we don't have to smile if we don't want to

I have not been taking Beat Happening or Daria too seriously, I simply have Chronic Bitchface, along with Chronic Tiredface and Chronic Why Are You Here Go Away Face. (Thank you Isabel for the link.)

While most Chicagoans (read: those with an ounce of common sense) know the weather should not be 45 degrees in the last weeks of school, I'm enjoying being able to wear sweaters and socks. I'd like it to get nowhere above 70 degrees this summer. The poor fortune of all those relatives who arrived at O'Hare today with inner tubes already around their sunscreened stomachs and sunglasses on even though they hadn't seen the outside for the two hours it takes to get from Jersey City to Chicago has worked in my favor! My condolences to Uncle Jim and Aunt Janet and happy Memorial Day to all.
I wore this yesterday, vomit pink, etc., and also lately I've been trying to familiarize myself with this "physical comfort" thing I've been hearing about. My comfort zone for a while was being uncomfortable, having lots of layers and pins to adjust, since it made me feel like I was being unboring, so now I'm trying to be comfy, and unboring with the use of random fun things, as shown above. Also, black lipstick. Thrifted sweater and skirt, heartschallenger Kurtney Sassy tee.
American Apparel socks and Rachel Antonoff shoes, both gifts from said brands.
That Poison Apple person on Etsy needs to stop appealing to my interests, because it's seriously putting my gumball fund in jeopardy. If it were putting my gumball fund on Jeopardy, maybe it would be smart enough to win money so that I could buy Twin Peaks patches and a gumball. I am hilarious! That joke didn't totally work. Also, I finished Twin Peaks and don't know what to do anymore other than eat a lot of donuts and hug myself to sleep every night. In search of more visual and intellectual stimulation, I have been reliving Lizzie McGuire:
Visual stimulation, that still; intellectual stimulation, that comment.