meh, some pun involving the word "zine," i'm too lazy right now/summer means not thinking

Time to combine two DIY mediums as I show some love for a few of my favorite zines on this here blog! Whoa! Can the internet handle it? Will it implode?
I don't have too many photos of the insides of these because I think zines are kinda special and something feels wrong about sharing that. And some of these are my recommendations, and some are just really awesome and I'm excited about them.
zines 002
Belle made this one, this might be my favorite spread visually. I dunno if she's selling it but look at how pretty it is! It's like a sandwich/sundae of all her best outfits. In collage form.

zines 004
I love fashion illustration, especially when you can color it in, so obviously I'm obsessed with Laia's Holy Child. You can see all of it here, but this is my favorite part:
zines 005
Tim Blanks for president! I don't care that he's British!

zines 006
Pamflet was sent to me by its creators, but I swear I actually like it! Like, a lot. They're funny and honest and write about fashion with feminism so I'm obviously all over it. And this part struck me especially, and I started making my own zine again: (to read, click on the photo and then "all sizes" on the Flickr page.)
zines 007
And then these are a couple other things where I'm like "HELL YEAH!!" (from issue X only, you'll have to be surprised by the others!)
zines 008
You know what else? How talk show hosts are always like, SO TELL ME FEMALE ACTRESS, HOW DO YOU JUGGLE BEING A MOM WITH A CAREER?!?!?! but men are never asked about their parenting. So much sexism! For both sides! Blahhh.
zines 009

zines 013
I don't think Anna is selling it (sorry kids!) but she was kind enough to send me a copy. My favorite part is the comparison between Rodarte Spring 2010 and Sonic Youth's self-titled album (she compared the Fall 2010 collection with Daydream Nation, too. I emailed it to Kate and Laura of Rodarte and they freaked out. Go email Anna and bug her to do more because they're great.)
zines 014

Lastly, First Kiss, which is done most justice when alongside the goodies that zine co-creator Marisa (who wrote Girl Power and co-wrote the Sassy book) and I bonded over when she visited my hotel room last time I was in NY.
i wish this was my every day
I mean...Daria! 1993 Details with Nirvana on the cover! Floral clogs! All photographed beautifully against an ugly hotel room duvet designed to cleverly disguise stains.

So the zine -- a bunch of their friends and readers of Elizabeth's blog sent in stories of their first kisses and the whole thing is so angsty and beautiful.
zines 011
Not to mention that some awesome people contributed:
zines 012
Yes, that is my name. No, I will not tell you anything. Unless you buy the zine.

And now, make your own zine! Make a blog! Make babies! Reproduce! No, don't reproduce! Stoned Nirvana interviews!