you probably don't even know my middle name.

Today my dad and I just walked around and got lost here in Antwerp. It's great for that kind of thing. But I'm too worn out from eating these Belgian waffles to recap everything quite yet:
It's such hard work! You have to sit there and move the fork from the plate to your mouth. I took a photo in order to capture the Hard Work, hoping I could show it to my P.E. teacher and get gym credits for doing Hard Work outside class. I got distracted upon viewing the picture, however, by my great photography skills. For a moment I thought I'd make a fantastic food blogger. Then I remembered that the camera was good, not me, and that my diet consists solely of Nesquik, Goldfish, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Fun Dip. (And, if you work at any of those companies and happen to be reading this, you may want to consider sending me a supply of the lifetime sort in exchange for your mention. Just a thought.)

I wore this. Kinda going for a Royal Tenenbaums vibe, half-Margot and half-their house. And I really am happy to be in Antwerp, even if I don't look it. The sulking expression is half-Margot and half-glaring at my dad and telling him how to press a camera button through gritted teeth. Did you know that form of speaking makes you look creepy in all countries?

Miu Miu collar from the Miu Miu store in NY. Tom Ford lipstick (the shade is "ginger fawn." I'm obsessed. Mine was a gift from a friend so I can't say I'd spend $85 on a tube of lipstick otherwise, but I'm happy to have it. Prefer it to the lipsticks from Chanel and Armani for sure.)
(I swear I don't talk like that in real life.)

Random house-found barrettes (I chose red to correspond with my hair and lipstick, making a full spectrum of different kinds of reds. The yellow is for the collar. Plus I like the idea of wearing a naked lady collar with a barrette with a teddy bear on it.) Hand-me-down dress.
Teacup baroque vintage heels from Beacon's Closet in NY.
I have never been a bag person, and have never really found myself particularly lusting after one, but thanks to the generous ladies at Sonia Rykiel, I'll never need to. I'll also never need a sleeping bag or any friends, because I just want to shrink and sleep in this and hug it all the time. We'll share our feelings at these shrinking and hugging sleepovers, and it'll go like this:
Me: Do you ever get the feeling that it's all a lie?
Bag: ...
Me: Oh, Bag, that is so like you! Pass the popcorn!