this is not a love song

Happy We're All Going to Hell Day! Meagan and I celebrated by getting pizza, in a true Daria and Jane like manner.
Do not be fooled by our Goth Girl Problems of black lipstick while eating or likeness to such disaffected fictional characters, however! We are just as loserly enthusiastic as any one of you kids reading a blog on a Saturday night. More, even! I'm the one writing this!
Meagan said she knew today must've been the Rapture because she saw a guy clipping his nails on the train. She was dressed appropriately for Hell, all dark and angry and stuff. I feel very lucky to have a friend to look angsty with.
I was thinking of prom night vibes and being able to layer even the slightest bit in this weather. Awkwardly hanging diapery hand-me-down jumper, thrifted cardigan, PIL pun top gift from Obesity and Speed, and vintage Docs.
A random ring I found in our house and a very important ring from Flamingo Cupcake Studios on Etsy. Can you believe a person was making jewelry of pictures of my husband and then selling it on the internet? Creepy! I told him he should take legal action but he asked me what "legal" meant.
I'm really obsessed with this tapestry bag backpack Roxeanne sent me in a package swap. I have decorated it with a Wednesday Addams patch from Poison Apple Studios on Etsy and brooches from here and there.