fashion film winners

The A Shaded View on Fashion Film contest has closed, and I chose my winner:

It speaks for itself, but I'll explain my choice a bit: It's wonderfully sensory. The schoolhouse (church? either way, creepy) felt suffocating and the outside like fresh air, and the clothes are to credit for this along with the music, camera angles, and acting. All of this matters, because fashion itself is about more than clothes. The context of a dreary schoolhouse doesn't make the white dresses glamorous or anything, but they give them a lot of character. It's not an advertisement anyways, but if it was, I'd be more intrigued by that idea than one about showing how cute they are. I also like that it creates both a mood and a story.

Diane Pernet, my fellow judge, chose this fun Hedi Slimane tribute:

Thanks to everyone who submitted their work -- it was so hard to choose but I really enjoyed watching them all!