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At the Miu Miu salon last month, Vogue's Andre Leon Talley declared a scene from Sofia Coppola's Somewhere to be the most accurate depiction of the state of American culture in recent years. The main character, a burnt out Hollywood actor, is sitting in his hotel room bed while a pair of twin strippers perform a pole dancing routine at the foot of it. He stares straight ahead but is clearly removed from the setting. You get the feeling that this lifestyle has been so routine for him that it has lost any chronology or reason and become one big blur.

The scene drags on for so long that the audience may begin to identify, and that was how I felt with Miu Miu's imagery overload for Spring. The exaggerated cowboy graphics, garish 4th of July colors, and abundance of silver and gold were overbearing to the point of it being hard to differentiate the looks from one another, but the more I came back to the collection, the more I recognized its wit. As Miuccia Prada told style.com, the showiness was a reflection of "everybody's obsession with being famous." Flashy stars plastered on printed skirts and leather jackets recalled the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the placements of other graphics were appropriately perverse. My favorite looks were the long silk dresses printed with illustrations of swans and snakes, representing in my mind some kind of two-dimensional fairytale. It should also be noted that the printed tops have adorable star-shaped buttons that were totally taken from a macaroni and bead picture frame I made in preschool.

Prada wasn't necessarily giving an opinion on this culture of fading Hollywood stars falling asleep to pole dancers in their room at the Chateau Marmont, just shedding some extremely bright spotlights on it. I still go back and forth between finding the boxy jackets distastefully tacky and tackily fun, but that's also how I feel about Jersey Shore, so I guess the idea was conveyed successfully! And, once again: star buttons.


James Gerrard said...

Such a great collection.


jazz fututa sum hic said...

So wise
I still don't feel like I "got" that Miu Miu collection at all, but that amazing imagery at the top helped

Krystel said...

I'm just gonna straight-out say it:
I love reading about your thoughts on/ about fashion. They're not just about fashion , as in clothing, but more the message that goes into the collections itself, carefully weaved in by the threads. It is nice to see girls my age with their own opinion, not something someone told them to like or do. :)

I love those star buttons, too.

Limey said...

Hi Tavi!
I saw you at the airport this morning, we were at the same kiosk-like thing.
I was the girl in the blue parka. I was going to say hi to you but I was really nervous!
Anyway, hi, and I love your blog.

Sam said...

That was such a great way to put it. Also, my roommate is watching the Jersey Shore right now...

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this collection!


ana said...

"15 minutes" from the strokes? great song and i'm dying to watch somewhere...

Marrisa said...

I like the textiles, but I don't know how I feel about the silhouettes. It might grow on me.

Follow me!

Anonymous said...

adding the film to my Netflix cue and testing why yesterday's comment may have bounced.

like fried chicken said...

art pieces yes, and she certainly got across garish. But as clothing to wear they look boxy and ill-fitting, reminiscent of 2nd grade grandma art teachers without intended irony.


love it!)) interesting!))

Anonymous said...

The collection is borderline which makes it fun to play around with.

Love and Bliss,

kate cait sith said...

I love how there is a tacky western/Americana element to the clothes too.

Anonymous said...

i can't decide if this collection is fun, crap, ahead of its time or a milkshake of all three.

brodie said...

miurilyn miunroe.

Natalie said...

You're so talented.. i'm 31 and i like it!

Anonymous said...

A bit of a revelation for me.
I did not understand just how powerful of a story clothes could carry.
A new respect found.
Ps. Love the LLohan picture

Sophia said...

I was kind of offended by the Lohan picture, I think that was the point (stir up [something]!!) I totally share that opinion of Jersey Shore, I feel embarrassed every time I linger on Mtv, watching it... Plus, love the link between pole dancing and Miu Miu!

KARLITO said...

You never seize to enlighten me. When I first saw the collection, I got the whole Hollwood-15-minutes-of-fame theme but your explanation set it in stone for me and made me really view the collection.
I still need to see Somewhere :/

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

What a great sequence of images. I'm gonna check that movie out now.

brightlightsbigcity said...

those silk miu miu dresses are incredibly gorgeous yet quirkily patterned.. interesting pictures about modern stars' rise (and in most cases, fall) to fame. girls girls girls, indeed.


favio said...

love your post, alot of insight
btw i do enjoy the boxy jackets, and they do have a certain off beat appeal with the rest of the pieces, kind of like a "i put on my best friends jacket last night after i puked and passed out".
a sort of absurd synchronicity.

Scagliedincompiuto said...


M.Weston said...

Super post! J'aime beaucoup les robes de cette collection, des couleurs pétantes accentuées par des reflets lumineux, mais des coupes plus simples que d'habitude, tout est dosé à juste mesure, pour un résultat qui surprend! (Ma préférée, c'est la robe avec l'imprimé cygne !)


. said...

Do you know Kate Nash?Of course you know her!I think,her style is a little bit like yours.Exceptionally and great!

Nolita said...

Miu Miu is just the best!

FB: Nolita Vintage Shop & Blog

Anonymous said...

I love reading your commentary. You're so in-depth and make it really easy for even the least fashionable of people to understand what you are talking about.

This collection is interesting (not in a bad way, but not really a good way either). I will agree with you, however, that the swan dress is amazing and I totally see where Prada was going.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous dresses :)

the outfit diaries said...

those pictures say it all

Nan de Bil said...

Qué pena no saber inglés para leer lo que escribes pues me produce mucha curiosidad. Esta colección de Miu Miu no me gusta nada.
Un saludo.

Rossina Bossio said...

It's so thrilling to see such a witty and perverse collection pushing through the crowds of empty luxury. I admire Muccia Prada so much, she's a genius, and she proves you don't have to bend over mainstream trends to succeed.

I also like your blog because it stands out from the crowd of 'look-at-my-gorgeous-outfits' blogs. You bring something different to this endless and shallow display of narcissism/consumerism, and that's very exciting too.

Anonymous said...

This Miu Miu collection is fabulous x

Unknown said...

Interesting and insightful post. You're writing is as brilliant as always and I love that you manage to talk about fashion in a slightly more thought provoking and socially aware way, without sounding like an arse. One of my favourite posts so far, and now I understand the Miu Miu collection a little better, I can see that it's really quite inspired. X


The Clothes Press said...

Nice explanation of the Miu Miu. I love how Miuccia poked fun at fame in this collection... But what I want to know is who was sitting front row!!!
Hope you enjoyed the exhibit the other day.

fairy on acid said...

Amazing post. And the explanation of Miu Miu is awesome!

Would you mind following my blog? Means a lot to me! :)


fairy on acid said...
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fairy on acid said...

Amazing post. And the explanation of Miu Miu is awesome!

Would you mind following my blog? Means a lot to me! :)


hannbokhi said...

Miu miu as always is the best.
Great song.


Marta Dudda said...

Really love your blog.
I'm following it.
love from

Michelle Lee said...

love miu miu

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Dominique H: said...

tsehihihi...I'm also in love with this collection of photos and yr blog.

Caddy said...

I really want to watch Somewhere when it comes out in my area and I do love me some Prada/Miu Miu. Miuccia is a genius! What she puts out the rest of the world follows.

carina said...

funny pics love it!!



Fashion Nerd said...

This is such a cute blog. I love it.


Fashion Nerd

MELISSA Z. said...

Congrats for this post, it's awesome! Great job! <3


Anonymous said...

Mammoth post providing food for thought on quite a dull sunday for me. It's great to see exactly where Miuccia Prada got her inspiration from for quite a wacky collection which does definitely remind me of some drawings I did when I was 6. Off to ponder the evolution of fame as I listen to your mix :)

style meerkat said...

Great post! Awesome clothes !

love you, Tavi :D

(new post)


Chloë said...

Wow I love this post! I haven't seen the film you mentioned but I can see how the collection totally captures the gaudy tackiness of the faded celebrity and society's obsession with fame. A really interesting way to look at it- I always love your interpretations! This sort of thing really shows people that fashion is more than just clothes, it's like an art form and it can say so much! Also, I love the collection so much, all the clothes or so fun and beautiful! I would defiantly say the jackets are more fun-tacky than tastelessly tacky. Would love if you could check out my blog- you really inspired one of my posts!
Thanks! xxxxx

Angelica said...

I love this post (:


Bi Hanna said...

I've fallen in love with the dress that has a swan on it!

Megan said...

15 minutes of fame is all we need. Our country suffers from excess like none other.


Kira Lilly said...

i love your blog its amazing!


anonimo de salvador said...

best post ever!

moonwkd said...

Wow this is a great post..

amelia said...

tavi you are my favourite

cancercowboy said...

the sheen of the fabric and the color scheme give the collection a spaced out 80s look. definitely haven't reached your level of reflection yet. alas, superficiality and fleetingness of fast food fame haven't ruined its reputation yet. maybe cause its just an extreme version of widespread happy consumerist individualism. and even coke, hookers and meeting the prez get boring if you do it day after day after day.
somewhat related link.
and nice mixtape.

Unknown said...

good collection !!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I like the photograph of Monroe's sleeping pills! I highly doubt that's what killed her, though. I all love your pics, by the way! Great work. :)


Alexi Frest said...

No matter what anyone says, I am fond of Paris Hilton. She seems to be a lot of fun. And doing "that" video was a great thing to do. She was adorably scandalous those days.

polina said...


Lara Maria said...

great post little girl

Jack Flash! said...

Those initial images were a post within itself, great profile on Miuccia's latest collection :)


arba said...

you know i think the jackets were also a bit balancing not to make the woman too feminine too fragile. like an accessory.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes. Are awesome.

Renee said...

I'm still so jealous of your meeting with André Leon Talley. He is someone I feel like I could just listen to for ages and not feel embarrassed I have my mouth open or something like that. I'd probably have my mouth open, or at least some sort of goatish expression on my face...
I personally wasn't too fond of Prada's collection, but I just don't like those tacky concepts. Not even when they're meant to be a mockery on something. But I guess I'm just more of a 'classical beauty' type when it comes to fashion...

chuck n. said...

i'm rather mehh when it comes to this collection. maybe i'm too shallow and am stuck critiquing it on it's superficial level. i have to be more deep.

i find it funny that i also made a link to jersey shore in my latest post. though the contexts may differ, the fact remains: everybody loves jersey shore because it's an exaggerated yet precise depiction of our current reality.

Yajaira said...

great collection - but it bothers me that the models are all living skeletons.. not attractive at all..

Sophie Frances said...

I love the sgt pepper vibe ( I know you already mentioned it in your miu miu sallon post) but your totally right! I have to say this is by far one of my favorite blogs on the internet. You were like my inspiration for blogging. I mean I'm 14 and blahhblahhblah you've heard this a million times, but seriously if I hadn't found this blog I would still think feminist meant lesbian and would dress like an aberzombie

thank you a million times for writing this blog

Kayla said...

those fashion show pictures are stunning, I wish I could wear those to school! =p
come visit my blog!


Anonymous said...

Hello dear, My name is Alek Silva and I am a fashion blogger from Brazil. I had already heard from you for some more time behind only today I could visit your blog and was amazed at his talent, his critical eye and gives me a personal touch of style and personality in every sentence I read your post.

Melika said...

Sofia Coppola is a genius. Ah, Prada is magnificent. xx



dani d. said...

thanks for this post, Tavi, it was really concise and well put together!


boyunso said...

the miumiu collection is super!
and you too!!! :D


b said...

nice collection of images.

Ciaragh-Lee said...

always enjoy reading your posts!


style meerkat said...

amazing collection !
You inspire me :))
Thank you



aleksandra - your fan from Poland

JIM Designs said...

I think its an amazing collection. Did you create the Lohan art?

Cat said...

OMG you are born 1 day after me!!

Angeles Almuna said...

Excellent post! You blog is getting bigger and bigger, you are ideas and fashion style are going to blow away the blogsphera! jajajajajajaja You are a genius!
Kisses Lady Tavi


Claire said...

Great post! (as if all your posts aren't great)
Really enjoyed your interpretation of this collection!

kai said...

It's National Compliment Day!

You are an enterprising, intelligent, intuitive, and yet unpretentious young woman. I admire you for your perspective, your drive, and your passion for something that you love. I appreciate that you make no issue of your age: either to promote yourself as a 'prodigy', as some would do, or to attempt to hide your age in order to be taken more seriously. You ask people to take you seriously without compromising or sacrificing your youth, and that is incredibly special.

Izzen said...

Such candy on the eyes.


zoomslow said...

I like the swan dress because of it's Art Deco vibe and as you say, it's fairytale feel. I'm just not sure about it's length? I think I would like it more if it was shorter or longer.

Cailin´s Place said...

Great post!loke it!kisses from Spain


Anna said...

I love your pictures!

Bárbara Roberta said...

One post, 15 minutes.


J. said...

The best thing about good fashion is that it reflects the Zeitgeist of its times. Speaking through fashion and reading fashion..it's most interesting.

Brittney said...

Tavi, I love this! It's perfect, because so many people will look at you and see 15 minutes of fame, but you've got the potential for so much more. It's wonderful that you can see societal expectations for what they are.

I loved the review, especially the analogies. And I must say, as much as I love your layered ensembles, I'm enjoyin' the simpler ones. Change is what keeps us feeling creative and alive. ;)

Beaky said...

I've been reading your blog for some time now, but as the non-up-to-date person I am,I didn't know you could comment on it.

I think your blog is brilliant and you are very good at choosing eye catching outfits.I think your clothes are very wacky but cool.

I don't have the guts to wear something as unique as you do, but I think they look nice anyway!

KristyMystique said...

SOMEWHERE is a real masterpiece!!! good piece tavi! well written!

Rosa Esholdt said...

Love the blog!! gosh you are beatiful!

- Rosa.xx

Bübiiiiiiiiiiiiiii said...

the prints are amazing.such great ideas!
but i think miuccia prada lost her feeling for cuts...
your blog is the hammer!

totalookshop.com said...

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Megan said...

I also love that they're walking on a red (carpet) runway, and did nobody else get that you meant 15 minutes of fame??


Flossie, Monster Munch Blog said...

I do see the tacky side to the jackets and bright colours and materials, but the oversized jackets reminds me of a very popular indie style at the moment in my age group, where girls (and boys) were skirts and dress' with denim levi, cord and other othersized jackets easily found in charity shops/ parents wardrobe! I like the color aspect though, a change from some designers!

diary said...

ohh your blog is soo nice and adorable and it's making me so happy


Anonymous said...

hi darling, will you be at the next miu miu musing salon in feb?
JJ Scholl

Unknown said...

Cool post!



Oh my! Love that silver jacket with the star!!!!


Jimmy De La Cruz said...

I see your points, and I commend your thoughtful musing on the collection. Miuccia always makes you think (sometimes twice) about her work, that's one of the reasons she's so successful. I know anybody would kill to be among the likes of Shala and Andre, to ponder about Miu Miu, candy, and the frivolous qualities of fashion at large.


Valerie Friedrich said...

I think comparing the collection to Jersey Shore is spot on. Brilliant. I agree...I love it so much more for its effort to convey something so real. XO Valerie


Sami Sandonato said...

Thank you for writing this. You helped me collect my thoughts on the Miu Miu S/S 2011 collection. I also love Sofia Coppola :)

Abby said...

Sent you an e-mail with a painting I did of you from POP!! Hope you like it!



Nico said...

Dear Tavi:

you make me feel:


Anders G said...

Extremely depressing collection.
Those lengths would suit my grandma.

Anonymous said...

There's something so tacky, yet so cool about this collection. I love how vibrant it is xxx


mr_dopestar said...

That's such a great post!
Agree with you so much!

Nico xx.

Dorcas said...

I just wanna say that I love your style babe

Klein said...

your blog is nice !!


LadyNoir said...

ahahhaa I love the first pic!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love how Miuccia incorporates satire into her collections! Shows the fashion-haters not everyone in fashion is shallow and obtuse. Not to mention she makes clothes that are like heroine for your eyes. So addictive.

Lo said...

Speaking of tacky, I was just wondering, have you ever seen the 80' cartoon Jem and the Holograms?


Nay, underneath the holographic glitter there was true substance.

Anonymous said...

The first picture is an artwork by Eric Fleischauer titled "Universal Paramount."

Linda said...

ive given you the award thing check out my blog for details i can tell you aswell xxx

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A La Mode said...

Some of those pictures are pure genius

Anonymous said...

So wonderful pictures!I'm in love with them!


G.A.N said...

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Anonymous said...

Reine des Tacky: Non
Love ses vêtements.
Elle est incroyable.
Et soit dit en passant, je vous aime Tavi.

Unknown said...

A wonderful collection of Prada, every season seems to have nothing surprises me, but managed to



jessielovesthis said...

I think I need to check out more from Rodarte!


M.B said...

How Interesting that post is! I do not really like the new collection of Prada but it is quite intersting...

Noumia's papers said...

I think Miu miu is my favorite show. i love somewhere too ! The last scene is so amazing !



LadyNoir said...


visit my blog:


Unknown said...

It's interesting to me that this collection could be seen as commentary on culture today, since it's really reminiscent of everything that was gaudy and tacky of 1970s disco era clothing. I feel like the end result is sort of muddled. I do think the scene in Somewhere is an apt comparison.

Erik R. Peterson said...

Everyone seems to be overlooking the obvious references to design motifs taken from the Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco Movements popular in fashion, decor and virtually all product design from about 1905 - 1925. 1920s style is also reiterated in the cut of the pleated, long-sleeved dresses and tunic-like tops with Deco-esque embellishments and detailing. Not to mention the use of spats in the construction of the shoes. The use of the snake (Biblically symbolizing temptation and evil was being appropriated as a badge of the Libertine before the days of Talkies) and the swan (symbolizing grace, poise and elegance) were both popular images at the vanguard of early 20th. Century fashion. As was symmetry created by reflections in rippling moonlit ponds and pools. Explorations of Occultism, Spiritualism, Jungian theory (dream interpretation, the Anima and NIGHT), agnosticism and atheism, the subconscious mind and the societal acceptability of homosexuality and sex as recreation were ideologically all en vogue. Old Hollywood was causing Bohemian ideas to step across the threshold of marginality for the consideration of Middle America. In cinema, the genre of the Western as moral teachings based on Biblical stories of good vs. evil were silent, box office hits where white-hatted (simple-minded) cowboy protagonists fought for the greater moral good on the Frontier; the prostitute, vice-ridden land outside of law. For me, this is what the iconography appropriated by Miu Miu's Srping 2011 Collection awakens. Perhaps these period references talk more about Hollywood in the pre-talkie age rather than contemporary celebrity. It leaves me asking, if (pre-Hayes Commission) movie star fame had such an impacting effect on culture, where has all it's power gone?

karen lee said...

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EHEH said...

biiiiiiitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!!!!!!


we hate you!

Chloé said...

The best part of Somewhere to me was how Sofia Coppola would have long shots just of what the character was seeing when looking off a balcony, or of Johnny just smoking a cigarette. It was like "Insert what think he would be thinking at this moment/what you would be thinking at this moment if you were him in this scene." It's the most interactive movie I've seen.

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