come sail away

I know school dances are really awkward and smelly but, as with all things I like about high school, the novelty/cultural experience/aesthetics can be really enjoyable, especially when moments remind me of movies and teevee. There are a lot of good school dance scenes in popular culture, in case you weren't aware! Carrie, Grease, 10 Things I Hate About You, Pretty in Pink. But my personal favorites would have to include the homecoming from Freaks and Geeks when Sam Weir's depiction of bad dancing got a bit too close for comfort. (I was then comforted by Millie's soothing squeak voice.)

Angela Chase had two school dances in her high school experience that, like Freaks and Geeks, was too short. I preferred the trippy one in the Halloween episode over the one in the episode narrated by Krakow because he is a curly yellow ball of stalk.

The Virgin Suicides' scene is one after my own heart, though. That part when Bonnie says she's having the best time, how Trip and Lux are crowned king and queen, how it's kind of the only time in the movie when you get the feeling that they're happy...that is, til they all kill themselves, LOL! (I am a terrible person) (Yes I did understand that movie as about more than people killing themselves) (Thank you)

And now for photos with color editing almost as ADD as that of The Virgin Suicides itself: Rachel Antonoff's Fall presentation! It was really delightful. Her presentations are usually basically installations, really drawing you in and giving a feel for the ambiance (vocab word from English a few months ago, fancy seeing you pop up in my brain). But it's not like all the balloons and cupcakes were supposed to cover up the quality of the clothes, because there's nothing to cover up! They are beautiful all on their own. If we were in any of the movies or shows mentioned above that would be a line that I would tell my best friend who recently got her first hormonal wave of insecurity.

The Like played, it was pretty special to see them live. Perfect for the vibes too, man.

So many wonderful details! I decided to be annoying and pretentious and only post pretty pictures so this is like the only one where you can actually see the clothes, har har.

The tights were so good. I think knees are really ugly -- along with armpits, elbows, and ears -- so my attitude when it comes to decorating them with cats is not unlike that of Bryce Shivers and Lisa Eversman when it comes to everything with birds.

This actually took place the same day as my own school's dance, but it was the turnabout one so I wouldn't have been going anyway. I'll stick with the aesthetically pleasing and fictional kind as long as I can before facing body odor -- a truth that I fear the most. (I feel you, Elizabeth Taylor.) (RIP.)

Oh and today was my blorg's 3rd birthday. Happy birthday, blorg! I did the retrospective and introspective thing a few days ago so there's no need for that now (and thank you to those who got it for being cool and thank you to those who didn't for only furthering my point). I celebrated by eating cookies and googling bad birthday clip art.