we don't have to smile if we don't want to

I have not been taking Beat Happening or Daria too seriously, I simply have Chronic Bitchface, along with Chronic Tiredface and Chronic Why Are You Here Go Away Face. (Thank you Isabel for the link.)

While most Chicagoans (read: those with an ounce of common sense) know the weather should not be 45 degrees in the last weeks of school, I'm enjoying being able to wear sweaters and socks. I'd like it to get nowhere above 70 degrees this summer. The poor fortune of all those relatives who arrived at O'Hare today with inner tubes already around their sunscreened stomachs and sunglasses on even though they hadn't seen the outside for the two hours it takes to get from Jersey City to Chicago has worked in my favor! My condolences to Uncle Jim and Aunt Janet and happy Memorial Day to all.
I wore this yesterday, vomit pink, etc., and also lately I've been trying to familiarize myself with this "physical comfort" thing I've been hearing about. My comfort zone for a while was being uncomfortable, having lots of layers and pins to adjust, since it made me feel like I was being unboring, so now I'm trying to be comfy, and unboring with the use of random fun things, as shown above. Also, black lipstick. Thrifted sweater and skirt, heartschallenger Kurtney Sassy tee.
American Apparel socks and Rachel Antonoff shoes, both gifts from said brands.
That Poison Apple person on Etsy needs to stop appealing to my interests, because it's seriously putting my gumball fund in jeopardy. If it were putting my gumball fund on Jeopardy, maybe it would be smart enough to win money so that I could buy Twin Peaks patches and a gumball. I am hilarious! That joke didn't totally work. Also, I finished Twin Peaks and don't know what to do anymore other than eat a lot of donuts and hug myself to sleep every night. In search of more visual and intellectual stimulation, I have been reliving Lizzie McGuire:
Visual stimulation, that still; intellectual stimulation, that comment.


Kallan said...

Love it love it love it.
And I have Chronic Bitchface as well, my condolences :/

heatherheartsfashion said...

lizzie mcquire+black lipstick=you have the best blog on the planet

Sarah Mikaela said...

I declare that we should stay in till the weather decides to take us serious! We won't come out until 70 degrees has been measured.

Erin said...

Here in good ol' Virginia it's already 90 degrees. So long, pleasant 70 degree weather. I love most of my summer clothes, though, so it's not too bad. Not until it hits 100 in July, that is. Lovely outfit!


Anonymous said...

The influence you have on the things I'm doing/wearing at the moment are immense. I've watched Freaks and Geeks. Can't stop laughing at Daria quotes. Can't stop listening to 90's bands - including the Spice Girls. I figure all I need now is to watch Twin Peaks and then I would fully be your faithful servent. Oh dear, I need to find an ounce of individuality but I'm enjoy being all nostalgic and silly and there's nothing wrong with living out my faux-goth dreams with a dash of black lipstick... is there? :) xxx

Mihaela said...

We don't have to smile.

You're amazing.All I can say is that.


Dori the Giant said...

That's a bit scary actually..

Sammi said...

I really have been loving the black lipstick. You totally rock it.

Mordrian said...

I want to start watching Twin Peaks...you've made it sound so amazing (hoping its as good as everyone says it is) :)

x mordrian

Unknown said...

AMAZING look!!!

Lovely details <33

Ivânia Diamond*

Cindy K said...

I LOVE all of your "faces".

Wendy said...

Great shoes!

KARLITO said...

Ah, you look like cotton-candy, make me want to visit a carnival real bad! Please dress me. My summer wardrobe is lacking right now and you've been feeding into my vibes as of late.

Suzannah said...

Love your skirt :)

Cristina R said...

so cool, i love your tshirt

Unknown said...

Lol major lizzie flash back happening here... but yeah, I to suffer of Chronic Bitchface haha so funny...


Emma said...

Chronic Bitchface forever! I ALWAYS get the 'you should smile more often' comments. Drives me crazy. I absolutely love your blog by the way, it inspired me to start blogging.

LOCA said...

Hey I have that Barbie, it's from a key chain right?! Love your sweater and your shoes-sock combo sassy!


WhoopyBeatrizLourenco said...


Ashley said...

so i saw that t-shirt on urban outfitters and freaked out but it was 70 dollars. i waited and it went on sale to 30. i cant believe u got it for 11. so jealous, but if i ever need another one, i know where to get it


Tessa G. said...

I agree. This weather is letting me re-live my glory with my chunky black boots. Chicago always keeps us on our toes..

Ha, Lizzie McGuire. I was just reminiscing about that show myself a few weeks ago. That particular show was filmed on my birthday! Let's see...2001 I was..13. Adorable.

I love lipstick phases. I just got out of my bright red phase a few weeks ago after my obsession with Abbey Lee Kershaw in the new Tom Ford ads subsided (although it was tough)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

glad I am not the only one who still appriciates lizzy. ...and I am 23. lol

Anonymous said...

Chronic Bitchface ftw <3

Tavi I love your blog so much!
Sassy, Twin Peaks, Daria ... OMG I'm feeling very nostalgic now u_u

Lovely outfit btw :)

Kaitlyn said...

I love the outfit, but I especially love the T-shirt. It's also cool how you can pull off black lipstick!

Mitchie said...

true, true

Krystel said...

Lizzie McGuire was my icon as a kid. Until this day her see-through puffy backpack and funky pants have a special place of admiration reserved in my brain.

Will you go on a Lizzie marathon/crusade? If so, have fun :)

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I really like the way that folded waistband looks. See? Stylish and practical. That's what you were going for, right? Right??

RA said...

wow, you're getting prettier and prettier!!! :))))

Tina said...

I really really really love this outfit ♥ the Barbie's pin is so so cute and lovely! you're giving me the incentive to encourage black lipstick ! OH! lizzie mcguire, reminds me so much of my childhood! haha AWESOME PROGRAM!

Have a nice day Tavy :)
Cheers from Argentina x.o.x.o

EmK said...

chronic bitchface sucks. people always ask why I'm mad or if I hate them. i'm tempted to just say 'yes'..

waah I love your shirt and skirt. your shoes remind me of doilies and minnie mouse for some reason.

I never watched Lizzie McGuire. the annoying family love beginning immediately threw me off.

Alexi Frest said...

Nice - I had such grungy looks when I was at your age, however, I did not pay much attention to brands. The black lipstick is still my favourite one. It is THE most important part of these photos. I hope you use Mary Kay or Afterglow, as they are animal friendly.

deborah said...

where did you get the barbie pin? oh i love twin peaks, watched it originally and since then several hundred times.

Jenna Benson said...

Wow. Your blog is awesome.
Oh, your style is just brilliant.
I adore individuality!


The Fancy Teacup said...

You are still an absolute doll whether with chronic bitchface or without. I hope the weather heats up for you soon, hun!

much love.

Sydney said...

haha i used to love Lizzie McGuire!

zoomslow said...

Yes! Perfect outfit! Clothes, shoes, socks, pins, lipstick, all working together beautifully. I especially like your controlled use of colour. And as usual, your use of proportion is spot on!

Re. "...don't know what to do anymore..."

Write a play, Margot ;-) I'm actually going to try! I have borrowed a book from the library and everything :-)

P.S Nice use of the diabolical ;

PPS. Hugs.

mleeoliver said...

Uhh i love the vibes you're sending me... a dark soul in a sweet suburban town

Un Duex Trois said...

Love it, you are such a brilliant writer-- I could read your blog all day!



brodie said...

"all the shunning."

Anonymous said...

lovely socks! great look

Eline said...

Great socks and shirt!

Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

I like the shoes!


thwany said...

i <3 chronic bitchface.

udyudell said...

yea,we dont really have to smile if we dont want to..hahhaa
btw,i love your skirt!!!

Anonymous said...

Great skirt and cardigan :)


Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;


Jessie said...

you are a very interesting character! i must say i do love your look. very different yet chic.
xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

Ravenna Moreira said...

LOVELYYYYYY OUTFIT! www.pulsacoesplanetarias.blogspot.com

WeruniaB said...

Lovely tee!


misselisak said...

I loved Lizzie McGuire. I also love how your style is evolving. It's fun watching a fashion maven grow up. Love it!

Linda said...

Mom: "What's wrong?"
Myself: "Nothing, I just have Chronic Bitchface. It's nothing you can help."


Carmen said...

I am now wearing Chronic Tiredface.

Love how your inspirations actually show in your outfits! The tee is amazing!

Carmen Ri.

Anonymous said...

Ooh god, I'm so in love with the little Barbie ;]

P.S. Would you like to check out my blog?

Anonymous said...

Random question. What do you think of The Distillers?

Mariella said...

I love this, especially the ouija board patch.
And I too can sympathise with the difficulties of living with Chronic Bitchface, nice to know I'm not alone! Greetings from England :) xxxx

chica arcoiris said...

lizzie!!hahaha I hate her! my lil sister was all day talking and being like lizzie, it was creppy

Claire said...

Lovely! I need to get me some patches to attack to things...
Also this summer I was already planning on rewarvhing lizze McGuire because it was such an influential part of my childhood.

jessielovesthis said...

Aw I always loved the Lizzie McGuire episode when they have a halloween party at school and Miranda brings her Day of the Dead decorations...

I love the Barbie doll on your shirt!Very brilliant~

Unknown said...

cool look)

Cristina said...

I think you should spend a night watching these three movies...The Craft, then Clueless, and lastly Practical Magic. I know it sounds weird and they aren't necessarily visually stimulating, but they are good mood boosters and there are def some good outfit ideas. Just try it!


Jake said...

My chronic bitchface is interpreted differently by everyone. It's normally either morbid depression or unadulterated rage when usually I'm just thinking about what to have for dinner.

Christine @ Oh, Dinosaur! said...

Have you watched the "Dead Like Me" series? I could see you liking it. Also, I am jealous of your weather.

Daria said...

love ur outfit, ur so gorgeous!

Izzie said...

I totally love your style. I always read your blog. You're really inspriring and I love your outfits! Its inspired me to do my own fashion blog.

Izzie xx


Sara said...

This has been the WEIRDEST spring in Chicago this year... but I am ready for some sun and warmth, and to put away my boots and socks for next year.

karin said...

I want you barbie clip!! Did you played with barbie dolls in the past?? I would like to to know how was your chilhood,your favorite toys, songs,movies etc... I mean just to know you more. Thanks!! www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

Alex said...

ahahaha XxShazeTheSkittlexX...the source of your intellectual stimulation is sterling.

Masha said...

lol love always your pins and the random thinks! it's a great idea


Miss Tami Lee said...

This is so cute! Love the black lip with the granny sweater

Hill-Valley Boutique said...

We have here, a full circle situation. Your look and likes and, well, obsessions...Totally transport me to 95' when I was 15 and obsessed with sassy and ate pounds of pop rocks and was totally convinced that I was meant to be born in a different decade. I was obsessed with 60's elephant leg pants, daisy's, too tight velour, The Beach Boys and Donovan. It's all a cycle, and I love that thread through the decades! Thanks for the nostalgia Girl! Love your posts and pics!

Marlena said...

There is waaay too much awesome going on in this outfit! Those Barbie and eyeball pins are so cute ^.^ I'm also totally envious of that Ouija board patch.

Unknown said...

i like your chronic bitch face. :]
sadly others dont seem to keen on that kind of face.

Shelby said...

lol i wish i was still in high school and your were my bff. shit would go down.

david thomas said...

Who's more punk, Calvin Johnson or Daniel Johnston?


Hey! Why did Calvin Johnson cross the road!??

Answer: *takes sunglasses off in a ttly non-chalant way* I don't care B-)

Erhhhhhhhhh... Um.

You can beat my JCrew laden ass now :-(.

lowlow wang said...

i love your title!!

Steef said...

Serious; you are a TRUE inspiration! I'm nearly 10 years older than you, but you write like an adult and your style is magnificent. I love it!

z.ky said...

I love everything about this post, from the bitchface down to Lizzie McGuire. You rock.

20thCgirl said...

Ha chronic bitchface.

I love it when your look is less complex - it makes you focus more on cool details

Anonymous said...

I can understand that, weather in Cincinnati has been simply apocalyptic.

I wish Disney still made shows like Lizzie McGuire. I used to obsess over it. I also attempted to copy all of Lizzie's hairstyles, although that usually didn't work out as well as I hoped.

I enjoy your musings, thanks!

Lex said...

Why are you not making your own t-shirts and patches etc. with a silk screen? That's what a real Riot Grrrl would do. Trust me, I know.

ashirwaad-holiday-apts-goa said...

I liked your thoughtfully written title.
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Lo said...

SO many amazing elements to this outfit but the vintage barbie pin is my favourite... I love the black lipstick, and those shoes... are so cute you could almost lick them.

Unknown said...

I'm loving those shoes with the awesome socks. And your pink sweater looks so comfy and warm. Adorable skirt and such a cool shirt too. I love that you're reliving Lizzie McGuire. I think I need to do that sometime too!

melbourne dreaming said...

Love the fact that you are going through a "nineties retro" phase - I was there the first time round and let me tell you, you are ROCKING it!

I was NEVER that cool in the nineties... too busy rollerblading around the suburbs, wearing granny boots and constantly getting mistaken for a boy.

Thanks for the memories...


Valerie said...

girl powerrr

Subversive Lulú said...

Oh tavy!, where do u get the inspiration!
Bitchface rock!

quinnhere said...

I too finished Twin Peaks this weekend and debated going out for boxes of donuts. Now I just have to wait for the movie to arrive via mail.

Janelle said...

I very much like this outfit. One of my favorites of yours lately.

PS - I am also a fellow sufferer of Chronic Bitchface. :-|

Cristina de la Concha said...

original and unique it is good ,you have your personality ,i have your age and i now it is difficult but i think is the best way :)

Kacie - With Love said...

Your Barbie pin rocks!


Dear Miss Pretty said...

Eyeball & love heart dingle dangle brooches. BEST! Love your work gorgeous girl. Keep being exactly who you are xx


Kat said...

Sadly, Twin Peaks withdrawl doesn't ever really seem to go away. So not the same thing, but have you ever seen Subway? There is something so beautiful and bizarre and charming that makes me as eager to rewatch it as I am with Twin Peaks or Desperately Seeking Susan.


. said...

oh man, your skirt is basically my old school uniform. who knew it could look so good?! here's hoping I didn't chuck mine away and that I haven't grown in the last 7 years...
wonderful outfit and post :)

Unknown said...

hi! i just wanted to tell you i love your style! you have certainly got style for a thirteen year old and i definitely find myself looking at you for inspiration! Your lipstick is amazing where is it from? Please can you check out my blog and tell me what you think? http://dancinginspirations.blogspot.com/
cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Tavi,
I hope you carry on expressing those opinions of yours. As a fellow girl, I have to say it's great to have somebody like you to remind us that we don't have to try to be like anybody else, and that we ARE beautiful and intelligent just the way we are. You blow me away with your wisdom, and I can't wait to see where you go from here!

Michelle said...

Yes! I totally have that issue of Sassy stashed somewhere.

The lost girls said...

Amazing. I love this whole black lipstick thing that's going on. and i cannot get over how INCREDIBLE those shoes are.


Lita Larkin said...

hey, though you might like this:


Anonymous said...

start on the amc show "the killing", very similar to twin peaks.

Lizz Aubrey said...

Love your black lips! Every now and then if I'm feeling frisky I wear electric blue lipstick ;)

xooxx LizzAubrey

Anonymous said...

One word: FREAK

Amira Rasool said...

I can see why your blog is highly recognized
not only do you have great style but great content too
Love your blog!


Unknown said...

Love the Barbie Pin and skirt.
I adore your blog
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milano said...

Amazing look! I like the outfit very much. Thanks for sharing great ideas.
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Marie My said...

I adore the black lipstick - I've been looking for one myself for years! the outfit is cute, love the graphic-ness of the skirt.

Love, Marie My from www.nemesisbabe.blogspot.com

Victor said...

This is one of my favorite looks, just because I love the lipstick on you! So stellar!

Gabee said...

I luv your outfit!
kisses from Poland ;)


Mathilde FLLNGDN said...

I like ;) !

cancercowboy said...

fellow whoresonface here ^____^
people really assume the weirdest things. they deem you cold, arrogant, on the brink of a killing spree, masking some deep-rooted sadness etc. whatever, there's nothing quite like TP in mood AND scenario, alas.
putting down the harness piece by piece sounds like a nice idea. and don't worry about "boring"; would be kinda hard, even if you tried ^___^

SewIntoFashion said...

I love your style and the barbie doll pin is really unique. Where'd you get it?

riptidemurmur said...

check out the "duel spires" episode of psych. best homage to twin peaks ever, except hysterical rather than a typical lynch head scratcher.

Unknown said...

I still love your blog nothing's changed in a good way.How did you take that still on Youtube?


Gabrielle Evelyn said...


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Rida said...

I figure all I need now is to watch Twin Peaks and then I would fully be your faithful servent. Oh dear, I need to find an ounce of individuality but I'm enjoy being all nostalgic and silly and there's nothing wrong with living out my faux-goth dreams with a dash of black lipstick. beauty therapy l massage therapist salary

Rida said...

The poor fortune of all those relatives who arrived at O'Hare today with inner tubes already around their sunscreened stomachs and sunglasses on even though they hadn't seen the outside for the two hours it takes to get from Jersey City to Chicago has worked in my favor! My condolences to Uncle Jim and Aunt Janet and happy Memorial Day to all.what is career transition

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