June 5, 2010

photo by Spencer, dress borrowed from Miu Miu, old curtain made by my mom, miraculously looking really cool with the naked people prints


MadeleineAyers said...

Look tres lovely! Your mum is also tres talented!

Ollie Crafoord said...

Great photo, love all of the prints.
I'm so sad that I can't get any of those Miu Miu prints for myself.

- Ollie

Rafaela Germano said...

I am a Brazilian girl and I'm 12 years old,
I love your blog and all your clothes, you have an intelligence and a sense of style unusual for his age, we have much in common ... like the same things and have references like: I love tim burton and beetlejuice, I love Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, and the prints of Miu Miu, very suitable for our age.
I subscribe to the blog daily and love it, I would like you to meet mine, and also saw a bit of the fashion world through my eyes, eyes of girl, like her.
although they speak ill of you, I accuse you of not making the same posts or creates the looks, I've suffered for that same kind of prejudice, and admire you for your intelligent posts, but pure.
I would like us to become friends, who knows? 'd love to know more, ma chérie. My twitter is www.twitter.com/rafaela_germano @rafaela_germano.
bisous, Rafa

Kirsty said...

very clever photo. can't get enough of those naked ladies.

Tania said...

Amazing curtains, such a perfect combination. And I love the almost confused look on your face, wistful...

I love your hair, are you planning on dyeing it again?


Barbara said...

The dancing people are even better than all the Miu Miu prints. Your mum is gonna make MsPrada soooo jealous!!!

WendyB said...

Can Spencer come over and take my photos? Because MrB ...not good.

Ida said...

Wow, great picture, everything works hand in hand in it. I love the black/white/grey style.
♥ Ida

CoaFA said...

mahvelous dahling

Melissa said...

Fantastic shot!

Hal said...

Adore your collar, Tavi. Spectacular to the max. I was about to order one myself, but I don't think I could work it.


Hayley said...

I love this photo! The Miu Miu really works with the curtain! :)


meagan said...

oh this is very pretty :) the photo kind of looks like a movie still.


Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

all i want is to wear naked people!

Marko Adalia said...

i love the collar!!!!!... btw, did your mom also make the prints on the curtains? or you meant, she sewn the curtains. i think i know where you got the love for everything beautiful... haha~ (^_^)

Catherine said...

Great photo and the curtains are awesome. If it were me I would be waiting for the day those curtains get replaced and the day they do I'd be straight at them with scissors trying to make a skirt or something with that print.

Jorge Alexander said...

love miu miu

Katia said...


Alyssa said...

Fantastic photo. Quite loving the contrast of the figures... it's great how they're all in motion in different ways, sort of a striking and peaceful chaos.

You're lucky to have a friend like Spencer! He has a great blog too.

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

a lovely dress!

LUU H. said...

omg, du er så heldig tavi til å ha en miu miu kjole!

••RASPBERRY JAM•• said...

Looks really nice!
Like the old curtain!

lahlah said...

i will have to try to get the same 'stare' go abit 'huh' look :D i think you made me love miu miu all the more

Tony said...

looking beautiful in miu miu,


Karijn said...

amazing outfit and photo!

Amy said...


I LOVEEE your hair :)))))))))9

agata said...

oh Tavi, you're so pretty on this picture. I love the old curtain with dancers! and your miu miu dress is perfect too, of course.

Jill said...

love the collar!! all the hollister-logo-bearing girls at your school will pass out when they see it.

John said...

I really like the mood of this image.

mispapelicos said...

I like you better when you got things from GOOD WILL and transformed them into somethig special. It takes no talent to wear Miu Miu.
Be careful little girls, you´ve too much, got too far too soon. Please, please don´t get burn.
Un abrazo fron spain

Chloë said...

The curtains look pretty spectacular next to the miu print... Also, this is an extremely beautiful picture! You are very pretty

theitalianbrit said...

so pretty, great fashion, loving ur style...u rock tavi dahlingg :) x

Alice said...

This is so utterly wonderful. Creativeness much x

Artemis said...

Love it! It's so creative!
I just started a blog. Check it out and tell me what you think:


ANNA said...

amazing portrait and pattern-mix! deluxe*

Masha said...

you're so sweet on this picture!!! and yeah the curtain is really looks great with miu miu prints))))) fantastic))


Poppy said...

I love your expression!

Sophy Mo said...

Cool picture! Love the dress.


fashionfamous said...

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♥Raquel... :)

firefly said...

Still love your hair. And also, awesome curtain. Where did your mom get the fabric?


Camilla said...

You pull off naked ladies like no other.

The Mini Satorialist said...

I have just realized that you must be my long lost twin! I have just started a blog yesterday called
'Oh what a cute dress!' You should check it out! I am a New Zealander, 12 years old, and known for being completely crazy with my style. I wear tie-dye tights and patchwork t-shirt dress's.
You dress just like me!

The Mini Satorialist

Dominika said...

the photo is truly beautiful!
and i love the sparrow print on the collar. so amazing!

cancercowboy said...

wow. just wow.
the composition of the backdrop and the figures on the collar and the dress, the whole hue of the photograph: awesome.
plus, this photo makes it obvious (and i have no idea if its appropriate to say this, but anyway): you're beautiful. gotta love that Spock-like raise of the eyebrow ^___^

Shelley Noble said...

Stunning. Better than anything in a magazine today. I adore your choice of expression ad the pairing of perfect prints!

*mis_Dyanira* said...

I LOVE the courtain!

The Vogue Monkey said...

really like the hair girly... keep doing what your doing x

siri said...

Love it you look so gorgeous. Ahhh so much Miu Miu...so much but never enough! Love how you put it all together :)

Rosa Couture said...

very very nice!

Charlie Siddick said...

Hey Tavi, this is such a great photo and your blog is great, event though you are younger than me you definetly inspire me. If you get a chance or if anyone else does can you have a look at my blog?http://charliesiddick.tumblr.com/ Lots of love from London x

Stephen said...

Cute as a button? I think so.

-Ste www.stitchesfabricandsoul.com

Comic_Cat said...

It all fits together so well! :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Spencer is a great photographer. You're a super model. And your mum obviously has the coolest curtain taste ever.

Alice said...

This is an incredible portrait... you and Spencer make a good team!

Lindsey said...

beautiful! I love all the different patterns, so neat

Caroline said...

I love your expression in this. I like all the different patterns going on here...

Patriciann said...

Very *artsy* photo, Tavi. And judging by the curtain, I can see where your style sense came from. Did your mom teach you to sew also?

BTW, *BIG CONGRATS* on making the Fast Company 100 Most Creative People List! I just picked up the issue and was so surprised to see you there (check it out everyone, Tavi's on pg 113 and came in at No. 85).

Way to go!!

Bri said...

love it!!

Alyssa said...

Sooo you may have already seen this BUT i was browsing fashiony blogs as i often do and came across this:


and her hair

and i thought OMG i have to show Tavi...

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

AND BY TOO MUCH I MEAN, incredibly cool.
This photo is a stunner; the prints look wonderful combined.

Mimi said...

oh my goodness!

tavi you amaze me. and spencer! very good job. but really, this is SO AMAZING. makes me love prints like never before, these prints especially.

wow. beautiful.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

It does look really cool.

Is Spencer going to be a resident photographer for the new Sassy?

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Great photo. The whole look = chic. I want your mom's curtains.

Mouthwash said...

oooh i am just loving all the MIU MIU going on here!


My Republic of Fashion said...

What a great picture.:)SarahD


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

AMAZIng print...



little ghost said...

i love that curtain. its kind of Gorey-esque.

and i love your hair.


KC said...

everything is so lovely. i love the prints.. even the curtain.. it's amazing.


Jessy said...

love the collar! it's darling!


Lizz said...

those miu miu prints are amazing! you look great too. As always!

Ross said...

This is the most expressive picture. It tells it own crazy story. something along the lines of like....I don't know, but it'll be something ridiculous and amazing!

Lucia ♥ said...

You're so cute Tavi!! I love the miu miu mixed your mom's curtain and the naked people absolutely fabulous clashing prints!

Anna said...

furrowed eyebrow

zoomslow said...

Yes! It's like your looking at something, and thinking...
"WTF"? :-)

Firstly, I like how everything in the photo is really graphiky, except your face. Even your hair adds a kind of graphic texture, because we normally associate the colour with a much older face.

B. The tones match up really well...was there some tinting action in this pic?

Also, there's a nice range of shadows on your face.

F. The image could be a still from a live-action movie that's been based on an anime? manga?, well let's just say some kind of Japanese cartoon :-) I don't know why, but it just has that kind of quality to it.

SarahPeslar said...

l00kS completely futuristic chic !


zoomslow said...

Wow! Lots of analysis!?!?! You'll have to forgive me but I'm watching "Blow-Up" with the audio commentary on - so I'm in that analytical kinda mood :-)

Lady M said...

How lovely!!!
very cute!

Beso said...

Stunning photo. Has an artsy appeal as the background becomes part of you, while maintaining the subject. Amazing.
The Beso Team

Carys said...

Dear Tavi,
You rock my world.
xo Carys

Vanessa said...

Wow! This looks like it's straight out of an art house movie. In Swedish.

Beautiful teaming of the curtain and the miu miu print. Love Spencer's work!

Vanessa xx

Jenna said...

I love the old curtains, coupled with the Miu Miu dress. Truly divine.


Izzie and Raph said...

I love this photo SO much! Your blog is the best <3


Janee said...

this photo is pretty cool.

i love this miu miu dress !

♥ Janee

✿ren said...

Pretty! (Actually you look just a teeny bit conflicted over something happening at the bottom right hand corner, but I love the photo and all the cool prints :P)

JUL!A said...

All the prints goes so well together, It's a really nice photo of you

kat truffaut said...

Love love love! <3


Caddy said...

This is an really cool photo. Like the hair in particular and yes that curtain goes well with the clothes!!

Stephanie said...

Love it!

linda said...

oh, beautiful photo and love your hair !!

Clara said...

Just perfect ! Love it

Nicole said...

Wow! This is my fave photo!

Emilie ! said...

Wow. You'd never think that prints like these would go so perfectly together!


Emilie xxxx


Flowerbomb said...

I love the naked people print!! MiuMiu is so cool! ^^

boo said...

the photo is perfect

La Petite Anglaise said...

I love everything about this photo, the miu miu (obviously), the curtains, and it works especially well with the confused expression and your youthful look. I am a huge fan of your blog, keep the great stuff coming x

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

great photo and the hair looks really good! love the shower curtain as well.


MELISSA Z. said...

wonderful photo and adorable Miu Miu dress! <3


Fashion is me said...

Spencer did an excellent job, Tavi you too but if you used red lipstick you received more expressive look.



jenna said...

Tavi you look gorgeous! I love your hair like that and I'm so jealous of your curtain you lucky thing.


Elli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Siiri said...

oo, I love that curtain :) Beautiful photo! You have very nice clothes. Check out my finnish blog :)

Elli said...

The colours and prints all tie together perfectley!!! you are an inspiration to me... i feel like i've found some one who understands me... please read my blog, though it is really bad. so jealus, why can't i be gorgeous like you????


Harlow Darling said...

What an epic coincidence that you have such badass curtains to juxtapose this photo!

Btw, in regards to your last post, I hope that highschool will be similarish to Freaks and Geeks for you, and that you might find someone like James Franco! I remember being the same age as you are now and hoping for the same :P

Lots and lots of love

Sonia said...

Ohmigod, that photo is stunning. I love it :)

Cloe. said...

This is beautiful.

Juliette said...

woow this is perfect!


Sewon said...

such great detail. i'm loving all the naked people prints and your short hair!

Tavi said...

Aw thanks guys! <3

Carmen said...

Such a pretty photo, love your expression and the curtains!


Anonymous said...

I love this photo. I love how all the patterns go together, even the curtain your mother made. I love the saturation, the contrast of your hair and the black and white prints. This picture is just so cool.

milosz said...

i love you<3 and your hair!:D and your style

Lost in the big city said...

ahhhh im 2 graduating 8th grade yeah!

danniekate said...

charming photo by spencer! we love miu miu.

TheFashionAddict said...

great portrait :) miu miu is awesome and so is your mom


Letizia Evangeline said...

Tavi, tavi, tavi!

I love your expression in this picture. And the patterns, inspiring!

Ok, so where have I been that this is all coming together for me just now....

I only recently discovered Record Club, noticed this kid's picture on their website, looked up this "kid" and ended up on Spencer Tweedy's page. And wouldn't you know it, the same thing happened when I clicked on your friend Spencer's page! And quick research turned up that he's Jeff Tweedy's son! Ok, so where have I been, right?

I hope you guys know how lucky you are to be able to express yourself so freely. I'm sure many of your predecessors in the artistic world weren't as lucky when they were your age.

Can't wait to see what this summer will bring to your blog!

Letizia Evangeline said...

"I like you better when you got things from GOOD WILL"

And our opinion of Tavi matters, why?

"It takes no talent to wear Miu Miu."

True, but it takes talent to style it in a "creative" way. The artistic endeavour doesn't end when the bolt of cloth is turned into clothing, no matter what the label on that article of clothing might be.

Express yourself, Tavi.

Kae said...

This reminds me so much of Cindy Sherman!


Zola said...

It makes me think of the Alice in Wonderland preview! Love your blog!

Mine is : www.zola-smilestyle.blogspot.com

the Fashion PA said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're such a muse!

Kate Rose said...

ooh, looks like a woman from the curtain fell onto your shoulder (and out of her clothes) and you're gazing at her with disdain kekeke

This photo has a very m.c. escher vibe to it!

Raphaëlle said...

You look amazing!!!Love your eyebrows;)

Bianca said...

tavi tavi, you make me swoon and go weak in the knees. love you.


brightlightsbigcity said...

beautiful picture of you tavi, and the curtains go so well!! cool!


Chérie said...

awwwhhh Tavi. you are just so gorgeous. how do you do that eyebrow thing?

Charlotte said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charlotte said...

This is such a lovely picture!
You've inspired me to create my own blog :)

Orphin Lasz said...

Woah! You look so pretty * ^ *
Looks like a picture from a drama film!

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Claire said...

you are amazing tavi!

kelly frances said...

prints charming! brilliant!


Moira said...

that's a nice curtain =D they go real well with the miu miu prints :D


sayablack said...

Super cuuuuute!!!
Great pic<3


Carolyna said...

Love this. Love this collar .

thwany said...

love all the prints!

Solanah said...

Beautiful! A fantastic mix of prints, I just adore that collar!


Tanita said...

love miu miu (whats new!) but those curtains are great!

come check out my new blog

M said...

pure love
pure love
pure love
pure love

Clare said...

This photo is so, so beautiful. Perfect fit with the curtains too!

tweet tweet tweet


bowtieboy said...


Colourgirl said...

Very good! =) Your blog is amazing I love it!!! =) =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=) <3<3<3


catty said...

you look stunning. you're so gonna bring geek-alternative to Americas Next Top Model. Also when they have their super short series (i mean shit, they thought 5'3" to 5'7" was short??).... :)

Deepa said...

brilliant photography!

Barbucha said...

very nice photo!!:)

unique shoot said...

wow, great job!^^:)

Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChloeMillaCwy said...

like that naked people prints.

Ida Goldberg said...

this is so incredibly beautiful, i wish you'd never grow up

le monde de skadiida said...

beautiful picture ;)

Editorial Rockstar said...

Love You! You're amazing keep shining! Such a great blog!
Ciao For Now
Peace,Love &Light
Jacqueline Isabel

Shoe said...

Tavi you're gorgeous!!

edenly uk said...

very nice photo and loving the combination of the prints and the collar


Jin Ai said...

I love everything about this picture.
Do you get to keep any of the Miu Miu and other designer stuff people send you?

Jin Ai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emmy said...

You have no idea how much I want that dress! Love your hair to!

Emmekay said...

lovely pic!


Katie said...

Zines are just so cool. Like blogger 0.5 my library is having a zine exchange this Sunday and though I have yet to make one it will be cool to check out. Also naked people prints are the best :)

pixelhazard said...

what a miraculous match. I suppose it's good to know what goes with naked people! Still lusting over miu miu

pixelhazard said...

what a miraculous match. I suppose it's good to know what goes with naked people! Still lusting over miu miu

Märta said...

i like it - it's cute - it's something


Angeles Almuna Design said...

WOW!!! the perfect matching!


Stephen said...

Print. Sensation. Together they kind of hurt my eyes.

-Ste www.stitchesfabricandsoul.com

Life As I Show It said...

I'm so getting the First Kiss zine!

Alice said...

This photo is beautiful, and very editorial. In a completely complimentary sense... you have come so far from your very early posts, and this is so sophisticated and wonderful.


aleksays said...

Amazing photo, so innocent and beautiful, you are a young and talented visionary who will go far. work it.


Carol said...

Hey Tavi!
I've never write any comment, but I'm a huge fan of your blog. I think u´r so sensitive, but I guess u know all that.

I'm a brazilian girl interested in fashion and trends, and I've been studying it a lot professionally. Probably you may know that my country is increasing a lot in this scene (as we can see Hercovitch in NYFFW) and many people agree that will increase a lot more in the next years.

We had last week, Rio de Janeiro fashion week, and now we´re having São Paulo fashion week, for the 2011 summer. Why don't you take a look and tell us your amazing opinions in your site?



Kathleen said...

your style is so original and interesting!

gabrielle said...

me encanta tu blog!
te sigo desde españa!

ANNA said...

i love your shirt.

Keren, rhymes w/ Heron said...

Almost looks greyscale. Very interesting color story.


Jenna said...

why do you look so grown up here :o maybe because i´ve been following your blog for a few years already... beautiful photo! :)


missme said...

I'm really in love with your blog and with your style, so I created my own blog. Only 2 posts by now, but I hope some oothers will follow soon!


veru.loam said...

amazing photo!! ♥


whateveryouneed-fashion said...

Hey I really like tge curtain!!
Chekc out my blog!!


"Une very stylish fille" said...

Tormented?Recalls Lady Macbeth during her somnambulism. Great photo with a heap of character in it.

Lots of love,
Fashion Abuse

Elisabeth said...

hi ! I've never been on your blgo before, but a read about you so here I'm ! I'm french and i follow a lot of blog since a few months !
I love your style , but I don't like your hair, i think you will look better with another colour, but it's just my opinion
A lot of kisses

One of those Girls said...

You are VERY pretty ! This haircuts looks good on you, and is that a Miu Miu thing-aroud-your-neck ? (I dunno the words, i'm french) But you know you look dramatic ? Haha, bye

Linn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linn said...

hey. is it just me or do we kinda look alike?
> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4830174&l=86e1dade99&id=566705162

...u have much better style though :)

Moonlight said...

i love this picture! your friend spencer is great, and i love your expression XD.

Abbesses said...

Your so incredible on this photo. As someone who lived many years (but your so young)

small woman . said...

I ♥ this curtain! It's amazing!

xo xo ;)

raiknight said...

who ARE you! F Gaga, you are FAR more inspirational;)

Out of Time Girl said...

You are beautiful.

Marina Moldovan said...

I just broke a tooth eating Les Anis de Flavigny drops while staring at this photo.
perfect match.

Ruby said...

check your email,
i have written.
i promise its not a waste of time.
i have never had a role model your age, though i am a short difference of age in the case,
it doesn't matter.
you can say we're 100 years apart,
but my words are in your inbox.
(that may or may not make sense!!)

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