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At the Miu Miu salon last month, Vogue's Andre Leon Talley declared a scene from Sofia Coppola's Somewhere to be the most accurate depiction of the state of American culture in recent years. The main character, a burnt out Hollywood actor, is sitting in his hotel room bed while a pair of twin strippers perform a pole dancing routine at the foot of it. He stares straight ahead but is clearly removed from the setting. You get the feeling that this lifestyle has been so routine for him that it has lost any chronology or reason and become one big blur.

The scene drags on for so long that the audience may begin to identify, and that was how I felt with Miu Miu's imagery overload for Spring. The exaggerated cowboy graphics, garish 4th of July colors, and abundance of silver and gold were overbearing to the point of it being hard to differentiate the looks from one another, but the more I came back to the collection, the more I recognized its wit. As Miuccia Prada told style.com, the showiness was a reflection of "everybody's obsession with being famous." Flashy stars plastered on printed skirts and leather jackets recalled the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the placements of other graphics were appropriately perverse. My favorite looks were the long silk dresses printed with illustrations of swans and snakes, representing in my mind some kind of two-dimensional fairytale. It should also be noted that the printed tops have adorable star-shaped buttons that were totally taken from a macaroni and bead picture frame I made in preschool.

Prada wasn't necessarily giving an opinion on this culture of fading Hollywood stars falling asleep to pole dancers in their room at the Chateau Marmont, just shedding some extremely bright spotlights on it. I still go back and forth between finding the boxy jackets distastefully tacky and tackily fun, but that's also how I feel about Jersey Shore, so I guess the idea was conveyed successfully! And, once again: star buttons.