RIP summer

Today was a good last day of summer. I finished rereading The Virgin Suicides (summer ritual), watched The Virgin Suicides (summer ritual), then went thrifting and found the perfect Virgin Suicides dress. I would be really, really concerned if I didn't know me! Seriously though, it probably informs my ~aesthetic sensibilities~ more than anything else, and I have a lot of nostalgia for it (like summer, it already comes yellowing and foggy, so that helps). The short explanation is that it's really, really pretty and eerie. The medium explanation is that it's easy to get obsessed with a story about obsession and to glorify a story about glorification. For a long explanation, I think I best explained it here, especially in relation to the way I've been decorating my room. Still, I'm too afraid of actually thinking about it, because I would hate for something that's been so personal to me to become anything less than that, for my reasons for liking it to be based on positive critique instead of all the ways I've insisted it speaks to me specifically. Because I'm really deep and profound and wounded and I understand this book and movie better than ANYONE and you don't get it and could never fully appreciate it the way I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the dress I bought.
I don't know if it belonged to a very small bride or a very big Christian baby, but it was $6 and it's beautiful.

I literally Wikipedia'd "Christening ceremony" to figure out what religion to put there just now. Maybe I do need school after all. OR MAYBE IT'S CUZ I'M JEWISH OKAY? Ugh whatever check out this bitchin' little Virgin Mary thingy I bought
1970 Barbie trunk, Virgin Mary, painted candle holder, rainbow candle, and a butterfly box.

I haven't posted this shelf yet.
Flowers, confetti, barrettes, doilies, candy jewelry, tiny boxes, shells, baby teeth, letters, nail decorations, stickers. I count this zine and this record among my prized possessions. (Ebay.)

I'll miss you, summer! Come again soon. And I do mean soon, because today I saved a Hello Kitty band aid I'd left on the bathtub ledge because it was from June, and I don't think that's very healthy.

(You guys know I've been talking about Summer from Diva Starz this whole time right?)