real time

The best part of Fashion Week so far was definitely tonight, which had little to do with Fashion Week at all. ~Courtesy~ of Soho House, I had dinner with Elizabeth, Laia, Jane, Deanne, and Zana, where we talked about things like Neopets and Tamagotchis. Riveting! I guess they each planted the seeds of our fashion blogging passions. I'd be lying if I said the Neopets paintbrushes were never a seriously important part of my life.

So very classy, we are! Everyone was so on their style game, I managed to snap pictures of Jane's eyelashed Octopus jangle and Laia's witchy beige vibes, featuring Zana's rad harness.

My outfit today was put together with "Army Dreamers" by Kate Bush stuck in my head, more about the way it sounds than what it means. I guess now is a good time to post this mix:

  1. Army Dreamers -- Kate Bush
  2. Silver -- The Pixies
  3. Devil Got My Woman -- Skip James
  4. Whole Lotta Yoko -- Yoko Ono and Ivry Gitlis with the Dirty Mac
  5. Dead Man's Bones -- Dead Man's Bones
  6. Softer, Softest -- Hole
  7. Gold Dust Woman -- Fleetwood Mac
  8. Speak For Me -- Cat Power
  9. Colleen -- Joanna Newsom
  10. Season of the Witch -- Hole
  11. Walk About -- The Slits

Drug store barrettes to correspond with the pink doodly flowers on my shoes.

Duskin dress, vintage crinoline and jacket, Totoro spook brooch from Studio Ghibli in Tokyo. Deborah Lippman was at Barneys on Fashion's Night Out and gave me this mesmerizing nail polish called Across the Universe. The sparkly in the polish goes with the sparkly in the dress and in the tights, which I used to try to balance out the dustiness of the jacket and crinoline. Clearly this is all a very complicated process, filled with maths and stuff.

Tights were a gift from the Rodarte sisters and I bought the Miu Miu clogs at Bergdorf Goodman. Seriously getting into witch vibes, and for once I'm acting like the characters I try to project through my outfit. But that's all for another time.

Thanks for the lovely night, dudes! Real talk with awesome people is just what you need during the middle of Fashion Week.