April 1, 2011

changes around here...

After my blog's 3rd birthday yesterday, I think it's time for it to experience some real change. When I started Style Rookie, I was, well, a style rookie. But now, after three years, and lots of growth, I think it's time to change the name of this blog: Style Pro.

Style Pro.

Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Style. Pro. It's like I'm a pro at having style. We all know this is a difficult task that requires incessant typing on the matter, constant photo editing and Tumbling, intellectual analysis and lots of trial and error. But after all that hard work, I really feel that I am A Style Pro.

Now it's time for a new header. Because I can be a Pro who still values the opinions of her followers because of like, humbleishness and stuff, let's take a vote. Tell me which one you prefer in the comments! I will be going with the header you guys vote on that I like the most, like a democracy.






Lemme know which is your fave!
Style Pro.


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Renee said...

If you want to be taken seriously, option B is the best one out there. Nothing screams style like the Biebs and glitter vomit.

Noumia's papers said...

ARe you serious ! Style rookie, it's a legend of blog ! You cant't change. Happy 1st april .. :)


Delilah Samuels said...

Hmmm....if i HAVE to choose it would be D.

Photogenicbliss said...

Option D

Photogenicbliss said...

haha this is a April Fool's joke lmao

i'm not stylish said...

glad to hear that<3 tavi you're so hillarious and i really love your style<3 you're not being scared when you mix-match the clothes.
ps: you are in my country magazine almost 10 edition.

xx http://imnotstylish2.blogspot.com

Vasilis-the fashion piG said...

definately not the one with biever... oops sorry, bieber...
i think its the 3rd...
greetings from Greece : )
i love you blog..

Irini said...

Hey Tavi!

Thumbs up for option C!!!!!



David said...

please try a different angle at this. im not digging the tiger beat vibe here. go for something a little more sophisticated. sorry to sound like a prude, but i really really dont like any of the options you gave us.

David said...

oh! i get it. its april fools. you got me. haha

noratheteenager said...

Dear Style Pro,

I'm with Option B. Nothing screams professional like a Bieber.

Let me just say, you are becoming a legend, april fools-wise! Like when you did this: http://www.thestylerookie.com/2009/04/confession.html

xoxo right back at ya!

Salomé said...

option D

Alexandra said...

those banners are sterling.

Nany said...

Option D. I loved .-.

CPC said...

I'm telling you don't do it. Style pro is boring, unimaginative and sounds like an early 2000's computer programme. Plus the only thing we really know in this life is that we know nothing at all. I pretty much think you can do no wrong Tavi, but this would be a bogus error. Rookie 4 lyfe.

CPC said...

P.S. f this is an april fools joke you have reached new heights of awesomeness and we need to be friends.

Rosemellow said...

I think you should leave it as Style Rookie. Everybody knows you as The Style Rookie and I think your logo for the style rookie is better than the ones for Style Pro

man about town said...

freakish!!! you look kinda like Anna Wintour in these photos(if she was able to crack a smile)

RandomQueen said...

Maybe one with britney spears would be best...

tanya.mirai said...

Option B. YES to tiny Justin Bieber figure. or Option A.

tullelle said...

i sure hope this is an april fools joke!

TheChambrayCountess said...

Not only was this a great April Fool's joke, I am frightened by how much sparkle, puppies and Bieber were crammed into those headers ;)

ancaposomog said...

This is bullshit!

Román Iglesias said...


keep like always don't do that!!!

Miss Me said...


Christy said...

Oh you silly!
nice job tricking all these ppl on April Fools

kelsey louise sykes said...

Tavi, why u gotta be so kool!?

If you could transpose the money and angel heart wings onto the one with Selena Gomez and the crazy/sexy/beautiful i think you would have the perfect look.

Good luck.

Glam'Ethic said...

Option E, for the little pet.

Bina said...


elroso said...

none of them!
keep with Style rookie, or simplify it: choose a cool + simple typography and ready to go with Style Pro!

Fräulein Schlau-Schlau said...

Real good joke! April fools, haha :-) I got fooled by my boyfriend - very nasty style ;-)

Erica Love said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
erinoffduty said...

Hahhaha this is so full of win!

I want a bizarre combination of option A and option B.


GRICIA said...

A or C!


whereareyoufromoriginally? said...


melina bee said...

I vote for the first one b/c you are winking.
btw, you look very pretty and grown up in these photos

mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

you + holding justin beiber + ridiculous sparkley fantasticness = style pro

LOKAS said...


Jerome said...

The first and second because you look like Miranda Sings from youtube.

naomi said...

Option B!The one with Justin Beiber! :)

Carlotta said...

you're amazing

Amanda Reardon - Fashion Makeup Artist said...


ideias vestíveis said...

Option D :D

prettygritty.com said...

Good Grief (SR)Tavi -- just when my 90's couldn't be better you've just reinvented it with glitter gifs.

Who needs to talk food when there's fashion?!?!


gec said...

I like the second one. But they're all kind of fantastic--like animated purikura!

cornacchia said...


J.990 said...

option a

think said...

I will vote fro C

anne said...

two of us here:
one vote for C
one vote for the existing logo and name- i love the stylerookie!

carla said...

D is you, i guess...

Flower said...

to be honest, there all a bit.. wet. thats all gab, dont change the name i think style rookie is really fab and groovy.
yeah, im speaking like a liverpudlian. thats due to three hoyrs of beatles movies. i love George!

boxmalak said...

the last two smiles are freakin adorable, but i'm goin with option ccccccccccc.

oh and style pro is actually really funny. :] it's like a cute little upgrade.

Anzari Nurulia said...

I vote for the option A.. I think it's the most simple...:))

Brianna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brianna said...

Haha I love option B!!! lol

Eva said...

Seriously, I had to puke (well, almost). Don't do this. Ever. Again.

Anastasia said...

Selena gomez and puppies? win.

Astoutie said...

No one. Blingee is OUT.

i.c. blogspot said...

numero tres

Tess Jessica said...

ohmy i just died, haha hilarious :'D!

Calalini Photography said...

None of them! keep the original PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

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Di said...

I hate all really
reminds me of those girls in pants and shirts for ultra hip pop ... and the final touch ... cap!


Mila said...

definitely C!

Emily said...

ok well u and justin would be cutee togeths but y'know hes mine and all so ...
actually i cant stand him, well actually i saw him on saturday night love and he was funny but yee. hmm wtf am i on abouut ?>

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I think the first one is best! =)


✞Léa Depienne✞ said...

Option B, with Justin Bieber attention... !

opheliahorton said...

The first one: more stylish, less I like JB more than style-ish. Btw, I'm Ophelia, I'm 12 and It would be great if you could look at my blog which I've been doing for a while. thanks

Jac said...

Don't go Justin Beiber on us. Too be honest these headers look really Myspace-y but I like Option C.

You have a pretty interesting blog.
Follow mine?

Lailith said...

The Style Pro? Cool! I choose the option.. C :))It´s Profesional :D hahaha!

Alice Elliott said...

i'm absolutely your bigest fan, but this post hasn't got any style. i'm sorry but it's looking very stupid...



ivoire said...


KindApple said...

Definitely Option A for its simplicity, and your face is really cute. And from a teenagers point of view

doggywog said...

B! B! B!

The Green Gatsby said...


The Green Gatsby said...

B for sure!

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