won't you let me walk you home from school? won't you let me meet you at the pool?*

With two weeks of school left, I am into combining back to school vibes with summer vibes, which can be summarized metaphorically in this post's title.
Jerry Hall on a road trip in Texas, Stand By Me, Mary Ellen Mark, Sally Mann, Edward Hopper, Cindy Sherman (this here Untitled #96 is now the most valuable photograph in the world, GET IT CINDY SHERMAN), William Eggleston, Irving Penn.

*If you understand this reference to "Thirteen" by Big Star, congratulations! You may now consider yourself a member of the Cultural Elite.**
**If you understand this reference to Tina Fey's new book, double congratulations! I wish I'd thought of it so I made up this second asterisk to seem clever, and also not plagiarize.


SashaaaFierce said...

Great post! I love your blog soo much!

please check mine out! i'm new to this

xx sashafiercee


Anonymous said...

looove all these photos! such a great post. the first pic is my favourite. great blog :)


TRAX Fashion Magazine said...

great post tavi!
and good luck on your two weeks of school left!
i love the photos.
so inspiring. and so old school. but great.

i love the references you incorporated. so clever! haha

Mordrian said...

I serisouly wish i went to the same school as you, i would walk home with you! haha well nice post, the pictures are spectacular...

Lightning Heart said...

mmmmmm sally mannnnnnnnnnnn

Sydney said...

no i didnt notice these two things :/


mmm! interesting post, but i not love smoking children!!!

Alexi Frest said...

This is cool - I was smoking cigarettes when I was a preteen. I stopped at the age of fifteen, and never smoked after that, not once. Which is still better than starting after 18 and smoking for the rest of my life. By the way, the black girl from behind looks so glorious.

Amanda Rizkita said...

preteen smoking ohh yes

alexis said...

i'm shocked there's no Man in the Moon photo!

Rachel Pingel said...

Stand by Me & smoking children... I like it.

Cristina said...

No girl is complete without her Sally Mann or Cindy Sherman phase. This is a crucial post for young ladies everywhere! Is it obvious I was a photo major...I like the post!


Anonymous said...

The pictures give me a bittersweet feeling of my summers and back-to-school moments. Lovely photos.

Armando y Montez said...

Super post! Love those sassy smokers..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, as always :)

Lots of blog lovin for youuuu!

Niki @ http://little-quaint-moments-and-memories.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

such an awesome selection of photos, totally inspiring


Maxens M. Finch said...

I thought Most Valuable was a photography of a woman mastrubating.
Well, that would have been a tad cooler, maybe.

Ravenna Moreira said...

LIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :o) LOVE YOUR BLOG! KISSES FROM PORTUGAL * www.pulsacoesplanetarias.blogspot.com

Tammy said...

love the song, love the movie. forever loving your blog!

anonimo de salvador said...

there are child smoking, fuck!

Ellen said...

sally mann! i love her!

Unknown said...

i LOVE that sally mann photograph, i had it on my wall all of highschool!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

moony said...

loving the pictures, especially the one with the girl in front of macdonalds - did anyone else notice that ;)

tavi, you inspired me to write my own blog and i love your style!

please check out my blog - http://neonrosefashion.blogspot.com/

in dreams said...

ha! i did know the lyrics, but not from big star...from garbage, who covered it a while back. it's a good cover...check it out if you've got time. shirley manson has one of the best voices in the world...

also, am i the only one freaked out by those tiny things smoking? dear lord, their lungs!!

Unknown said...

Love Big Star and the smoking children. It's ART, people! :)

"Rock and roll is here to stay..."

Dainty Librarian said...

Have you heard Elliot Smith's version of "Thirteen"? It's quite wonderful.

Biancadonk said...

Holy crap. Just stumbled across your name and then your blog via Danah Boyd of Apophenia. You are so brilliant, not just for a 15 year old, but in general. I love your voice and your style. If I weren't 12 years older than you and married with babies, I'd totally just say, "Let's be friends!" without any irony. Anyway, cheers to you for all the recognition you've gotten. It's well deserved.


EmK said...

I wish I could say I got your references...

I love all these pictures.

Dainty Librarian said...

Have you heard Elliot Smith's version of "Thirteen"?
It's quite wonderful.

Meagan said...

Thirteen is one of my favorite songs. The Elliott Smith version that was mentioned above is good too, if you haven't heard it, but not nearly as good as the original,if you ask me. You do such a great job matching your photos and post titles.

Unknown said...

there very good pieces especially the pictures of young girls smoking


Daniel said...



Kacie - With Love said...

Love the Sally Mann photos use.


Riku Oshima said...

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So I have a fashion blog, but recently I'm troubling about "what is important about fashion blog".

Anonymous said...

nice photos!
i like these***

Tanya Dempsey said...

I can't get over #3.

zoomslow said...

I want to try and make a Jackson Pollocky painting today. So to get some idea, I've looked up his work in "Sister Wendy's American Masterpieces". And as it happens, Edward Hopper appears in here as well.

I guess a lot of people talk about the creepiness, the psychological apect of E.H's work, but for me just his use of light and shadow is worth more than the price of admission. Nice choice, Tavi :-)

Anonymous said...

I looooooooooooove Stand by Me, I'm so obsessed with it that I watch it once a week :p

Cristina R said...

great post! I don´t really like summer but I love the transitory weeks between spring and summer

Philomena said...

I'm in love with the pics of girls smoking cigarettes- they're sort of surreal, and off-putting in their unexpectedness. :D

Blake Barns said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ellie..♥ said...

Lovely photos!
came across your blog when i was reading the magazine 'shout' and there was 2 pages on you, How lucky!
it really inspired me :)

ellie oxoxox
following you, hope you follow back ??

cancercowboy said...

heck, another club i won't be a member of ^___^
the pics give off a somewhat Southern feel. and yes, smoking makes even preteens look badass and hard-boiled. it may cause cancer but SPOILER: non-smokers will die too ^______^. here's one more for the collection. random internet find, so i have no clue who's the photographer, alas.
have a good time.

WeruniaB said...

Amazing photos! Love your blog!


BETABOOMblog said...

super seleccion de photos! y aparte de eso amo tu estilo y tu blog!



natalie said...

the elliott smith cover of thirteen is pretty wonderful too

_thatagirl_ said...

where did u get those photos?
I wanna know ^ o^

Anonymous said...

If I knew what the picture was going to be like I wouldn’t make it. It was almost like it was made already.. the challenge is more about trying to make what you can’t think of.
- Cindy Sherman

gosh! I love Cindy Sherman.
Her work and her thoughts have inspired so much of what I've done.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Gosh what a great series of pictures. Totally feeling the vibe.

Shelley said...

I only know Stand By Me and Cindy Sherman, and only because I studied both for school XD

Ramonn Vieitez said...

see you with black lips, made ​​me miss my black lipstick phase :~

Carol Rocha said...

I loved the photos!

Audrey said...

I love Stand By Me! *w*

blue said...

I HEART William Eggleston soooo much. I've never seen that particular image. Thanks for posting. I got to meet him at his book signing at the MCA last year. He was a cool cat.

Très Awesome - A Chicago Street Style Blog

Izzen said...

Always love your pictures, ha.


M said...


Anonymous said...


karen millen black

Anna Winstone said...

i LOVE these pictures so much :D nice blog x

ólöf said...

I'm an intern right now for Mary Ellen Mark !!! she's amazing. Anyway. Nice photos.

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