room part 2

More room inspiration, slightly random-er this time. I've posted a lot of these pictures before but they're worth sharing again. I don't totally know how all these will translate in the end but they've been running through my mind nonstop like the victim of a bad pick up line.
Nicole Levaque and Nicki Minaj shrine by Teen Witch, for the shrine-ness and celebrity worship and candles and flowers and Ouija.
Madge in Desperately Seeking Susan, the video for Lust for Life by Girls, unknown, and Brenda Walsh, for the pinkness and flowers and haziness.
Grace Miceli, unknown, Kelly Bundy, lyrics to Old Age by Hole in my journal, for the cosmic vibes, collaged pentacle, Kelly's shirt and the wood-paneled-ness of their house, and shiny stickers.
All unknown! Boooo. Cats, flowers, shady bedrooms, girlness, etc.
Album art: Violent Femmes self-titled for the little girl and vines, Totally Crushed Out! by that dog for the Sweet Valley High-ness, Live Through This by Hole for the paint and basement and CL's queenness, PJ Harvey's Man Size for the flower.
Cinnamonkite, Petra Collins, reba bean, and Jane Birkin, for the iconography and flowers.
T. Reilly Hodgson, and the rest unknowns, for the cacti, bleeding paint, dusty technicolor summer colors.
Joni Mitchell's Ladies of the Canyon and Missoni Fall 2011 for the tiny stories.
Unknown and Helmut Lang Spring 1997 by Robert Mapplethorpe, for the awkward happy braces and hearts.
Unknown, birthday roses via Arnsdorf's amazing scrapbook, and Tim Walker, for the flowers and tiny decorations.
Kamikaze Girls and Kat Bjelland on the cover of Flipside, for the tiny treats and vines and broken dollhouses.
Tomas Castelazo for the idea of flower-adorned pastel cemetery crosses, Hasisi Park for combined witchy vibes and Weetzie Bat's Hollywood, the video for Violet by Hole for the storyteller fairytale ballerina stills, and old Schiaparelli perfumes for the colors and potion-likeness and sun.