In case one ever cared to doubt my laziness, I am still not unpacked from Fashion Week. And I am just now uploading my photos. Better late than never though, right? So my favorite part of Fashion's Night Out at Barney's was the night winding down and getting to calmly enjoy Andrew Yang's runway recreation dolls. They're all FW10, except for the McQueen ones at the bottom, and click to enlarge. These are my favorites but there are lots more & more details at the flickr set. And to answer a question from the comments, he made the dolls and the clothes -- everything.

Ruben & Isabel Toledo (!!!!)



Rick Owens.

Proenza Schouler.


Marc Jacobs.

Alexander McQueen (couldn't remember or find the season. Anyone? Bueller?)

McQueen SS07.

McQueen SS03.

McQueen FW10.

And my favorites...
Rodarte! I mean, there is an assload of different kinds of fabrics in the original looks, and to find them in mini-form is nuts. Plus I think the Rodarte looks themselves are the most fit for dolls. Which dolls are your favorites?

No clue what this pose is.

Andrew was excited to talk about his dolls and each one seemed to have a story. He'd found the materials everywhere -- stuff he'd already collected, things found at fabric stores, at dollar stores. And that's the best part, that these aren't the exact runway looks, but more personal, which really is the way both dolls and clothes should be.


fairy on acid said...

Awesome dolls, I wish I had one of those :D

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Stephen said...

Just magic.


fairy on acid said...

And omg I got the first comment! How cool...

mispapelicos said...

Wondefully inspiring.
Un abrazo from Spain.

The Clothes Press said...

I love those dolls!At a guess is that the McQueen is fall 2009? But that's a guess...
Love the Pro. one.

The Cothes Press

P.S. Nice pose by the way. ;)

Clément Charles de Oliveira said...

Wonderful. I really love it.

Raspberry Jam said...


Amazing work and amazing dolls!

Love them!


Flea For Fashion said...

my favourite is the McQueen SS07 one!
those dolls are are a kind of scare however!

Misanthropic Pulp said...

That is just awesome, those dolls are really cool, great idea.
Thanks for the post.

Руфь Альен said...

Really awesome dolls :)

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome!! Love them! Such works of art!

Anonymous said...

wow they are frickin amazing.i wish i could've seen them for real.i'd love if you could visit my blog.x

Diana said...

Such a cool idea with the dolls.
They are so cute and wonderful.
I want the Alexander McQueen doll with the rainbow-coloured dress.
Your outfit is great,too.
Love the shirt combined with the skirt.

J_so_sweet said...

more wonderful than real model.
so cute!!!

Sarah said...

these are so cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Love these photos x

Katherine said...

Those dolls are so amazing and brilliant; the painted faces were just all the more AMAZING, drawn to fit the look, model etc... loved this post :)

MONi said...

the dolls are awesome!! And I wouldn't have thought that this aren't the originally runway looks… is this Andrew the one who made the dolls or was it someone else? And who is he?

Alix said...

this dolls look so amazing :)
and you look great too :)

Pihla said...

I like every McQueen's.

McQueen SSo7 is best.

Sarah said...

These dolls are genius - I love them!

Don't worry it takes me weeks to unpack too ;)


Κάλαθο said...

Oh ! I love that post!

StyleNonsense said...

The Rodarte Dolls Are Looovely.

David Iannini said...

Adorei a foto com Martin Margiela!

FH said...

Fantastic dolls !!!
See you !!

Gina Ray Works said...

love the mqueen and rodarte... ♥♥♥

Nolita said...

Cool dolls!

FB: Nolita Vintage Shop & Blog

Anaivilo said...

OMG those dolls are so perfect! I mean the details.. Love the MCQueens ones and Rodarte. My favorite designers:D

Unknown said...

wooow love it!!


Anna said...

Amazing dolls! I want them!! The details, the fabrics... It;s all so perfect. I like the McQueen one sthe best.

Chloe Tweeny said...

for the first time since i turned 10 i now officially want to play with dolls again. epic. just epic.

Anonymous said...

these dolls are really great idea. :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha how endearing and adorable

hannbokhi said...

Amazing dolls

Cassie said...

These are lovely. The McQueen and Rodarte ones are particularly stunning. Love them!

Jennifer said...

I love the fact that he's made them from saved fabrics found around his home.
They remind me of these Arabic dolls my mother has, I think its the similarity in the painted faces.

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Rania Kelesidou said...

Oh they are lovely!I want the one with Alexander McQueen colorful dress,so cute!

SMD said...

wow these dolls are great!!! having my own doll collection at home i appreciate them very much :) this has inspired me to start sewing some of my own dolls right now! (homework can wait)

Emma Rose said...

This is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Yajaira said...

I love Balenciaga's and Rodarte's. Great dolls!

Jenifer said...

those are amazing, wish i could be there
you look awesome btw (:

abigail said...

For a second I thought the girl in the background was one of your hairclips, Tavi! I may have just inspired myself ...


Lyndranette said...

so amazing. cant even explain how cool and breathtaking those dolls are. BEAUTIFUL.


Awesome dolls and trust me, I am the same way about unpacking! x

favio said...

i think this is a lovely venture between fashion and art, and something else that's the artists own contribution. lovely, and beautiful craftsmanship on his part.

i really love the mcqueen SS07 one, because i thought a beautiful amalgamation of natural/unnatural beauty, the natural vs manmade, and this just adds another dimension to that already existing bit of paradox.

radtastic and ethereal too.

Maggie said...

I Love Lanvin!

LG(liebe Grillfleisch) Mag

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland!

thwany said...

dolls are scary

Alexi Frest said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexi Frest said...

Sorry, perhaps this comes from my profession, but they do remind me of certain love dolls... (phew... my grammar...)

Martita said...

I love your Blog!
It's awesome!
I follow you!
Could you follow me, please?

Malori said...

These are absolutely incredible. My favorite is the Alexander McQueen dress with all of the colors in it. I am so so impressed!


Anonymous said...

The McQueen, is that from the the demented clown collection? (whatever that was called...)

the image from - Erin O'Connor!

Gen said...

Wow! I have no words to express how I have enjoyed these pics! I´m unable to choose one. I love all of them!

Just Another Londoner said...

Anyone? Bueller? Haha I need to watch that film again. I agree with you about the Rodarte dolls actually, I think they're the best because of the effort and detail which clearly went into making them.

Evy Paap said...

Wow! very nice!

Eef en Lot.

jimandlol said...

Jim and I love the McQueen SS07, it's exactly the inspiration I've been looking for for my school art project. Have to say, one of the best things in all these photos is your lovely starry skirt!

Jae said...

iLove McQueen SS03, it's so free and feminine. They are all fabulous. Nice touch with the "Bueller" tie in on Aleexander McQueen <3 u, Tavi!

Unknown said...

Interesting styles!

Jae said...

Joan said...

all the dolls looks so ethereal. you can tell hours of work went into it, brilliant!

Hello Dasein!

Madeleine said...

Very great photos indeed. I prefer the blue/green Proenza Schouler doll and McQueens last doll, the one in black.

And you have such a cute outfit.

/Madeleine from Sweden

Excentrique-Queen said...

These dolls are awsome! I really like the Alexander McQueen one, the one you cannot find. It's the fall/winter 2001 :)

Anastasija said...

Amazing!:) Very original! Love Marc Jacobs and the Alexander McQueen one!:)
Checkout my blog:
xoxo Anastasija from Serbia

Atri Anggirani said...

Very cute!! I prefer Lanvin and McQueen dolls.

Em Ten said...

You're soo cute! Lanvin was fersher my favorite dolls. What a fun place to be! Happy early Thanksgiving Tavi!

Anonymous said...

very cool! I heard you sang karaoke with Karlie Kloss, if you have pictures of that I'd love to see them!

alexis said...

good god i am dying over these dolls.
absolutely incredible and gorgeous!

nicoleonlywalks said...

Those dolls are ridiculously amazing. Though the Givenchy doll's eyes are a bit piercing. *_*

Anonymous said...

wow, they are really amazing.
so creative
lily x

Jacqueline Toth & Line Kold said...

One word: WOW!!!!! Love it.

Jacqueline Toth & Line Kold said...

One word: WOW!!!!! Love it.

Chocolatier said...

Amazing! I love the facial expressions...he's such a good artist.

Anonymous said...

love these! I really like how the faces are flat with the features painted on them. Looks really ephemeral.
Definately rodarte is awesome and really fitting for the dolls they look like snow princesses!! but my favourite is mcqueen fall'01 (the clown one with the cool hair) I remember this collection because it was so creepy and cool and the models were on a merry-go-round. I think this doll is awesomely creepy and he's done the clown hair and makeup so well, exactly like the collection... I want it for the end of my bed!!!!!!!!!
yum yum yum all the dolls are sooooo good! is he selling them after??

Rebecca said...

these dolls are brilliant, thank you

Caroline :) said...

love the dolls <3 i love their eyes mostly, they have so much feeling..haha nice pose ;)
wish I could have gone after all lol

Natasha Gardos said...

wow these are amazing dolls

Natasha Gardos said...

wow these are amazing dolls

WendyB said...

Reminds me of Greer Lankton

Caroline :) said...

oooh and your wearing the dino shoes!!! i want those sooo bad lol

Oh, Hi said...

I love the dolls; my favorite part of them are their expressions.

Anonymous said...

The clown like Mcqueen doll is fall 2001. I love his kouklitas(Koukilitas is what he calls his dolls). I'm 12 and I know this stuff, crazy

Unknown said...

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Susan said...

Rodarte for sure! I agree, their look fits best for the dolls. I just love how magical looking they are! It makes me want to fly off into doll/fairy world or something. heh :)

i've been following you for a year now, you're by far my favorite blog missy!

Sarah said...

Thank you for posting these. I love them all.

the chic addict said...

These are INCREDIBLE! If I ever have a child, guess what they'll play with.

Anonymous said...

I'm creeped out and intriqued by the dolls...ahh confusion. On the other hand I love you for taking this long it only proves that there is someone else out there that is as bad as me when it comes to unpacking.

María Chantal Rodríguez Nilsson said...

oooh those dolls are so cute^^
in love with the rodarte ones!!!

Annushka said...

I like the dolls, each of them is individual and at everyone the history, only the great master could make the creations soul, these dolls look as live and their dresses overturn consciousness the beauty and style!!! Bravo)))

Wendy Cook said...

Looove the dolls.
I totally remember the 2001 show for McQueen with the clowns. Pretty sure this particular model was dragging a skeleton behind her.

Oh my Dior! said...

omg!! i want one of this dolls
love them!!

Les Deux said...

McQueen fall '01. Erin O'Conner wears it.

EmK said...

Wow I love the eyes on these dolls, and the clothing is so intricate looking!

Anonymous said...

One of the Mcqueen modles was definatly dragging a skeletin. I remember it well.

Riley Towers said...

does anyone - or maybe even you, Tavi - know how much these dolls cost to buy? I went onto the website, however I couldn't find any prices... thanks :)

the sole sisters said...

AWESOME!!! never seen anything like that!

Vinda Sonata said...

awesome as always.
i love seeing mcQueen's designs, the richness of the colors and textures and patterns.
thank you for sharing tavi:)

Adamantine said...

So... the dolls are all white. This struck me at first. Then I realised the models were white in a great majority, too.
Does anyone else find this abnormal?

Lana said...

Спасибо за хорошее настроение!
С наилучшими пожеланиями из России =)

Anonymous said...

so funny!!

Mystery Bruises said...

these dolls are amazing! how very inspiring! i especially love the Proenza Schouler ones!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the dolls....totally awesome! I agree the Rodarte doll clothes are very "doll-y" I also like the McQueen though..the rainbow one and the elaborate florals were fun too!

Unknown said...

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Izabell said...

Wow! I love it!


Rodarte would be my favourite.
I love it!

Fran Alves said...

Maravilhoso !! I love it !


these dools are awesome!!

Unknown said...

linda casa das bonecas

Mich said...

Pro is larrvley. And unpacking is one of my pet hates so mutual feeling there!

Alex Ingram said...

these dolls are rad |

style meerkat said...

Hehe. Cool !

Your blog is amazing.

Visit me !
I'm new.

Daniel said... just with love with thi post and all the pics in it <3 ...its alll just totally amazing .... muak

Kacey Klein said...

Thanks for posting these photos...I loved them.

Alice.B said...

Beautiful creations, so original and quirky !! love it :)

Natalia said...

hah the dolls are awesome!

THE CRAFT said...

Great post. Love your style. Love your blog.

The Craft- x

diary said...

i love the pictures

and i am new on blogspot, so please follow if you like :)

Leandra Cetrangolo said...

Hi Tavi congratulations on your great success and love their FotS texts very well prepared!



Unknown said...

these dolls are so major <3 you look super adorable here!

Laura said...

I absolutely love those dolls..!!


zoomslow said...

Tavi, one of your biggest strengths is that you make fashion fun!! You are one of those very rare fashion people that doesn’t take themselves too seriously – or is trying to act too cool for school. These dolls are amazing - they are so nice to look at! Thank you so much for sharing this :-))

Well, I like the Ruben & Isabel Toledo dolls, even though I’m not sure who these people are. I love the 1st McQueen doll -gothic – with the face, hair and frills! + the colourful McQueen, with the full head of hair. And I so agree with you about the Rodarte dolls – amazing detail (textures & fabric), and the garments just look so good on the dolls. My favourites also!

POSE: The fingers on the face suggest a kind of thoughtfulness. Whilst the strong stance and hand on the hip suggest a kind of confidence = thoughtful confidence = Thonfidence!?!?! :-))))

Unknown said...

Coolest dolls ever!!!!

Check this out:

Have a great day!

MELISSA Z. said...

amazingpost, congrats! <3

misia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
misia said...

I love givenchy dolls ;)

The Files Of Fashion said...

I wouldn't be able to choose one... So I'll choose 3. The Rodarte dolls, The marc Jacobs Doll and the McQueen SSo3.

Natu Arenas said...

Awsome dolls. They are like creepy and sad, but at the same time gorgeous. Love them!
XO, Natu from Argentina!

Maria Galvão de Sousa said...

Wow look at the details : o
this dolls are amazing !

Marcel said...

i want them all!!!! nice post!

Jenny Morris said...

The rodarte are my favorite as well.

I submitted a manifesto to your new magazine inspired by Kathleen Hanna's Riot Grrrl manifesto. It's a super quick read and I put it up on my blog :) I hope you will get a chance to check it out.

Daniel said...

Sjaar said...

Really cool you had the chance to witness that real life!

roberto syrious said...

WOW i love this post
and the dolls are AMAZING!!!
love it!!

Nikki said...

Most awesome dolls ever ^_^


Nikki said...

Most awesome dolls ever ^_^


Ms.Fashionista said...

Lovee the mini dolls! Saw you in Teen Vogue, Tavi!!


Simona said...

I loved the dolls as well, especially the Rodarte inspired ones. By the way it was lovely meeting you at FNO!;)

Giulídia Dias said...

Tavie,the dolls are so perfects*_* i realy liked the print of your skirt. xo @giulidia

Weird in edgewise said...

Beautiful. Yet horribly disturbing.

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ashley said...

super cute dollieeees! I thought they were giant lifesizers until I got to the bottom. The magic of photographs!

ashley said...

oh, and p.s. I think I like the Ruben and Isabel Toledo the best. What characters!

Aesha said...

I love, I love, I LOVE This dolls !!!! The McQueen's doll is my favourite !!

Max said...

Interesting concept, but I can't decide if it's an unique concept, or just symbolism.

Heather said...

this blew me away a little bit. bravo to andrew!

Audrey said...

How creative of him! ♥

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I want one.

Chloé said...

I love the pose. Those type of random feeling guided ones are the best.

Unknown said...

taviiiiiii for presidente!!!!

cancercowboy said...

heck, these dolls are awesome! really hard to pick a favorite.
and is it a bad thing that i think some of the clothes seem to exude more personality when worn by the fabric buddies? ^___^

Ania B said...

are they available for sale?

Anonymous said...

Those dolls are so fun and awesome!!

Liv said...

hilarious idea!

Claire Hart said...

ohhh tavi the rodarte ones are absolutely darling! they are my definite favourite, so beautifully crafted xxx

Unknown said...

Wow these are amazing!! My favourite is the Alexander McQueen rainbow dress and the Isabel Toledo doll.
Amazing post!

Siblings said...

awww i love them alll! very clever!

Unknown said...

Guauuu! Those are amazings! I want the Lanvin Doll :) So cute jj KKisses

Anonymous said...


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Contact said...

those dolls are scary, but i do like the balenciaga!


BethInTheCity said...

What an amazingly creative idea, and so fun to see! Thanks for sharing!


the idea is amazing, who doesnt love clothes on dolls?

Cristine Conde said...

Hi Tavi, these dolls are great, but mine are more beautiful, not to mention that they are infinitely more original! kiss!

Strange Fruit said...

it was Alexander McQueen FW2001, my dear.

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