with friends in my Virgin Suicides dress, gold platforms that made it look like I was floating kinda (one guy said I looked like a scifi hero!), and dead rose petals bobbi pinned to my hair.

For Halloween I was Carrie, kind of? Bloody Mary? Unfortunately my lipstick goo blood was smudged by the end of the night, but I can assure you it will always be in my SOUL! Or something.

Our October theme at Rookie was Secrets. This was the moodboard I made for inspiration...
And the moodboard that ended up as our table of contents calendar thing:
Ah, such visual satisfaction! Here are all the things I did for the October issue.

Wrote my editor's letter! And looked mad with Petra in the process.

Gave dating tips for middle schoolers! I mean, Chill McChillson did. But I helped him.

Interviewed Elle Fanning! And oh man, it was really sweet and fun.

Styled some photos Petra took when we went to Salvation Mountain! I am really pleased by these and really hope you like them.

Made a DIY video with Petra for making those crowns that popped up in our Salvation Mountain. More help/fun/inspiration at the post.

I recommend all things I did because if you are reading my blog I write, then you might like other stuff I write and style/illustrate/whatever, as well. But I highly suggest looking at other stuff on the site, too! Highly! There are wonderful contributions from Meadham Kirchhoff, half the Parks and Recreation cast, Autumn de Wilde, Kimya Dawson, and more awesome creative people. We are now in Issue 3, Girl Gang. If you join us, we will reward you with things that will make your head and heart happy. Like chicken soup for the soul. Not the book series of inspirational stories, but the actual soup.