sacre blue

Unfortunately I am an idiot who dropped and broke the family's digital camera (NOOOOOOOO!), so this crappy webcam picture will have to do - it's rather inaccurate, though...way too green.
Some notes:
-Looks KILLER with Proenza Schouler top from Spring 2010, cobalt colored socks showing through sandal heels, bright red tees, Slow and Steady Wins the Race sunglasses, and anything silver.
-Right now it kinda looks like a wig with the bangs down so until they grow a little longer (Proenza Pre-Fall lengths, perhaps?) I'm pinning em back. Kinda soccer mom-ish, only a soccer mom that is a smurf, an anime character, and not the one you want to carpool with because she may be housing rats the glove compartment.
-REALLY fun to coordinate outfits around.
-I'm also, apparently, farting? Or constipated? In the picture above? Yeah, who knows.

Here is a pretty accurate representation of the shade...
blue hair on the ground
And also the picture that caused me to break my camera :(

I'll need to take a better picture somehow but really, I'm so happy with the way it turned out! I get the best of both blues too, because right now it's bit more vivid and then it will fade to the frosty, icy shade in about a month. No regrets, which is definitely a good thing when you dye your hair, I think.

Oh, school report time!:
Why'd you dye your hair? BECAUSE I HATE BLUE HAIR.
Did you know your hair is blue? WHAT?! IT IS??! NOBODY INFORMED ME OF THIS!
Well aren't you a little badass/rebel! FIND A BETTER LOCATION THAN THE LIBRARY TO TELL ME THIS.
Sadly no funny analogies today! Come ON kids, put your brains to work and deliver the goods next time! Luckily this stuff will be in for a couple months so get your brains to work.

Oh and until the new camera comes (ugh) here is an old outfit I for some reason never posted (also, WHOA, blonde hair):
Yeah bad picture but you get what the outfit looked like. The print on this dress from the Rodarte for Target collection reminded me a LOT of Edward Gorey illustrations:IMG_5058
And the dress especially reminds me of the coat of the woman in the illustration below:
"On the shore, a bat, or possibly an umbrella, disengaged itself from the shrubbery, causing those nearby to recollect the miseries of childhood." God, don't you wish you were someone who walked around reciting stuff like this? And it just came from your own head, like you weren't actually RECITING it from somewhere else? Me too, but my lips only flap on about how badly I need every piece from Miu Miu spring and how great the James Franco episode of 30 Rock was. BUT BACK TO THE OUTFIT, I am supposed to tell you because of that new law that I received compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target.
Just wanted to be mysterious/creepy like Gorey and wear a leather coat and this hat that Belle gave me (love love love)
So that's that. Excited about my hair.