nancy needs to calm down

I watched Kids and The Craft these past couple days and I think they may have played a part when I put together this one, unconsciously:
Excuse the facial expression. Smiling makes me look like a Justin Bieber catbutt, and a straight face makes me look like a frumpy troll. It is a lose-lose situation, Justin Bieber Catbutt vs. Frumpy Troll. But I have maybe just thought of the greatest WWE match to ever take place?
Things that "Justin Bieber Catbutt & Frumpy Troll" could be:
-greatest wrestling match ever
-love affair of the century
-the title of a Haruki Murakami novel, if it had one more pop culture reference
PIL pun sweatshirt (cropped a bit by me so it would meet the highwaisted jeans perfectly) from the wonderful Lyz and Josh at Obesity & Speed, hand-me-down Nikes, and Proenza Schouler + J Brand jeans. I guess those are all my idea of "cool." The witchy bag from the folks at Hayden-Harnett is kinda The Craft-y. It makes me really hope I find a group of witches once high school starts in LESS THAN A WEEK, GAH. We had orientation yesterday and I was lost and confused. The year hasn't started yet and I have ALREADY angered security guards and teachers. Which is where the one comforting thing about Kids can be found -- at least I'm not that bad, right, ha ha? Ha?
But I suppose I am not very weird, either:

Enid speaks the truth. These shoes got me way too much cool cred in gym class this year.
The overly kind Proenza Schouler boys, who are maybe Santa Claus, sent over these Proenza Schouler + J Brand highwaisted jeans. They are AWESOME. They make me like wearing pants. The graffiti jeans were one of my favorite parts of their Fall collection because they added a more (and I hate this word, because it sounds like something my dad would say before following up with a desperate, "Am I hip with it??") street element to the other clothes that were more sweet and schoolgirl-like. Also, I will bet you anything that Teen Vogue will have some kind of DIY once these hit stores. Also, these pictures don't totally capture the colors -- the blue is a bit more purple.

The Marc Jacobs sunglasses are from Louise and I added them because I like imagining that this outfit's character has one pair of sunglasses they just pair with everything. They don't totally go but it's nice to set things off. Speaking of Marc, I stopped in the Chicago store the other day and the people were so cool. Normally boutique employees are snooty or mad if you try stuff on without buying anything, but these people actually said, "Well it's still fun to try stuff on!" after I whined to Ella and her sister about how close yet so far this gorgeous wool skirt was. The clothes are SO nice in real life. I think one of the biggest critiques the fall collection got in the blogosphere was simplicity, so I will tell you right now, the details and quality are too special and amazing.

Other things about the store:
-Smelled the new perfume -- oh, sorry dudes, cologne -- called BANG. Kind of forgettable? I started thinking about how to describe it moments after smelling it and already couldn't remember what it was like. I think it just smelled a lot like cologne.
-More about the employees: one woman asked what I got at Borders after seeing my bag, and we talked about Industrie magazine (which is SO GOOD and will get its own post.) She recognized me, but from a friend's Facebook photos, so I don't think they were being friendly because they knew about my blog.

If you read this whole thing, you are very patient.