Today was angsty floating witch mermaid, with bffs 4ever 4lyfe Drew Barrymore at the 1995 VMAs and Courtney Love in Versace at the Batman & Robin premiere in 1997 in mind. The photo on the right is so you know why I don't smile in most of these photos. For your sake, really! I don't want anyone to have nightmares of baby teeth grannies.

Thrifted shirt and yellow slip, and the blue skirt was sent to me from American Apparel. On the plus side it's a great blue and creates the illusion of floating, on the negative, I am tiny for my age and STILL it's too tight around the waist and too long.

Mom's thrifted boots.

Manic Panic wig and Goody barrettes. The wig was well-received at school, often believed to be my real hair ("Oh, thank God it's a wig, for a sec I thought you had actually dyed your hair blue! That would be a bit too far!!") and apparently another girl wore a blue one today and everyone thought we planned it. I don't know who she is and I didn't see her but now I need to find my wig twin.


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Daily Sass said...

you are a human blythe!

SMD said...

Nice wig!! Haha that's funny, I hope you do find the wig twin. I love the mermaid-esuqe look, I wanted to be a mermaid for halloween in preschool. http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

i'd like to be your wig twin, if it constituted wearing that lovely wig
does it itch?

Mitchie said...


Limey said...

Ahaha, I remember when I dyed my hair red in 6th grade.
It was the first hair dying in my grade ever. I felt like a hero


ps. checkout my blog? limeyandherhat.blogspot.com

Limey said...
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Dori the Giant said...


Réquiem. said...

esa sonrisa es un poco tonta....lo siento...pero es verdad jojojo

Ashley said...

great pics of drew and courtney. (and yes we are on first name basis haha)


laia. said...

um dude, american apparel long skirt is SICK. need it.

Ola said...

what a glorious wig. I think your smile is actually quite adorable, in that awkward way.

My Heart Blogged said...

I think I will always love Drew Barrymore, she looks lovely in that dress. You look like the nicest witch I've ever seen. Good luck finding your wig twin!
My Heart Blogged

Christine said...

I think that if anyone could dye their hair blue, it would be you!


Isabel said...

This is clearly the most genius outfit + wig combo EVER. I love that you wore it to school. I would've worshiped any high school girl brave enough to do that. :)

Melai said...

cute wig color tavi!

Melai of Style and Soul

the working panda said...

I'm in my last semester of college, and seriously, your violet colored hair from a few months ago inspired me to dye mine purple before I start working.

You rock!

yuliahurts said...

i love this colour!u look very pretty with it

whereareyoufromoriginally? said...

You look great. The skirt, the hair, the blues--I love it.

zoomslow said...

Oh please, Tavi Gevinson! You have a really lovely smile :-)) And the photo on the right is just another stellar example - seriously!!!

Eda said...

the skirt is really fit on your wig! lovely.

Claire Luce Baldwin said...

I love Barrymore and Love, their bleached hair is 90's-fabulous.
I was in Polly Sue's today and thought of you!

KARLITO said...

Why are you not my friend in real life?! JEEEEZUZ!
And that wig is making me hungry for cake.

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

LOL!! Hungry for CAKE?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that response. It makes so much sense.

Tavi for president. Seriously. Blue hair and all.


Lindsey Cook said...

I wish I could have that wig. I've always wanted to see what I would look like with blue hair...it looks fabulous on you, by the way :)


Anonymous said...

The wig looks a little off on you. Not because of the color, but the style. I think it would be cute as a pixie cut, but I must say I love that you did that at school and your school let you. We had a strict no color hair policy at our school : / that's the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

Aurora said...

i really like the color of your wig, it's very flattering with your skin tone!

i.c. blogspot said...

you look like a young Kirsten Dusnt on the left photo :) loving the blue... maybe time to dye your hair that colour again?

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Awww, I love old Drew.

Kacrates said...

Those cheap $1.29 goodyy clips and pins are the best arent they!?

Miss Molly said...

its a damn good wig because i too thought it might of been you real hair :)

loving that skirt!


Nolita said...


FB: Nolita Vintage Shop & Blog

MELISSA Z. said...

love your hair so much! <3


Anonymous said...

That wig is uh-may-zing, and I love your skirt as well x

TinaReveur said...

i like those dresses with transparent textiles (-:

and your haircolour looks great,great, great!

the first time i see your blog, ater reading something about you in a magazine... and wow.

awesome blog, really!

Afra Klinkenberg said...

Have you ever seen the Russian movie Русалочка ?
It's an old version of The Little Mermaid. Way more beautiful and tragic. (And blue hair!)
You really should see it. : )


Afra Klinkenberg

Sara and Emma said...

Love your wig, seriously. You do look like a little mermaid!
xoxo from Sweden

Mihaela said...

I absolutely adore the color of your wig!

Anonymous said...

I REALLY want a wig like that! It's fantastic! =]

La Mona se viste de seda said...

I don't like this hair colour!!!!!

BECKY MAY said...

that wig is like something out of a dream, remind me a little of My Little Pony and their manes



The Flower Girl


thwany said...

were you allowed to wear it during p.e. class?

ameliaguchi said...

you're smile is cuttttttte!
i love the hair and the boots
and it all really

WendyB said...

How big is your school? I'm impressed that two blue-wigged people wouldn't come across each other. I went to a tiny high school. I probably saw everyone there every day!

davidikus said...

I quite like the blue wig actually.


Unknown said...

The skirt goes well with the wig though!



Unknown said...

the hair is amazing :)


Izabell said...

Very sweet!

Paz { y amor } ☮ said...

I love your style!


Richard Kilroy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richard Kilroy said...

OR, you could even you were just chanelling this photograph of Gwen and Courtney, with blue hair and sheer mermaidyness.


Gwen is deffo your long lost wig twin in this x

Alina said...

I like your look. Cool color of a wig, but i wouldn't wear it to school.

Rafael Franco said...

Hello Tavi!!!

I love your blue hair.

Courtney Love is awesome.

kisses from Brazil*


Kaysens nye klæder said...

I love that wig haircolor! It's pretty cool :)


mary♥ said...

YES, I already dyed my hair (fifteen minutes ago) and I'm so proud of myself !

bubbles on my planet said...

When I saw this pic, I thought you'd dyied your hair! this blue hair suits you great!!

Faye said...

mmm.. your hair looks good enough to eat.

MartaPalczewska said...

You're amazing! Really good outfit! Love ur hair <3

Claire said...

This outfit is SO insane. I'm completely in love.
And the wig is just... so perfect and mermaid-y.
So great.

Anonymous said...

loving that colour of the wig and probably thinking it keeps you quite warm.love the mix and match between to differently feeling dresses xx

Miss Tami Lee said...

Great idea layering a long sheer skirt over a shorter one. I just might steal that.. :)

M.Weston said...

Une tenue un peu étrange, mais qui a un certain charme, jsui vraiment fan de tes cheveux bleu ;) !!!


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Tavi, I envy your school life. If someone had turned up to school sporting a blue barnet round my bit of London, there'd be what we commonly referred to back then as "beats".

Super cool.

The Thief and The Cobblers said...

that wig is very mermaidy!! Great outfit :)


misselisak said...

Blue works for you :)

Josie @ The Magic Pomegranate said...

Rock on with the blue wig!

Whoop it up! said...

i love your hairs !!!


Unknown said...

Always with diferents hairs. I like it.
In my blog I post a story about hair and fashion.
Regards from Utopia.

The Cat's Whiskers said...

The wig looks like fun, I'd like to have a platinum blonde Marilyn one! :-)

♥ ♥ ♥


Beatrice said...

Might try the wig trick at school, but with a pink one, and see what kind of reaction I get? haha found this post hilarious, thanks! :)

Please please follow my blog and let me know what you think, any pointers would be much appreciated, can't wait to hear what you have to say!! :)

kisses x


cancercowboy said...

heck, do you look gorgeous or what!? though i'd still prefer your natural hair.
and don't be too hard on your smile. it looks totally relaxed and sociable [for a shark] ;)
plus, this particular example made me smile ^____^

My Stylish Muse said...

I think that you suit the blue wig! Very cute and fun!

Tavi said...

Thanks guys!

WendyB-Huge, over 3200 students I believe!

Richard Kilroy-UGH, such a good photo. I love Courtney's mermaid phase and Gwen's colored hair one.

Afra Klinkenberg-I've been meaning to see that for a while, it looks so good.

The Clothes Press said...

Hi Tavi- absolutely LOVE the wig! And the mermaid vibes... Too Cool For School. :) And nice kind of combination of those two outfits into one... Hope you find your wig twin.. If only I were she... :)

Chocolatier said...

Aw, I like your smile. (I'm sure other people have said this, but like I'm going to go and read every single one of the 72 comments. Realllly fun.) Anyway, I said on the post where you first wore it but I LOVE the blue wig, and you should totally dye your hair blue again, but like this blue, and this exact style too. Just bring in the wig and be like, "I want this to be my hair." Or sew it onto your skull. Whavever you please. But you look like a blue version of the Lazytown girl.

Shea said...

it's crazy how much that actually looks like your hair!

check it out

Bella said...

hey tavi! i started my blog (www.thatscoolbeansman.blogspot.com) because i saw your blog so Fanks!! I wish my school allowed free dress, we had to wear uniforms similar to that of a sailors. AND our hair has to be natural colour! *SNIFFLE* Annyway i really hope you visit my blog, thanks for being just generaly awesome.

Audrey said...

I've been wanting to dye my hair blue for 5 years now, but my mum won't allow it...Probably because the bleaching would ruin my hair! XD I've been trying to convince her for a year now to at least allow me a wig! XD

Anonymous said...

I wore a blue wig to school once buy it was shorter like when your hair acualy was blue, and people thougt I dyed it and how ironic somone eles wore a blue wig the same day! Maybe it was you again but they thought it was someone else.


KristyMystique said...


Can I Be U? said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble squeezing into American Apparel skirts. It's like they make those things for hipless drag queens. Totally cute wig.

Katherine said...

That wig is such a cool blue color, reminds me of my katy perry halloween costume!


Bailey Faye said...

Methinks we should definately team up and make jewelry for tiny people. I'm taller than average but I'm skinny with ttiiiinnyy arms/fingers/wrists (like my ring size is a 4.5 and my wrist isn't even 6" around)..and I'm 18. Lol..baby hands :]

But anyway I love your quirkiness! I remember last year my English teacher once wore a Whoville-esque blue wig and people thought it was her real hair ;D

-Bailey Faye, To The 9's

Dazed and Confused said...

You're that sister I've always wanted .... :(
Pobre... Lol
I really dig this post

Anonymous said...

I know you have a list of people you have made jelouse somwhere in your room tavi, and you should add me. I wish I owned all the clothes you have especially the Miu mius. You make me so jeloyuse it could almost be a sin(almost). I love your outfits.


Juliana said...

Tavi Gevinson vs. the Only Other Chick With Blue Hair: Does This Mean War? A blog post coming soon to a laptop near you!


Jonathan said...

you look so goth

neon genesis said...

I wish we went to school together, ughughguhg, it would have been so ~*m@gikal*~

Xander said...

everyone needs a wig-twin!
I think that blue skirt looks amazing on you....unbelieveable that it is from americanapparel o.o


Céline Ducruet said...




sight said...

That wig is wonderful!
I love the colour, very bubblegum/artificial food colouring.


Alex said...

love this colour!


Adriana Parrilla said...

A pretty little mermaid !!!! I do not actually dye my hais like that because is not my style... but you definitely can pull it off !!!



Hilary Grace said...

I read your blog all the time & have never commented but I had to show you this..


There's a better picture of her in the latest Marie Claire.. which I was reading when I found the picture and was reminded of you.

I love your inspirtaions and how you translate what inspires you.


Amelie said...

If I could wear a different colored wig everyday, I would. Unfortunately if I were to dye my hair the blue of your wig, it would fade very, very quickly. I once dyed my hair bright red, and it faded in about two weeks. It also left what looked like blood wounds on my scalp.


Anni said...

Like you very much,dear Tavi!Mother's boots are very cool!

TartanBoots said...

The contrast of your neon colour hair and your solid black top almost makes you look ghosted like. Very clever, great post!

please check out my site http://flashingfashionx.blogspot.com/im a great fan

Cute Kid Soup said...

Wow! It´s really real? I saw yesterday TRON The Legay, maybe you must be the next ISOs... not Olivia Wilde...Great hair!

Unknown said...

I love mid 90's Drew, the blue hair rocks!!! Lovely colour I think I would like a blue wig for special occssions, I fear it would be wasted here in Kent!

mushrooomed said...

It looks like you grew a couple of inches! Now you're probably taller than me :/

mushrooomed said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

you are the sh*t.

just posted about you -- "inspiration of sorts"

check it out.

Tammy said...

Tavi you look awesome!xxx

abigail said...

You're allowed to wear wigs at your school? LUCKY! I would wear a different wig every day if I could!

Unknown said...

Im glad you are into fake hair as well, Im pretty obsessed with my extensions right now, fake hair is becoming addicting! ahhh!

- Fashion Forestry

Cara said...

I want to go to a school where wearing blue wigs is the norm <3.

Viki said...

Can't believe someone wore a blue wig, like if it was the most common think ever! haha
I love the skirt, but maybe it's too long. I've always thought this skirts are for giants!
Love the outfit:)


fashionelle said...

i am ob.sessing over this outfit.
love that skirt. and wishing i could pull off blue hair. or any color hair other than red/brown.


Oh, Hi said...

Your smile is great! Also, I had the thought that for our (our meaning the collective viewers of style rookie) late winter celebrations present, you could dye your hair blue! Then go find your wig twin. :)

Joey Becerra said...

when I was younger it was always my dream to style Courtney Love because she's such a beautiful girl who's just a little troubled....definitely love the blue wig...you should make it permanent!


Calista said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Calista said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Calista said...

It looks pretty fine on your head. You realy could dye your hair in blue.
P.S. I like your blog very much, and I'm from Croatia and I don't know to spell every word on your language
P.S.S. I hope you will find your wig twin. Checkout my blog:http://thebigartoflandk.blogspot.com/

Mika said...

drew barrymore's dress in that photo is magnificent! reminds me of ursula in little mermaid, but a very chic one. and those flowers in her hair! i need that dress in my life!

kisses from the philippines!

Hooked On Beauty said...

Love the blue! Looks great on you!

Unknown said...

Even my mom, which is definitly conservative about lots of matters, followed me on a very long 'WOW' when we saw this look. Beautiful blue! This skirt is so... *-*
If I was a woman, I'd be using a diffrent wig for each day, or each 'social meeting', cause, in my mind, it sounds like fun. And fashion is all about fun, right? At least, for me.

JIM Designs said...

Barrymore projects the best free spirit ever.

Chloé said...

I love the idea of wigs. More power to you if you wear one! There is someone at school who sometimes wears bright wigs and everyone thinks it's creepy.
However, I'm sure she finds jeggings creepy, as I do.

KristyMystique said...


Style Stars said...

you DO look like you're floating-- love the layered skirts :)


Frockspotter said...

Aw I wish I could wear a wig to school and cool clothing... Here in Scotland I would be ripped apart (I guess I don't have the confidence anyway!) and we have to wear freaking school uniforms!

Love your blog tavi, you write so well x


amelia said...

this hair is super!
i'm a big fan of long skirts and i love the dreamy colour/netting of yours. also very glad you're a courtney love/hole fan.
lots of love, amelia


Brooke said...

That is so cute! You rocked it!
Brooke, www.snowingLove-bd.blogspot.com

Clement said...

Your look reminds me of mid-70's Yves St. Laurent peasant dresses evolved through Metropolis. Very cool...icy cool.

Anonymous said...

Your wig color is crazy, i love it !!

I love your style !!

Charlie said...

Your blog is rather amazing, I shall go ahead and say. Very unique :)

fabienne said...

I follow your blog
you're a sweet little thing

i created a blogspot recently
it's more like
"what I like describes my style"
so there is a certain atmosphere (i guess)
check it out if you have some time to spare. You might like some of it


Gabrielle Gendron said...

It would pretty cool if you dye your air in blue :)

Jenya said...

amazing wig))

i wanna hair color like this :3

S.E.B. said...

i'm surprised your school let you wear a wig. we're not allowed to wear anything "distracting". i'm a little jealous

Jess said...

wow! your off your head
in a good way :)

Rosie Wolf said...

my best friend dyed her hair blue it was awesome ! i have only dyed my hair once ,and i dyed it a brown/red color . enjoying your blog ! good luck with life !
love ,Rosie at chicthenewdreamcometure.blogspot.com
please check out my blog !

Anonymous said...

Maybe they saw you and thought it was another person:) happens to me sometimes. Or when I wear some thing and another person is he also wearing it

Silvia Isabella said...

Strange <3

Emily said...

You look amazing as usual , I think you should actually die your hair ( or at least dipdye) it that color , its positively glowing ( literally)
May i say those shoes are lovely and congratulate your mum for ( aswell as you) Having amazing style . Duuh . Must come from somewhere .
Anyway love your blog , never fails to amaze me.


matildamunyard said...

I love the look! so cool! i have a fashion blog too!


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cute hair color ideas

Unknown said...

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