Antwerp was amazing! Fashion's Night Out was super fun! It is all a bit too much to write about while putting off homework at the Barnes & Noble cafe, right now. So meanwhile, it looks like only about 99% of my summer was spent watching Seinfeld, and the other 1% was spent doing a few things I'm kind of psyched about..

Such as outfit pictures for Afterzine! You were supposed to dress inspired by a book/book character. I was one of three people who did a Haruki Murakami novel. I think fashion bloggers have inherent telepathy with one another, or something. The other pictures are really great, and turned me on to a number of blogs I didn't know before. The rest of the zine has things like short stories or essays interpreting the term "negative space," fashion illustrations and photography...just take a look at this snazzy list of contributors:

Thurston Moore, you guys!

I also wrote something for It is about fashion! And also style. You never know what to expect with me! Quite the card, I am! Etc.

They have a ton of fancy lists up right now in honor of their 10th anniversary. Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun.

I also styled a shoot for BlackBook? It was such a good time. We went to the Sticks & Stones Farm in Connecticut where they had tiny sheds and beds and it made the whole thing way more relaxing and fun. The whole team was really great to work with, and the model was really sweet...I won't talk about the clothes since they should speak for themselves, but hope you like it and all that. Also, they named it after the new Hole album! Aw.
Also, I was thisclose to stealing everything.