resort part five

I thought I was done with Resort, and it's sort of pointless to write about now, but these last few are just too good.

Proenza Schouler
UM, are you there Jah, it's me Ras Trent?! No? Maybe? Well, if he was more stylish. But the Proenza Ras Trent still reads Judy Blume, because there are such good cutesy touches to these looks, like the collar peeking out from a sweater and what look like friendship bracelets. The rest of the collection is less stoner-y, but these were my favorites. Don't judge me.

Christopher Kane

I gave Kane a way hard time last resort season for not taking an idea as interesting as pictures of bomb testings in 1950's America to a more conceptual level, but I have fully converted to his ways with photos (resort collections aren't supposed to be conceptual anyways. Lighten up, June 2010-era self!) Nebula prints have been done before, but the shapes add a lot. I like the weird punk-fairy vibes at the top-right, and the space-hippie vibes second from the left on the bottom, and the safari-astronomer vibes to the right of the space-hippie vibes. Vibes, man. Vibes.
Also the fluffy shoes. I would sit in a giant swivelly chair and pet them, if I owned them. Plus they help to differentiate the idea of nebula prints from something futuristic or natural; they're wonderfully tacky and feel sorta Clueless (Dionne, maybe Ambular, not Cher.)

Alexander McQueen

A resort collection that is designed to sell isn't the one to use to evaluate Sarah Burton's new job as creative director at McQueen, but it still excites me for the direction in which she's taking the label. I won't be disappointed if the coat in the bottom left is any kind of indication; the shape is one McQueen never really touched, but the symmetrical embroidery calls to mind a number of prints from his previous collections.

I am always up for a really awesome photo print as in the cases of Christopher Kane or Risto Bimbiloski, but it's also cool when optical illusions are created with weaving or embroidering or stitching or what have you, as is the case here. I like the idea of wearing something that looks kinda magical from far away but whose individual threads are each visible up close. The bangles ruined some of the looks for me but I don't care because I've been hypnotized by those pants, top left.