candy store cat lady

Lady Miss Kier's ring game channeled through blue plastic thrifted belt and Goody daisy hairclips, the Edward Scissorhands (yes, this is a constant reference for me) neighborhood channeled through the hand-me-down skirt, Twiggy & clones sweater game channeled through sweater dress from PollySue's Vintage, and librarian cat channeled through purse I got as a gift and I Love This Kitty pin from artenergyalchemy on Etsy.

The shoes are a combination of all, and were sent to me by Kron by KronKron. By KronKron by KronKronKron. Kron.

Pros: Bows! RUFFLED SUEDE! All fun and girly but not vomitly so, thanks to the color palette. Surprisingly walkable, and they're even too big for me.
Cons: I'd prefer a platform whose color doesn't feel so random in relation to the others.

Unfortunately I had to opt for more walkable shoes when I wore this outfit to my friend's play last night, because LOOKY:

It's so pretty! Sure, the walking-to-school-at-7:30-A.M. version of me might beg to differ, and oh, you know, throw her backpack down in a fit of rage every few steps or so, but look at how it glimmers from just the right angles!

I'm way too into artenergyalchemy, which is where I got this little glitter cat. Good thing my ears aren't pierced or it'd be an easy way to go broke. Though maybe I could self-pierce them with the Jack Nicholson Shining ones, and blood would gush out of my ears due to my insanitary job, but it would look cool because then it would just drip off the sides of the tiny axe charms as though it had just finished off the family!

What? Something about blood and murders? That wasn't me! Divert your attention and stop getting suspicious! Look, a cat! I hear you like those on the Internet!